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Day: November 3, 2022

An A-hole & a B-hole smell the same

No disclaimer.
Warmup. 20 SSH in cadence.
30 Rocky Balboas in cadence.

The thing. Most in cadence.
20 pretzel crunch right over left
20 toy soldiers
20 hand release merkin (Not in cadence)
20 squats
20 American hammers
20 Monkey humpers (pointed all Freight)
20 Hipslappers
20 Hillbillies
20 Lunges
20 Homer and Marge
20 Abe Vigodas
20 Flutters
20 LBC
20 Calf Raisers
Run a lap
20 Pretzel Crunch left over right
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Shoulder taps
20 Box Cutters
20 Seal Jacks
20 Freddie Mercuries
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Cockroaches
20 Grasspickers
20 Rosalitas
20 Peter Parkers
20 Flutters
20 Dips
Take a lap
20 LBC
20 Pretzel crunch right over left
20 Pretzel crunch left over right
10 Mike Tyson
Wall sit

Didn’t get to CCDs or Moroccan Night Clubs

Family who lost daughter today
Haze’s mom
Gumby’s mom
Others not spoken

Speed for Need at Christmastown 5K
Christmas Party

YHC took us out

Why is everybody late!!???

I roll in this morning early (shocking i know) , collect blocks from the pile and move them into position at the parking lot where we did the IPC stuff. I leave the ranger there and run the path through the darkness to the shovel flag, where at 5:29 ish there was 8 HIM ready to get after it. kinda lite but cool 5:30 lets go! First exercise is…oh wait here comes somebody..Chubbs…ok Monkey humpers for him till he gets to the circle. ok cool here we go SSH…wait here comes beetle baily…1 burpee. ok toy soldiers…oh wait here comes Sparky. ok 2 burpees. Gravel pickers ..o wait here comes Purple Haze…3 burpees! Geez.. so about 5:45 we all warmed up and can finally get to work! we mosey thru the darkness to the other parking lot…grab a block! We did Nemo’s See below 10 then run a lap, 9 run a lap, etc… Most got down to 3 or 4, we could have got done if we didn’t have a 15 min warm up waiting on everbody..😂 oh well you will have that some times! Good Work! It felt like IPC week6.

This routine mixes a get-up with a blockee. Start laying flat on your back, with a cindy on the ground above your head. Grasp the cindy, bring to your chest, perform one press straight up. Place cindy to one side, then kick out your legs or flip over to an inclined plank position. Perform one incline merkin, then without releasing the cindy, stand up and perform an overhead press. Return to inclined plank, perform another inclined merkin. Return to position on your back, perform one press straight up over chest with cindy. Return cindy to position over your head for one rep. Courtesy of Honker, F3 Pooler

Prayers & Announcements

3rd F

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.”

Colossians 3:2-4


We all see your wheels…

Have you ever seen those guys at the gym that would circle the parking lot looking for the closest parking space and then go inside and get on a treadmill?  All who showed this morning at the PUB got to witness the equivalent.

Tube – will you give Power Red?

It was a beautiful morning of darkness and streetlights, 50-ish degrees and all of us were quietly wondering how JJ was surviving at such frigid temperatures without a Balaclava, double gloves (“you had two pair of gloves?”),  and a down track suit.

How about Power Red?

We spoke the Pledge of Allegiance to our great nation, which does have it’s own set of problems, but we are thankful the Lord has planted us here… and then got to work.  ‘Work’ hardly seems like work when you find yourself in the company as such men as the PAX that showed this morning.  We had runners and ruckers (Power Red); the runners made their way toward the Armory and back, and the Ruckers did a loop in an apartment complex.  Heart rates were increased, stories were told, and we gathered back around the area between the flag and… ‘the Parker’.  Roscoe made sure everyone found their way around ‘the Parker’ to locate the COT.

Have you considered Power Red?

We solved an important matter – the minimum height at which you could give blood is most definitely less than 4’11”; broke fellowship and made our ways back to our vehicles and homes, with some of us having a MUCH shorter distance than others.

Announcements (Power Red):

Christmas Party Dec 3, Marathoners and Half Marathoners over the next two weekends, the Speed for Need that is coming up, Blood Drive (Power Red)…

Folks to remember to pray for:

Breaker Breaker’s family moving back to town- one is in the job hunt, Turtleman, and Amazon with the arrival of the new little one.

Return of the Tate

I was told Allen Tate was gonna struggle to get this in so I did it before we ever left Folsom so I don’t get contacted at the end of the month about it 😂. Everyone started rolling in with about 3 min till start. After everyone gave him a good round of crap for not posting we got things going.


10 SSH in cadence

10 Merkins

Grab the pledge

Mosey to AG center flag pole

Hold 6” on your six write the alphabet uppercase

Mosey to Walmart

Hip slappers in cadence

Walls of Jericho

Partner up, one runs around Walmart while the other does work.

300 flutters count one leg

200 crunches

100 Merkins

Mosey the long way back circling the whole back side of the park back to COT.

Once back at the COT finish with the Ring of fire.

Gearwrench out


Need stuffing for MORONS4BEER

Christmas party December 3rd

Prayer requests



Purple Haze mother

Sargento’s Elbow

Hucks dad

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