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Day: June 9, 2022

ABCs & 123s

Strong group of 11 at The Sandlot for new twists on old favorites, a Phonics lesson, and some bad math.  Here’s what I remember:

The Thang

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Gravel Pickers (IC)
  • 10 x Hillbillies (IC)
  • 10 x Toy Soldiers (IC)
  • 10 x Elwoods (IC)
    • High knees with your arms moving in sync right above your knees, Elwood Blues-style
  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • 10 x Heels to Heaven (IC)
  • 10 x Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)
  • 10 x Burpees (OYO)

Frogger across Neal Hawkins to the front of the bank that’s still a bank for

  • Ab Alphabet (A-M as in “Mancy”)
    • Start from 6 inches with both toes pointed and write the alphabet in the air with your feet.  Capital letters, cursive, doesn’t matter.  You v. You
  • M-Hold (20 Count)
    • Hold the American Hammer position, only don’t hammer.  Q counts down from 20
  • 15 x Spatchcocks (IC)
    • Nantan-approved with PAX mumbling “Spatchcock” after every rep

Triple Nickel time, but more complicated, because, well, you know.

  • Bear Crawl to Far Side
  • Far Side – 5 x Bobby Hurleys
  • Crawl Bear to Near Side
  • Near Side – 5 x Backwards Lunges (Count Left Side Only)
  • Repeato x 4

Every once in a while, YHC would yell out “Hold it Now” and Bear Crawling PAX had to go to the bottom of the Merkin, the “Balls to the Ground” position, and hold it, and the PAX doing exercises had to hold the People’s Chair.  When YHC yelled out “Hit It”, the PAX would finish a burpee from wherever they were in the process and continue on with their work.  Seemed easy enough, and nobody screwed it up, so that’s good.  Overall, this was tougher than expected, but in a good way.

We wrapped up and headed back to the back of the bank to finish up

  • Ab Alphabet (N-Z as in “Nancy”)
  • M-Hold (20 Count)
  • 10 x American Hammers (IC)
  • 15 x Spatchcocks (IC)

Remaining time was put to good use with the Greene Game.  As a reminder, the goal is to accumulate as many points as possible in the time you’ve got however you choose to get them.

Point options for this day were:

  • 1 Lap around the bank – 1 Point
  • 5 x Burpees – 1 Point
  • 10 x Mike Tysons – 1 Point
  • 20 x Flutter Kicks (Count Left Side) – 1 Point
  • 20 x Freddie Mercuries (Count Left Side) – 1 Point

We had about 12 minutes to get after it.  Here’s the results:

  • Nutria – 21
  • Whoopee – 20 (I’m pretty sure he, and just about everyone else made up their number.  He did a lot of burpees though)
  • Flintstone – 20
  • Orangeman – 17
  • Tricycle – 15
  • Pavarotti – 15
  • Cinderella – 13
  • Dirt – 13
  • Wonder – 10
  • Defib – 10
  • Jar Jar – 6

Back to the Flag for COT

Prayer Requests:

  • Cinderella’s Parents
  • Turtleman
  • Whoopee’s Upcoming Surgery
  • YHC’s 2.1 starts driving

Fun morning.  Lots of sweat and stupidity.  Solid mumble chatter.  Good times.

Next up: Cinderella

Til next time

Yabba Dabba Doo

Save the mountain tops!

A beautiful muggy morning at the Goat brought out 6 brave soles.  Continued construction forced our warmups into the street.


20 Abe Vigodas IC

20 Moroccan Nightclubs IC requested by Watt’s Up

Grapevine stretch IC by Tesla

Mosey around the block to the Pavilion

12 Mt. Climbers IC

12 WW1’s OYO

12 American Hammers IC

12 LBC’s IC

12 Lt. Dans OYO

12 Merkins IC

12 Toe Taps OYO

12 Pickle Pounders each leg IC

Mosey to the island with a duck walk across the bridge for Daffy Duck day.

In honor of “End mountain top removal week”  we rinsed and repeated the exercises but upped the reps and climbed the mountain.  14 reps of each here.

Mosey to the back bridge with a Bernie Sanders along the way.  16 reps on the bridge with a view in honor of America the Beautiful week.

Mosey back to the first bridge where Pillager called Broad Jumps to get across.

Mosey to find a spot for wall sit while a few jokes were told.

Mosey to the Post Office for the last round of 18 reps.   Got through the Merkins then back to where it all started for COT.

Prayer requests for Pillagers and Teslas families.

Humbled and honored to lead, thank you for the opportunity.


Black Panther Sighting in Gastonia!

YHC was reading Whoopee’s BB was thinking “Luckily that panther didn’t get us”.  But the made YHC think, did it really happen since the backblast hasn’t been written???

