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Day: June 21, 2022

Coconut Horse May 29 2022

4 HIM showed for some miles.  2 rucked, 2 ran and three took Q source on the road to Stroganoff’s house.  The topic was Impact which involves forcible movement but also requires proximity.  So as Stroganoff has been battling illness and unable to post we decided (read Roscoe’s idea) to take Q source on the road after running the usual route.  The discussion was lively and hopefully ‘Impactful’

Midoriyama Heat

11 Pax braved the afternoon heat of Midoriyama for a simple workout from a simple Q.
SSH x 15
Right over Left
Left over Right
Cotton Pickers x 15
5 burpees for Slaw
Mosey to the far Turd shack to find some shade.
Got Defib to call 20 Merkins in cadence, yes in cadence.
Got Freight to call 20 LBC’s in cadence.
Got Slaw to call 20 Low Slow Squats in cadence. He added a little extra at the top.
Mosey to the playground. Repeat the three exercises.
Mosey through the pump track to the picnic shelter. Repeat the three exercises.
Mosey through the woods down the hill by the volleyball court toward the parking lot. Repeat the three exercises except x 10 due to time and the Q juice running low.
Mosey across the road. Repeat exercises x 10.
Mosey back to the flag area and go get a block.
Curls x 30
On Your Six Chest Press x 30
Overhead Tricep Extensions x 10
Shrugs x 10
Curls x 30
On Your Six Chest Press x 30
Overhead Tricep Extensions x 10
Shrugs x 10
Curls x 30
Put up the blocks. Out of Time.

PT Test at Gashouse Saturday
Clean Up our section of Garrison Blvd after PT Test.
Tubing July 30th

Prayer Requests:
Haze’s Sister In Law and mom
Defib’s friend

NMM- Thanks to all who came out today. Hard work was done by all. I read a few cleaned up versions of David Goggins’ quotes. He certainly has figured out how to push his body past what most anyone can do. A reminder to take the hardest step of the workout which is the first step out the door. Plan ahead and be consistent.

Hill Work 11-21 style

I saw Volt and Westside getting in some EC as I rolled into Folsom.  I was trying to shake off the tiredness from a late night Board meeting.  Thanks to Sarlacc and Ball Joint for the reminders last night during the meeting!

Tonka and Ball Joint comes in on two wheels at 5:29 and 30 seconds…

5:30! Time to begin

Warm up:

25 SSH ic

15 gravel pickers ic

15 moroccan night clubs ic

Mosey to the Pavilion.

11s – 10 Australian Mountain Climbers on the wall/1 Dips on the ledge. The Men that showed up crushed this in minutes, time to step it up.

I looked up and saw the beautiful Hill going up to the Playground. Alright, let’s have some fun.

21s – Merkins at the bottom and squats at the top. The men pushed hard on this one and kept it going strong. The Hill was a beast, but no one faltered. We finished the last round together as a whole group.

Time is almost up, we mosey to the flag, with a few minutes left, we pushed out 22 for the vets, did 50 LBCs and Gearwrench led a round of flutter kicks while I grabbed my phone.



PT Saturday @ Gas House 7am

Tonka VQ Thursday at Folsom – Show up to support Tonka!!


Prayer Requests:


Big Pappy


Westside friends Jack and Scott in a car accident

Sarlacc and family

Stogie’s friend Nan

Wirenut family

striper family

Each other and all F3 Men.

But Most importantly, Pray for the Silverado Dude and that Wirenut never crosses path with him again.


Ozark out!

ATTENTION! Code Brown at the Coconut

YHC was first to show at the Father’s Day spectacular cardio workout some call the Coconut Horse.  Flintstone arrived next, followed by Stroganoff, then JJ, then DDC.
We recited the #pledgeofallegiance to the phone flag gif and then went our ways out on the course.  Stroganoff ran to Martha’s House.  DDC and JJ ran the original Coconut route while YHC and Flintstone walked/rucked to Martha’s respectively.

Shortly after we left Short Sale ran past us on his way to try to catch up to the other runners.  Upon returning to the HT, we received a text from Short Sale that read, “CODE BROWN, don’t wait on me.”

Stroganoff received the message on his text to voice in his earbuds.  “You have a message from Short Sale….”Code Brown, don’t wait on me.”

