Beautiful weather for a Saturday at Folsom. Ozark and I had Q duty to split up with Ozark taking the first half. We had 54 Pax show up this am, it was crazy to see this many at Folsom.

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey to Soccer fields and circle up for some Side straddle hops and squats.

Took a quick count and separated the families into two teams for a Indian run style sandbag relay from one end of the field to the other.

Once the sandbags finished up We threw a kid on our back and did a race from one end of the field and back.

After that finished up we had parts of the two teams do some tug of war, while the rest of ran to end of the field and back before they swapped out for the rope.

Lastly on the first half we did family leap frog race from one end of the field to the other, we got wet.

I took over on the second half and we had a short mosey to the parking lot

We circled up to do some Gravel Pickers, Moroccan Night clubs and some Merkins.

Next thing on the list was to make sure the kids knew what a Burpee was. 5 On your own.

Now that we know what they are we played Rock Paper Scissor Burpee. Loser does a burpee. The 2.0’s  seemed to like making the dads do a burpee more than doing it themselves 😂.

It’s Father’s Day weekend so we let the dads choose the exercises with some Mary. We did anything from star jumps to American hammers.

Now that we got that out of the way we took a mosey to the other end of the field again to area sectioned off with cones for some Zombie water balloon tag. I chose about 6 2.0’s to start as my zombies. Once your hit with a balloon you can now pick one up and be a zombie. Some of us got soaked.

We had quite a few FNG 2.0’s to name so we took off after a quick clean up to get back to the COT.

One thing I picked up posting at the beach this past week is not only praying for our brothers but they would do some work in the COT before it’s all over for them. So we knocked out 10 more burpees at the end for Turtleman 💪🏼

Name-O-Rama took over 3 mins

We enlisted the dads to help us with the names for the 2.0 FNG’s

Ozark prayed us out.