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Day: June 6, 2022

Light Crew at Tequila

So with the CSAUP the next day we had a short crew for a Tesla led beat down at Tequila that went like this:


SSH – Burpees X 5

IWs X 20

Gravel Pickers X 20

Grapevine stretches

Mtn Climbers.

Over to the field for some work . What we will do is start out with 5X, go to the middle and do 10X, end and do 15X and return.

1 st set: Merkins

2nd set: Big boy situps.

3rd set: CDDS

4th set: Jump Squats.

Mosey over to the playground for some work. 3 sets, all 10X rotation

Pull ups

Hand release merkins


Run a set of suicides in the upper lot.

Over to the benches for some work. 3 rounds. 10X apiece, run suicides after each set.


Step ups


Inclined sit ups.

Mosey over to the flag for COT and pledge.

NMM: Light but engaged crew. Fun to be around and worked hard. BTW, Q did the CSAUP too!





15 posted to Folsom on Saturday to help push each other. Todays workout would be about helping your brother to carry his burdens. Little did I know planning this workout that I would have a heavy one laid on me the night before.


There was some discussion about me being parked in the COT location. How was I supposed to know? We weren’t even in the right parking lot! So we started with a mosey to the correct lot and did the warmup there. We did some Don Q’s,  sealjacks, merkins, lbc’s, and the scorpion(something I learned while posting at Oak Island last weekend).

Mosey to the blocks.

The Thang:

Partner up. P1 carries the block headed to the flag at the AG center. P2 does 3 burpees and catches up. Switch off until you make it there.

In the parking lot to the left we continued with the partner work. One partner runs around the island in one direction while the other carries the block and goes around the other direction. When you meet do 1 booyah merkin. Switch who runs and carries the block. Do this until you get to 10 booyah merkins.

Line up on the curb and get a new partner. At this point YHC talked about how sometimes our burdens are light and sometimes they are heavy and how we are called to help our brother carry his when it gets heavy. That is what we were doing by switching who carries the block.

Next we did some DORA. P1 rifle carries the block across the parking lot and back. P2 starts on the reps.

100 Starburst

200 Pointers

300 Back scratchers

Let’s head down to the fork in the road doing the same partner work that got us here.

At the triangle we dropped the blocks for some corner work. At this point there was a parade of seniors that were cruising the park for no known reason. They just kept rolling through over and over. Probably trying to figure out what those whipper snappers were up too.

Corner 1 do 5 squats. Corner 2 do 5 flying squirrels. Corner 3 do 5 crab cakes. Do 5 rounds going up by 5 reps each time.

Partner carry the blocks back to the storage spot and mosey back to the flag.


Announcements-F3 Dads at Folsom on 6/18

Prayer Request-Myself, Sarlacc, and Shatners daughters. Gumby’s mom, Space Jam’s dad.

Naked Moleskin:

Overall I can’t complain about my life. I don’t usually have a lot of prayer request because for the most part my issues seem light compared to what I hear others going through. Friday night I ran into the world trying to push against the things I try to teach my daughter in a hard way. For the first time I felt what has been described many times about the COT. When I tried to share it I broke down. I’ll be honest I can’t even remember the last time I cried. I mean years and years. It’s just not something I do. Much less in a group of 14 other men. I couldn’t help or stop it. This was/is a heavy burden! This is my daughter and the devil and the sin in this world has come after her. I cannot say enough about the men in that COT. They prayed with me and for me. They hugged me. They have individually sent me messages the last couple of days letting me know they are praying for us. Crap I’m about to cry again. I’m honored and thankful I have each and every one of you to help me carry my burdens and I welcome the challenge of helping you carry yours!

First Q at The Down Low

Warm up:gravel pickers,Ssh,Moroccan nc,bolt 45’s,merkins,mountain climbers all x10 IC

ball field: 4 corners 10 burpees 20 big boys 30 squats 40 merkins

1 pax run bases other pax do exercise called by runner until he returns exercises:lbc’s,Diamond merkins,v ups, Nolan Ryan’s,ssh, other stuff I forgot

Basketball court:11’s monkey humpers and CDD’s

Playground: triple nickel dips and derkins

ran around the block then to the splash pad for some Mary bedpan turned the water on as we were leaving getting a few pax wet ….good stuff 😆.

ended with COT watts up was scared I was gonna forget to pledge an do namerama no faith 🤷‍♂️We did it took prayer requests and I prayed us out. Props to the tough guys that went to the murph afterwards that’s a lot to take on for one morning. Thanks again for the opportunity to lead men I had fun I’m liking the new Monday boot camp option everyone should come check it out.

on to the next one Westside


Great weather for run/ruck at the Sword. 4 attended, 3 ran, 2 had new shoes, 1 rucked.


