As usual a beautiful Saturday morning at Folsom so no better thing to do than knock out some work with some HIM.


10 Gravel pickers in cadence

20 SSH in cadence

10 Burpees

Every light pole from start to the Flag pole at AG center 5 Burpees, 10 Big boys

Pledge of allegiance

Circle up 22 for the vets

On your six, hold 6 inches, do the alphabet with your feet

In cadence no dropping of arms

20 forward arm circles

20 backward arm circles

20 mini forward arm circles

20 min backward arm circles

20 helicopter arm circles

20 Osprey (reverse) arm circles

Go into cherry pickers lead by Sarlacc

Go to back road behind Ag center 5 star jumps everyone at start and work at the other end

First trip down 10 Burpees

Second trip 20 Mike Tysons

Third trip 30 Squats

Fourth Trip 40 Flutters count one leg

Fifth Trip 50 American Hammers one side

Indian run back to lower parking lot person in rear does two burpees and overtakes the line.

Dirty 11’s diamond Merkins and V ups

Mary at COT if time allows. End with 10 burpees.


F3 dads July 23rd Gashouse

30th tubing green river

Prayer requests

Gumby’s mom

Sarlaccs daughter



Stripers Brother

Gearwrench as friend John

Wichita moving to new job

FNG Highlander