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Day: June 22, 2022

Slow day at the Ricky Bobby

YHC showed up to Q and the parking lots was still quiet until about 5:27 am until I saw Nutria on his way with the flag and Tesla pulled up.  Clock strcuk 5:30 a.m..



Warm up


15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Gravel Pickers IC

10 Merkins IC


Mosey to the back of the school for some wall work.

2 rds

10 Hook ups

20 Hip Slappers

30 Shoulder taps

It was at this time Roscoe showed up to join us. We headed out of the pits and on to the track for the following work.

We moseyed to the front of the school and back in between the following exercises. (Modefiied option was to fellowship mosey to the end of the parking lot and back)

25 Big Boys

50 Merkins

75 Monkey Humpers

100 LBC

75 Monkey Humpers

50 Merkins

25 Big Boys

Time running low we moseyed/fellowship moseyed back to the flag.  Time for core work for the remaining time.


Box Cutter


Reverse Crunch


Finished off with 5 burpees and time.  6:15 am.


Prayer Request


I took us out in prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. SYITG

Run, Walk , Whatever

Some rucked. Some walked. Some ran. We all grew and got better.

Had a great word from the Prodigal Father Devotional that some of us are following this week. It’s a great read jump on your Bible App. and check it out.

Lots of prayers spoken and unspoken.

Thanks for the hard work this morning men.

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