Ruled by an iron elbow the people are rebelling. The royal elbow set a decree that no man can Q in the month of November if they have more than 10 Q’s. Unable to influence men to move he has resorted to Putin type tactics. If you can’t influence to movement then restrict other’s freedoms. Well I for one have had enough! I convinced Slaw to give a middle finger to the ruling upper class and allow me to Q at Midoriyama. Break free men. You too can Q again without fear. Stand with me and fight against tyranny, injustice, and government overreach. See many of you don’t realize what has happened behind the scenes. Sargento recently jumped ahead of me in the all time most Q category. Then he fell and broke his elbow, limiting his ability to Q. Suddenly he restricts my, along with yours, ability to lead other men. Obviously to hold me back while he is on the mend. Is this starting to feel a little Kim Jong-unish? As Rage Against the Machine screamed “WAKE UP”! I didn’t Q yesterday for myself. I did it for you. I did it for the oppressed and downtrodden. See it isn’t about what F3 can do for you. It’s about what you can do for F3. Men I fully support more of you stepping in to lead but not at the expense of other’s freedoms. In a rebellious fashion this is what we did.

Warmup: I didn’t need it because I was already fired up!

Sealjacks ic

Don Q’s ic

Merkins ic

Arm circles both directions

Let’s Roll!

The Thang:

In the parking lot we set a timer for 3 minutes. Run a lap then do burpees until the timer goes off. Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds. It was chilly out and this got everyone warmed up quick.

Partner up for 11’s. Start with 10 partner mtn climbers(facing each other in the plank position, reach out and grip  each others forearm with one hand, like your doing a viking hand shake,  and do mtn climbers). Then do 1 booyah merkin. Doing this 11’s style sucked!

After that it was time to move again. Do some reps and run a lap.

10 Bonnie Blairs


20 hand release merkins


30 WWI situps


40 monkey humpers


50 LBC’s


With 6 minutes left we set the 3 minute timer again for 2 rounds. 1st round was just 20 squat jumps. 2nd round was 40.




Announcements-2 more days to sign up for Thanksgiving day Ultimate Frisbee-let me know, Christmas party 12/3 0600 Lewis Farm.

Prayer Request-PH’s mother, PB’s parents.

Naked Moleskin:

The other day I saw the royal elbow walking out of his office as I drove by. I stopped in the street and yelled for him to be careful with it as he was in close qtrs with another car. Not knowing who was yelling he turned and looked with sheer disgust. Mt daughter pointed that out quickly. It was funny. I imagine he will have the same look on his face as he reads the first part of this BB. This pleases me. I’m a bit of a trouble maker if you haven’t noticed(I’m sure you have). After reading Dredd’s writings I prefer the term Mr Vice. In all seriousness I love Sargento. I think he is a great guy. He is committed to F3 and F3 Gastonia and genuinely wants as many men as he can reach to participate and become better versions of themselves. Long live the elbow!