Well, here it is…


Seven was total (well six when we started since Whoopee was still getting his shoes on) when 0530 hit.  All experienced PAX, including a JarJar who hadn’t posted in a light year or so. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, we did some warmup.  You know the typical stuff; SSH, Arm Circles, stretches, etc.

YHC found a workout from yester-year when PF was just an empty grocery store.

Mosey behind PF to their ramp…. (Why did they build a ramp behind PF, when they have a flat front entrance, inquiring minds may want to know, but its a good place to stop)  Bear Crawl up the ramp x 2.  This caused a little discussion/grumbling from the PAX, so we did it a 3rd time ( I think it was really Dirt’s idea BTW)

With that pitstop done, on to the FL parking lot.

Start the spots nearest PF.
Sprint/Mosey to the nearest lightpole – 10 Jump Squats
Nur to starting spot, 10 SSH
Sprint/Mosey to the next lightpole (1 Burpee at the first lightpole) – 15 Jump Squats
Nur to starting spot, 15 SSH
Sprint/Mosey to the third lightpole (1 Burpee at the first & second lightpole) – 20 Jump Squats
Nur to starting spot, 20 SSH
Plank for 6 (or join them)
10 count.
“Recovery” run around the frontage building.

Now it gets fun.

Repeat with Jump Squats replaced with HRM and SSH with Mtn Climbers.  YHC suggested an alternate locomotion format, but that didn’t workout well.  Most moseyed.

Funner yet…

Repeat again with HRM replaced with Monkey Humpers and Mtn Climbers with Hammers.  Locomotion: Skip

No time for another round.

Head the steps between the parking lots… 10 calf raises each step.

Mosey back behind PF.  Oh, the ramp, lets stop an bear crawl down the ramp.   Once was enough, plus time was counting down.  Head back to the flag.

The group rounds the Bellacino’s corner with YHC, EZ Rider and Whoopee leading….

Out from the dumpster jumps a massive (read that as HUGE) black panther.  Did I mention it was big?  From here the details get a bit fuzzy, or maybe it was my vision.  The battle was intense.  It was touch-and-go for a bit.  But we managed to save the remaining PAX from the panther.  We did such a good job, not sure they even knew it was there.

Having made it out alive, we continued onto the flag, with a brief stop at the wall for some dips and step-ups.

Announcements were made and prayers lifted.

Thanks to all for the opportunity to lead.



Watts Up Powering Down.

All Present and Accounted For

10 pax came out for a run or walk and made it back without getting lost..or shredded.

Some of the guys seemed to doubt my navigational skills as I said we would run the Bethesda Oaks neighborhood route (the Sargento Route) backwards. Having never run it this way, I drove the route forward and backward and memorized the directions.  No one got lost. Sargento said he almost had a run-in with a shredder, but ended up making it back in one piece.



F3 Dads at Folsom on 6/18 @ 0700

PT Test at Gashouse on 6/25

2nd F lunch at Twisted Goat in Cramerton on 6/15 @ noon

Tubing trip end of July

Prayer Requests:

Pax: Turtleman, Huck,  Gump, Whoopee-surgery,  Sargento: check-up

Defib’s  friend: cancer stage 4

Sargento’s friend, Della: colon cancer

Feta- beginning Summer work as a Camp Joy counselor


Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Romans 5:1,2 ESV

“Peace with God takes care of the past..He will no longer hold our sins against us. Access to God takes care of the present..we can come to him at any time for the help we need. Hope of the glory of God takes care of the day we will share in his glory.”  (Warren Wiersbe)

Waterboy took us out.



The Hill

We had a good crowd at Folsom this morning! 530 hits and everyone is ready!
Warmup: SSH, Gravel Pickers

After a short warmup we head up to our new Folsom block storage area, everyone gets a block and follows me. We head to a spot that roundup likes to use, it’s the hill at the top of the lower pond , it’s a man maker!

10 Blockies at the to, 10 burpee’s at the bottom/ 4 rounds!

15 Thusters at the top, 15 squats at the bottom, 2 rounds

20 alternating block merkins at the top, 20 merkins at the bottom/ 3 rounds

My plan was to do 4 rounds each, I was checking my watch, had to cut it short due to time, will save the full one for a Saturday!

This hill kicked my but this morning! But thankfully I had good men right beside me! Remember this men, there are days and seasons of life that your but is gonna get kicked, but don’t buy into the lie that you are alone! It’s easy to do! Remember you have brothers that will sweat with you, talk with you and pray with you! There are brothers in this group that are probably praying for you even when you don’t know it! I’m thankful for those brothers!

Announcements- f3 dads at Folsom June 18th, PT test June 25th

Prayer request- Freight, Huck, Pappy, Stogie’s friend, our wives, our children

Thanks again for letting me lead!

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