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Day: June 28, 2022

Saturday around the Track

Disclaimer – we have an FNG



Pain Lab and Boot Camp split up.


Mosey to the middle school track

behind goal post, 15 Merkins and 15 Squats

run around track to other side for 15 Mountain Climbers per leg and 10 reverse lunges per leg.
Rinse and repeat for 10 laps or 2.5 miles and 600 reps.

Finish with some core work and mosey back to shovel flag for COT.


The pledge



Prayer Request

Namaroma and name FNG

YHC closed in prayer


Thanks for allowing me to lead you PAX this morning!

Over and out,



Is your monkey a he?

I rolled up to Folsom with some sore legs this morning which was not ideal since I had a leg destroyer in mind. Ever since Gearwrench let me down a while back I’ve wanted to Q a leg focused workout. He promised one then gave us another shoulder destroyer 🙄which is good but the norm. I always strive to rock the boat . I couldn’t do all I planned but we still did more legs than anything else mission accomplished.Here’s what we did.

warm up:ssh, gravel pickers,mnc,oh press,squats,merkins,mountain climbers,burpees all x10 IC now that’s a proper warm up

mosey to blocks stop at each pole on the way for 10 merkins 10 monkey humpers

blocks:partner squats 10 reps 2 blocks 20reps 1 block then partner turn 3 sets

20 reps each oh press,curls,push up on block,KB Swings 3 sets

mosey to flag continue merkins and monkey humpers at each pole on the way we discovered  Balljoint’s monkey was a he 🤷‍♂️Aight judgement free zone we pledged it up

lot beside flag 11’s jump squats and lunges ran out of time had to Omaha

mosey back to COT at each pole on the way 3 kraken burpees

At cot I shared some scripture from James 3 about envy and selfish ambition there was some talk about bicep and calf envy but I think they got the real meaning we took prayer requests and I prayed us out thanks for the chance to lead men it was a pleasure look forward to the next one

JUNE 16th 2022

I don’t remember exactly what we did but it was brutal! Plus I was honored to have The Def Leppard in attendance!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Wichita on to the Next one…

6-28-2022 The Storm

Termite, Big Orange Shoes (BOS) and I got in some EC before the boot camp.  BOS and I did the usual route while Termite said he was going to do 5-6 miles.

Eight PAX showed up in the gloom at The Storm.





Warm up

Seal Jacks IC x 20

Mountain Climbers IC x 20

Toy soldiers IC x 20


The Work

This is a routine that Breaker Breaker did the first year I participated with F3.  Mosey around the practice field stopping at each corner for 5 Burpees at the first corner, 20 LBC’s at the second corner, 30 squats at the third corner and 20 Dips at the fourth corner.  Rinse and repeat x 5.  One last lap for an escalator around the practice field.

Mosey to the side of the school for 10 Step Ups each leg, 10 reverse grip inclined Merkins and 10 American Hammers counting one side.  Rinse and Repeat for 3 rounds total.

Mosey back to the flag for a little stretching.



Convergence on 7/16 at Folsom

Tubing on 7/30


Prayer Requests:

Turtle Man

BOS’ daughter who is traveling to Europe.

Sargento’s friend who is going through chemotherapy.

Sandman and his M. Cancer and Covid.

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