What then shall we say was gained by Abraham, our forefather according to the flesh? For if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God. For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.” Now to the one who works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due. And to the one who does not work but believes in[a] him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness, just as David also speaks of the blessing of the one to whom God counts righteousness apart from works:

“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven,
    and whose sins are covered;
blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not count his sin.”

“But God justifies the ungodly..because there are no godly for Him to justify! He put our sins on Christ’s account that He might put Christ’s righteousness on our account. Once we are justified, our contains Christ’s perfect righteousness and can never again contain our sins. Christians do sin, and these sins need to be forgiven if we are to have fellowship with God, but these sins are not held against us.”  Warren Wiersbe


Announcements: See Slack



Daughters of Freight, SA, Sarlaac



Wichita took us out.

Thanks guys! Keep pushing..and ponder these truths!





Waking up to a Nolan Ryan headlock?

Rolled in this morning to a crowd of two. Slowly a few more Hims rolled in. This isn’t our normal crowd, where is everyone? The weather is freakin perfect this morning! 

Whoopee suggested we combine for the first half, so I prefer a good crowd, why not. It tends to create more mumblechatter. And I like to hear the crap that comes out of Whoopees mouth. We do the pledge and get right to it.

Whoopee has his toys broken out and Voodoo discovers that there is an extra box in the bed of his truck. He peaks inside and realizes that this box is in the wrong bed, he should have left these toys at home- oops! I’m glad I didn’t see them, I hope Voodoo isn’t scarred for life after seeing what’s in that box. When I asked about it, he said you don’t want to know. Whoopee just smiled and winked.

We get to work and begin doing the circuit that Whoopee has planned for us, except we are missing one thing. TUNES! Voodoo called it as I ran to get my Bose box. I decide that this little circuit needed some Metallica radio. I find that hard rock gets me to push myself a little harder. Unlike listening to something like Country music that just makes me want to cry about some ex-girlfriends or my dog that died. Everything is going great, Hermie is doing cartwheels across the parking lot and next thing I know, Whoopee has got me in a headlock and giving me Nolan Ryan’s to the face, wtf!? He apologized and said he had a flash back from when he was a little boy and someone tried taking his Twinkie. OK?

Warmups are over. Let’s get back to work! The Gashouse split off and went jogging and Painlab stayed for the real pain.

One set each: 50/10 we only have 30 minutes

Halos, frog crunch, Russian rows, side plank thread the needle, black widow knee slide, W’s,  1 minute rest

Butterfly sit-ups, seated corkscrew, levitation crunch, siteup elbow thrust, crescent tucks, backward 7’s. 1 minute rest

Burpees, squat shadow boxing, side lunges, CDD’s, and then Gashouse returned from their jog to help us finish some Marys.

Shout out to Turtleman who has the toughest workout of us all, stuck up in an isolated room at CMC Main. You got this brother, keep Pounding!

Thank you God for giving me the means to come out here and push my body. Thank you God for this beautiful weather to enjoy this F3 workout. 

Please pray for those that could not make it out this morning for what ever reason they have, good or bad. Amen!

Mt. Hollywood 06-Jun-22 (D-Day)

Disclaimer, Pledge
Principles of F3:

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Mission of F3:  Our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith and our mission is to Plant, Serve and Grow men’s small workout groups with the intent of invigorating male leadership throughout the community.

Warmup:  SSHx15 IC, Gravel Pickers x10IC, ROL/LOR, Cherry Pickers IC, Arm circles

777 with D-Day facts scattered throughout the workout.  See below for tidbits noted.

  1. Merkins
  2. shoulder taps (one arms)
  3. mountain climbers
  4. CDDS
  5. Squats
  6. calf raises
  7. get a lap
    Repeat 7 times


Mosey to Traust for triple nickel with merkins and squats.  This is where I knew I had messed up.  It is a lot farther to get here than I recalled.

