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Day: June 2, 2022

Taking care of Frank and Hank

I’d say it was a large crowd on a muggy morning, but it’s been a while since I’ve posted at The Goat, so maybe 13 PAX is a typical or even light turnout. Anyway, it was good to see several new faces and a FNG. After the standard disclaimer and a review of the 5 Core Principles, we began with a warmup of side-straddle hops, hillbilly walkers, and toy soldiers (10xIC each). I then introduced special guests Frank and Hank, identical twins weighing in at 18 lbs each. They were excited to join our workout but didn’t say much and had to be carried everywhere we went.  With that, we set off toward the fire station and up the hill on the main road.  Bubba Sparxxx apparently didn’t like what he saw and moseyed away in the other direction.  Perhaps he made a good call…  Without remembering how many telephone poles there are between the fire station and the stoplight (and fortunately skipping the first one), I called for escalating burpees.  Turns out there are 12 poles (note to self: remember this for future reference), so we essentially did a “Route 66” of burpees.  When the six got to the streetlight, we got a count-off, then moseyed around the Baptist building where there’s just enough wall in a single section (no spreading out) for all 12 of us to have a seat in tight formation.  Remember Frank and Hank?  We passed them down the line and back just so they didn’t get lonely.  Recovered straight into 10 hip slappers OYO.  Then back to our seats.  This time, Hank got one shoulder press from each PAX down the line and back.  Recover; 10 hip slappers.  Back to our seats.  This time, Frank got 2 shoulder presses from each PAX down the line and back.  Counted off again – nobody AWOL, including FNG!  Circled up for “domino merkin pull-throughs.”  Ask somebody who was there…  Next was 11s across the length of the parking lot with big boy situps and reverse crunches.  That took us to 0610.  Mosey back to the flag for 1 minute of Mary just before Orangeman could call out his characteristic 6-shooters.  Despite being left out of the 11s and Mary routines, Frank and Hank made it safely back to COT.

Today is last day to order gear.  Check Slack and put in your order.
June 15 2nd F lunch at Twisted Goat
June 18 F3 Dads at Folsom

Turtleman, Huckleberry, Tesla & family, Orangeman’s ATL family,
Recent graduates (for wise post-graduation decisions)

Welcome FNG Pavarotti, rising Piedmont Charter junior, son of Carnivore, and aspiring singer!

It was a privilege to lead this group of HIM’s this morning.
 – Nutria

5-30-22 Mt Hollywood – Memorial Day

Four Pax showed up at 0530 on Memorial Day at Mt. Hollywood for a good work out and to honor those men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  I asked if anyone had a relative who died in the armed forces, and no one spoke up.  I mentioned my great uncle, Melvin Cain who died in WWII.  I remember going to the cemetery on Memorial Day each year to see the flag and plaque that was displayed to honor him.  Thanks to all the Gold Star families out there who miss their loved ones dearly.  We all are eternally in their debt.

Below is a list of each major war the US has been involved with and the number of combat deaths.  Some of the numbers may surprise you.

American Revolution     8,000

War of 1812     2,260

Mexican American War      1,733

American Civil War

Union Casualties     140,414

Confederate Casualties     94,000

This was 2.1% of the total population of the US at the time.


Spanish American War     385

WWI      53,402

WWII      291,557

Korean War      33,686

Vietnam War      47,434

Gulf War     149

Iraq      3,519

Afghanistan      1,910

Four of us enjoyed discussing these numbers and the sacrifice of the individuals above.  We live in the greatest country on the planet.  We aren’t perfect, but I appreciate the freedoms we have because of the individuals above who loved this country more than themselves.

Thanks guys.




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