• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/03/2022
  • AO: The Pub
  • QIC: WaterBoy
  • FNG's: N/A
  • PAX: JJ, Breaker Breaker (R), Roscoe (R), Whoopee (R), Tube (R), Hermie (R), Defib (R), Termite (R), Oompa Loompa (R), Dr. Suess (R)

Have you ever seen those guys at the gym that would circle the parking lot looking for the closest parking space and then go inside and get on a treadmill?  All who showed this morning at the PUB got to witness the equivalent.

Tube – will you give Power Red?

It was a beautiful morning of darkness and streetlights, 50-ish degrees and all of us were quietly wondering how JJ was surviving at such frigid temperatures without a Balaclava, double gloves (“you had two pair of gloves?”),  and a down track suit.

How about Power Red?

We spoke the Pledge of Allegiance to our great nation, which does have it’s own set of problems, but we are thankful the Lord has planted us here… and then got to work.  ‘Work’ hardly seems like work when you find yourself in the company as such men as the PAX that showed this morning.  We had runners and ruckers (Power Red); the runners made their way toward the Armory and back, and the Ruckers did a loop in an apartment complex.  Heart rates were increased, stories were told, and we gathered back around the area between the flag and… ‘the Parker’.  Roscoe made sure everyone found their way around ‘the Parker’ to locate the COT.

Have you considered Power Red?

We solved an important matter – the minimum height at which you could give blood is most definitely less than 4’11”; broke fellowship and made our ways back to our vehicles and homes, with some of us having a MUCH shorter distance than others.

Announcements (Power Red):

Christmas Party Dec 3, Marathoners and Half Marathoners over the next two weekends, the Speed for Need that is coming up, Blood Drive (Power Red)…

Folks to remember to pray for:

Breaker Breaker’s family moving back to town- one is in the job hunt, Turtleman, and Amazon with the arrival of the new little one.