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Day: November 1, 2022

A carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated beatdown

It was a rainy day but I was joined in the Gloom by 5 HIM’s who showed up for a good start to the day.  We began with pledge and a brief disclaimer, then SSH, hillbilly walkers, and Nolan Ryans (10xIC).  And 5 burpees OYO. 

The rain wasn’t bad, but the benches near the school entrance were calling us.  2 PAX per bench for dips, derkins, and step-ups.  Format was AMRAP until first PAX completed 20 step-ups (10 each leg).  That was stupid, so next round was AMRAP until first PAX completed 20 dips.  For the sake of completeness (and because Balljoint asked for it), round 3 was AMRAP until first PAX did 15 derkins.  Then we walked away from those perfectly good benches to take a seat on the nearby wall.  Marches and air presses added some variety.  Then we moseyed around the school to the back parking lot.  Split into 4 groups for another trio of exercises in triangle formation:  merkins, squats, and mountain climbers.  One group of PAX bear crawls to the next station in relay fashion.  After 3 rounds of this, we did some carioca, high knees, butt kickers, and calf raises.  Back to the front of the school for 11’s with Big Boys and Heels to Heaven.  After that we still had time for a couple rounds of Mary before it was time for COT.

Blood drive Nov 9 – sign up through the link on Slack
Christmastown 5k needs pushers – Broke organizing

Huckleberry, Purple Haze’s mom, my brother-in-law Dylan 

Always a pleasure to lead this group of HIM’s!
 – Nutria

Light Work

Small group here at Old School on this gray overcast morning. Some of the normal guys are running a 10k this morning best of luck to them today. I myself have missed several days this week so I’m going to try and focus on correct form instead of crazy volume. We performed slow focused reps on all of our compound movements which was a lot. With only a few high impact exercises mixed in with some light jogging and core work we sacrificed heart busting cardio for intensity and intent. They don’t all need to have thousands of reps or 3 plus miles of cardio to be effective and I promise this one was effective.

Announcements:                                               Christmas Town 5k                                    Christmas Party

Prayers:                                                            High Master Nantan’s Royal Elbow Huckleberry                                      Turtleman                                                         Sick Pax                                                                 All those running the 10k today



Thanks to those that showed up and put in some work with me.

Until next time. Put Some Hurt on It.

Seeing Double

The Bulldog is alive, and you are missing it!

As YHC pulled into the lot, the requisite one Pax was there, but lo and behold, two more showed up… short term success! Double the number of the previous few weeks, and a perfect time to knock out a Tabata workout.

After the warmup, it was off to the Tabata races. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, 10 different exercises, for three rounds. Between each round was a bit of core and an opportunity to carry our kettlebells around the parking lot for a bit of sightseeing.

Exercises performed were: Halos, around the worlds, goblet squats, kettlebell swings, curls, chest press, triceps extensions, calf raises, and CDDs (round 1, double calf raises round 2, and burpees round 3).

Tabata style workouts are great for keeping the Pax on time, and are easily adjusted to enhance particular goals you have in mind. It’s also great for mumble chatter since it is all AMRAP (no counting!). As November is the month of new Qs, consider Tabata at The Bulldog, Bunker, or Pain Lab and step up and Q this month.

Announcements: be on the lookout for a blood drive, don’t forget to vote next Tuesday (early voting is still going on), and Christmas Town 5K SFN needs more pushers.

Prayers: Nutria’s brother in law is reconvening from chemo, and a neighbor is fighting the flu (it’s out there, so take care), Tube’s neighbor is recovering from kidney stone laser surgery.

After the name-o-rama, Nutria took us out.

It was an honor to lead -Orangeman

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