Due to this important alert, we were able to complete COT without having to worry that Short Sale was unaccounted for on the route.

We discussed the need for an Amber Alert type system as a public service.  Think of it, we have Silver Alerts for lost and wondering Seniors (Dr. Seuss), we have Amber Alerts for missing children (Gold Digger).  Why shouldn’t there be a Code Brown alert for PAX like Short Sale, Tool Time, Sparky, and Round Up.  We suggested the Weasel Shaker create a petition to make this happen.

The Q Source topic was on Positive Habit Transfer led by YHC but the real truth nuggets came from Stroganoff and his parenting tips.  Great stuff.

Prayers for all the PAX and FATHERS out there!




Bowl a Bear

Warm Up, then we moseyed across the street to begin Werk.

10 Merkins per pole, around the Mill and meet back at the parking lot.
That makes 170 merkins and about a half mile.
11’s Hill Billy Squats, and Big Boys,
After that we proceeded to the skate park for some Triple Nickel
CDD’s and MTN Climbers the skate park is a Bowl, thus the name Bowl a Bear.
Bear crawl backwards down and sprint to the other side once there bear crawl up and complete the exercise.

Time for Tabata: 30 werk 15 rest. Seal Jacks, High knees, LBC’s, Squats.


Prayer request several.
Announcements PT test this Saturday at Gas House.
Followed by trash pick up see Freight for details.

Speaking of trash…
the Bed Pan is full!

The STORM – June 21, 2022

The STORM – June 21, 2022

We had 14 PAX at The STORM this morning. After a brief disclaimer and seeing no FNG’s we said The Pledge of Allegiance and took a mosey.

In between the parking rows the PAX did karaoke, side shuffle, toy soldiers, nur, and threw in some sprints to get the heart pumping.

SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walker Squats x 10
Smurf Jacks x 20 IC
Hillbilly Walker x 10 IC
Merkin x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

5 Minute AMRAP (Round 1)

  • 10 burpees
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 freddy mercury

5 Minute AMRAP (Round 2)

  • 10 bomb jacks
  • 10 merkins
  • 10 alternating shoulder taps

5 Minute AMRAP (Round 3)

  • 10 carolina dry docks
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 plank jacks

5 Minute AMRAP (Round 4)

  • 10 apolo ohno
  • 10 wide arm merkin
  • 10 american hammers

We took a lap around the parking lot after each round.

EXERCISE #2 (There was about four minutes remaining):

  • 100 squats
  • 80 little baby crunch
  • 60 american hammers (count each rep)

PT test at Gashouse on Saturday, June 24, followed by roadside cleanup.

Tubing July 30.

Cinderella requested that everyone say a prayer for a 17-year-old who had a stroke Monday following football workouts in Georgia.

Tiger requested prayers for his sister in law.

Sargento requested prayers for one person who is going through chemo and radiation treatment for colon cancer and another person who had a mass remove from his skull.


First Bulldog Q

The weather was perfect for a beat down at Bulldog this morning.  YHC showed up for his first Q and the PAX started to show up. Clock struck 530 am, time to get started.




15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Gravel Pickers IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Squats OYO

5 Burpees

The PAX brough their kettle bells, so we held them above our heads while walking to each corner of parking lot to complete one of the following sets at a corner.

Set 1

30 SSH

20 Squats

10 Merkins

Set 2

30 Mtn Climbers

20 Lunges

10 Merkins

Set 3

30 Pulsing Squats

20 Shoulder Taps

10 Merkins

Set 4

30 Freddie Mercuries

20 Plank Jacks

10 Merkins

With one round complete, we planked on curb.  Plank walk side to side on curb then perform Merkin when called by Q.

Rinse and repeat first round.  Up next, travel on route 66 with kettle bells

Route 66 with kettle bell swings on the way down.  Kettle bell carry back to the start then Route 66 with Squat with kettle bell.  Farmers carry with kettle bell with one hand then switch to the other hand on the way back to where we warmed up.

Time running low, we bear crawled the length of 3 poles under the awning before finishing up with core work.

25 Flutters

25 LBC

25 Big Boys

Time  6:15 am


Prayer request


I took us out in Prayer.

Thanks for coming out this morning and the opportunity to lead.  SYITG


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