Partner up and rotate 90 degrees and start some Dora (merkins, squats, LBCs).  Had to call it a little early to get back.
Mosey to flag pole and resume, but not much time left so we worked until the bell.

Announcements: Check the preblast channel for upcoming items instead of things getting lost in slack mumblechatter.  6/10 happy hour at new bar at Oldstone, 6/15 lunch at twisted goat, 6/18 F3 Dads workout at Folsom, 6/25 PT test at Gashouse, Tequila Sunrise every Friday in June has a guest Q.

Prayers/Praise: Pillagers dad after treatment and his M is past her first trimester, Buckshot and his M, Turtleman has a lot on his plate, My M.

Name-O-Rama: Gavel, Freon, Termite, Pillager, Radar, Blue Print, Red Ribbon


  • D-Day was originally planned for 5 June but had to be delayed by 24 hours due to poor weather.
  • The Commander in Chief of the German army in the west was Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, who had 850,000 men at his disposal.
  • The D-Day operation aimed at breaching the Atlantic Wall, a series of coastal defenses built by Nazi Germany between 1942 and 1944 that ran from Norway to the Franco-Spanish border.
  • With an Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe seeming ever more likely, in early 1944 Nazi Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was tasked with strengthening the Wall.
  • Over 1.2 million tons of steel and 17 million cubic meters of concrete were used in building the Wall’s defenses, and this included 92 manned radar sites.
  • By the time of the Allied invasion on 6 June, more than 5 million mines had been laid in northern France.
  • A fake army made up of inflatable tanks and trucks was created in Kent to fool the Germans into thinking the invasion would take place in the Pas-de-Calais.
  • Around 7,000 vessels of all shapes and sizes were used by the Allies on D-Day, including 139 major warships, 221 smaller combat vessels, more than 1,000 minesweepers and auxiliary vessels, 805 merchant ships, 59 blockships and 300 miscellaneous small craft.
  • Over 4,000 landing craft used to transport the invasion force onto the beaches of Normandy.
  • 73,000 US Troops and 83,000 British and Canadian troops crossed the channel on D-Day.
  • Shortly after midnight on 6 June, around 24,000 US, British and Canadian airborne troops began landing in France.
  • The Allies landed on five beaches in Normandy. These had been codenamed “Utah”, “Omaha”, “Gold”, “Juno” and “Sword”.
  • Of the 34,000 men who landed on Omaha on D-Day, 2,400 were killed.
  • On Omaha beach, the US 116th Infantry Regiment’s A Company lost 96% of its effective strength in one hour.
  • The landing on Utah beach was ultimately successful with just 300 casualties of the 20,000 men put ashore.
  • By midnight on 6 June, 132,000 Allied forces had landed in France, while more than 2 million were eventually shipped there in total, comprising a total of 39 divisions.
  • Allied casualties on 6 June have been estimated at 10,000 killed, wounded, and missing in action: 6,603 Americans, 2,700 British, and 946 Canadians.
  • Total German casualties on D-Day are not known, but are estimated as being between 4,000 and 9,000.

6/6 Route 66 Day at the Down-Lo

Being that todays date is 6/6 we’re gonna have a Route 66 themed Q.

Pledge of allegiance

Warm up

Moroccan night clubs 20 IC

Side straddle hops 20 IC

Flutters 20 IC

6 Burpees

Mosey to Church Parking Lot

Route 66 Merkins on the Parking lines

Stop on the 11th line Route 66 back the other direction crab walking backwards and LBC’s

Mosey to School Bus Lot

Partner up, Route 66 Booyah Merkins, partners run in opposite directions around loop and meet at backside and frontside to perform the Booyah merkins escalating at each end to 11 sets  

Mosey to big parking lot

It would be rude not to do Route 66 Mike Tysons since the man has a birthday in June and was born in 66’ 💪🏼

Mosey to Ball field

In honor of another great boxer Sugar Ray Leonard turning 66 this year we’re going to do “Sugar Cookies”

Lay down belly first in the wet grass in the outfield do 11 Superman’s in cadence, then we’ll sprint together to home plate and do 11 hand release Merkins after you stand up you see where the name sugar cookies comes from. Rinse and repeat 3 times for a total count of 66

On the way back to the COT we hit the bleachers and did 22 dips 22 step ups and 20 Derkins to finish out the theme of 66

Head back to COT


Dads Q 18th

PT 25th



Turtle man

Stripers brother

All the PAX kids

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