It was a cold, nasty, rainy day at Midoriyama. YHC made the call and just had the PAX muster at the picnic shelter. It was still cold, nasty and rainy but at least we were dry. YHC figured 1 or 2 guys would post. He was pleasantly surprised when he had a group of 8 show up. No FNG’s, so let’s get going.


Some easy stuff with a few burpees sprinkled in because Def Leppard says “it ain’t a workout unless you do some burpees!”.


21 minutes of EMOM. YHC set a repeating 1 minute timer. Each minute we performed:

  • 5 Mike Tysons
  • 10 Flutter Kicks (count right leg)
  • 15 SSH SC

YHC then reset the timer for 21 more minutes of EMOM.

  • Minute 1 – 20 Merkins
  • Minute 2 – 25 WW1’s
  • Minute 3 – 35 Squats

We repeated this circuit for 7 rounds for a total to finish the workout.



Christmas Party 12/3 1800 @ Lewis Farm in Ranlo

Christmastown 5K on 11/26. Roads close at 1700, so get to McAdenville before then. Our tent will be set up beside the YMCA.

Beer Mile on 12/31/22. See the Nantan for more info.

Prayer requests:

  • Huckleberry
  • Turtleman
  • Gumby’s Mom
  • Leppard’s Mom
  • Pockets’ Dad
  • Christmas Season (The homeless and those who have lost loved ones)


YHC took us out in prayer.

Thank you gents for supporting Midoriyama in some real crappy weather!