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Day: November 12, 2022


Going back to the IronPAX challenge this year a few of us bonded with some outside F3 regions through social media by way of memes and F3 Gastonia’s participation in the IronPAX relay. We were invited to join their joint convergence with Columbia, Greenwood, and Waxhaw. They came up with this idea of MORONS4BEER to not only have a bootcamp convergence together but also a second F cookout and a competition food drive.  They planned to split the excess money from the shirts and food as a first, second and third prize for each regions charity of choice plus equal shares of the the food. There was too much to count!  The 3 regions just split the cash and since there was so much food they sent us home with a pretty good haul for the old mini van which we took straight to Dallas Christian Ministries, they were very great full.

The hour and a half ride down and back was full of laughs. We arrived after touchdown beatdown with Hacksaw with about 10 min to spare to unloaded our stuffing we brought for the food drive.

The workout consisted of a decent mosey to the USC campus (a lot of monkey humpers on the way), we got to see the track and field team practicing and the baseball field in passing. We learned a new song about arm circles that rivals Sarlacc’s cherry picking, crawl beared down and up the steepest hill I’ve encountered in F3, went through  some escalating Ab torture, Sevens on a hilly field,  and partner Murder bunnied/Bunny burpee catch me if you can down the train tracks and back 🤮. We mosyed back did alittle Mary and took it out in the COT.

Shortly after the keg was tapped and burgers were on the grill. They divided up the food for everyone to haul back home and before we said our goodbyes  Bedpan decided to put on a show and do a keg stand.

They want to do this yearly but in a more central location for everyone involved and officially include F3 Gastonia. It was a good time and I’d encourage everyone to come out next year.  Thanks to everyone that helped with the stuffing!

Who Let The Dogs Out?


SSH,Gravel Pickers, Hillbillys     x15 IC



Grab a block for some exercises starting with 20 and working our way down by 5 with a run the length of the parking lot and back after each set.

Mosey to the parking lot beside the old jailhouse, here we did dirty 11’s with Perfect Form Merkins, Burpee in the middle and Star Jumps at the top of the lot.

Mosey to the now infamous Kotter Corner for Triple Nickel up the hill with WWII at the bottom and Imperial Walker Squats at the top.

Mosey to the shelter for 2 rounds of dips and step ups, with a pause to pet some dogs that came to greet us.

Return to start for a minute of LBC’s. Time



Christmas Town 5k with 5 Track Commanders, HC with Broke if you haven’t already

Ultimate Frisbee Thanksgiving Day 07:00 at Midoriyama. Park at the soccer field and HC with Freight.

Good Luck to our marathon runners.

Christmas Party Dec. 3


Prayer Request:

Purple Haze mom

my mom




Thanks for another opportunity to lead.




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