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Day: June 1, 2022

16 men at Folsom this morning!!


Mosey up the road stopping at each light pole for called exercises

Stop at flag for pledge. Next exercise called here is Jacked Up routine!!

Mosey over to steps at horse arena for some exercise work on the steps.

Head back to bottom parking lot for some exercises in the picnic shelter.

Finish up at COT with a modified shortened version of the Hightower WOD!  Time!!



Prayer Request



SA out!!

Downtown 5/6/22

9 men Downtown this morning.

Warm-Up:  The usual

The Thang:

1st called exercise routine is 7 of Diamonds using block of downtown.

Next we moseyed to parking deck for exercises working our way to top.

Head back towards flag stopping for some wall work.

Continue to COT, finish up with Hightower WOD.  This one sucks bad, look it up on lexicon.



Prayer Request


Appreciate the chance to lead.





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