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Day: November 24, 2022

Mount Hollywood 10/10

Freon, Mayor, Camelion, Pillager joined me for my second Q.   After the standard disclaimer and pledge, our warm up included:

  • side straddle hops
  • hill billys
  • arm circles
  • diamond pushups

Our workout was inspired by my daughter’s volleyball career coming to an end (as a senior in high school) and to those young ladies I coach in rec whose middle school volleyball is just beginning.  Ladder 99’s:

Round 1

  • 99 count wall sit

Round 2

  • 88 count wall sit
  • 88 seal jacks

Round 3

  • 77 count wall sit
  • 77 seal jacks
  • 77 rocky balboa’s (toe tap to bench)

Round 4

  • 66 count wall sit
  • 66 seal jacks
  • 66 rocky balboa’s
  • 66 count low plank hold

Round 5

  • 55 count wall sit
  • 55 seal jacks
  • 55 rocky balboa’s
  • 55 count low plank hold
  • 55 mountain climbers

Round 6

  • 44 count wall sit
  • 44 seal jacks
  • 44 rocky balboa’s
  • 44 count low plank hold
  • 44 mountain climbers
  • 44 squats

Round 7

  • 33 count wall sit
  • 33 seal jacks
  • 33 rocky balboa’s
  • 33 count low plank hold
  • 33 mountain climbers
  • 33 squats
  • 33 bench dips

Round 8

  • 22 count wall sit
  • 22 seal jacks
  • 22 rocky balboa’s
  • 22 count low plank hold
  • 22 mountain climbers
  • 22 squats
  • 22 bench dips
  • 22 mike tyson’s

Round 9

  • 11 count wall sit
  • 11 seal jacks
  • 11 rocky balboa’s
  • 11 count low plank hold
  • 11 mountain climbers
  • 11 squats
  • 11 bench dips
  • 11 mike tyson’s
  • 11 jump wall taps

Finished off with core:

  • 30 CBD’s
  • 30 flutter kicks
  • 30 big boys
  • 10 superman v-ups

New Face Q

We put in work…strong work and we all left 1% better.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead!!


2nd F Lunch Black Friday at Ray Nathan’s
Christmastown 5k Saturday November 26th 6pm
Christmas party December 3rd sign up online

The Ultimate, Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Well, everyone showed up by 7:02 for the 7:00 players meeting. We did things a little backwards in case people had to leave.

Count off-Vinny Cherry…….I said count! 1 Nantan, say 1!

Namerama-1. I respect the sarcasm Vinny.

Switzer. Good job on how this works. Most people get confused. I shared a word about gratitude and how it is the outward showing of thanks. It is thanks in action. Don’t just say what you are thankful for, show it. We then covered how to play and how to play like a big boy. There were some big boy plays and reactions today so good job.

There were some good games and some not so close but none really mattered because they weren’t the championship game. Blart’s team went undefeated meeting Pillager’s team in the championship game. Wojo’s team may have been there if SA wouldn’t have gone down with a pulled meow. I thought a cracked out Gearwrench would make up for it but it didn’t happen.

The championship game ended in a tie so we headed into OT. An error set up Blart’s team within 5 yds of the end zone. A throw was made and Blart with his reach got up after it colliding in the air with J2C. Blart got 2 feet just in and held on as he slammed to the ground. The captain gave it all!

It was a fun time and we got some work in. Even Mayor who reffed with an iron fist and sharpened silver tongue. Thank you all for all you do to make F3 Gastonia successful. I am thankful for each and every one of you and I hope I can show you with more gratitude in the future.

Thanksgiving at the Pub

4 guys rucked and 7 ran on a rain-free Thanksgiving morning. Defib was able to join us and stay for the whole run, though he was on call; Nutria got a little “turned around” on the “Backwards Sargento (minus Sargento) route” ..Q fail. Thanks Haze for picking him up. Great to have Wiki at the Pub!


F2 Lunch at Ray Nathan’s on Friday

Mcadenville Run on Saturday

Christmas Party Dec. 3 Put in your votes in Preblast on site.


Wikileaks’ Dad- hip surgery

Those hurting families around the holidays


Ps 46:1  God is our refuge and strength,

a very present help in trouble.

 “Cease striving. How? By taking refuge in understanding and grasping, and living in the reality that God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. “

Wiki took us out in prayer

Thankful for you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!




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