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Day: June 17, 2022

Hacksaw Q


8 poles 5burpees each pole w/5 hammers to the flag
Say the Pledge then mosey towards the tennis ct stopping at each pole start with
10 burpees as we get to each do a exercise
20 lunges
30 imperial walkers
40 merkins
50 plank jacks
60 sqt’s

Ending up on the tennis ct
Getting in one round
10 burpees
21 flutters
30 seal jacks
21 Big boys
30 LBC’s
20 cdd’s
30 ssh
20 merkins
30 flutters
30 plank jacks
After each exercise run the whole ct going to the next exercise grabbing 3 burpees before you start
@ the end nothing was dry
Awesome job men we got a solid BOOTCAMP and 2 miles of running


Lunch wed @ the twisted goat in Cramerton
PT test June 25th
This sat F3 dads
Reg Folsom will not take place

Prayer Request

Stripper’s brother Steven
Linda parker
Roundup Prayed us out

Combo # 3

What a nice morning to get after it.
the Pax came rolling in 13 total with an FNG.
5 core principles, disclaimer.
Warm Up SSH, 5 burpees, flutter, 4 burpess, gravel pickers, 3 burpees, abe Bagodas, 2 burpees, Mo rockin night clubs, 1 burpee.


Let’s mosey,
321 wall for some Australian Mountain Climbers, then my favorite the Monkey Humper! not enough cars came by on the first round so we did some more to make sure the people of Gaston county got a show.

Fox Holes per light post.
Fox Holes are 2 WWI and 1 merkin per light post until we made it to the flashing red light in the middle of downtown.
A man was out watering flowers and it brought back memories of Medicine woman playing in the water feature near the pavilion.
I asked for a mist of water over the pax but apparently water used for flowers does not help Men Grow.
We did this back and forth.

McQuitters Wall
Dips and step ups we started at 25 each and worked down to 5 in increments of 5.

Parking deck
Slow mosey to each level with an ab exercise per level.
Once at the top we did 5 burpees then took the stairs down for 25 LBC’s then back to the top via the road and worked our way down to 4 burpees stairs 25 lbc’s until we finished the burpees. time was cutting close so we Omaha’ed back to the flag to name the FNG.

Hunter is the new FNG. If you have ever eaten at the Chinese place in Dallas the mans name is Hunter who owns it. two different people but several of us know the place and if you call in an order he always says “about 15 minutes” FYI ball joint has his own off the menu combo that sounded really good. we tried 15 minutes as a name but too long much like this BB. out of the blue some one calls out Mushu and it stuck. So welcome Mushu! great guy that was Eh’d by Gearwrench!

F3 Dads at folsom, start time is 07:00 am for this event.
PT test coming up 6/25 with adopt a highway clean up to follow!

Prayer request several

The Bed Pan is Full!

Cat Emoji

3 Nantans, past and present, converged at Midoriyama during a wonderful summer time storm. The thunder was really booming while I was doing some EC rucking before hand. Being alone in the park gave way to some good reflection on how awesome thunder is. I figured it was going to be a light crowd due to the storm and even considered if anyone would show at all. I pondered on how many people get struck by lightning and yet we fear it so much. Oh its lightning outside we better run for cover! Do we only swim in the ocean when the sharks aren’t in the water? Do we only drive cars when no one else is on the road? Those things seem as equally or more dangerous. A quick search and I found that the odds of getting struck by lightning are 1 and a MILLION! Also 90% of those that are struck survive. That sounds to me like we’ve made ourselves a bunch of cat emojis. Anyway moving on.


Go get blocks and go to the side parking lot

The Thang:

Run a lap then ruck a lap carrying your block x 4 laps

timer set, do 2 minutes of work and 1 minute of break

1)Plank lat pulls with the block plus a merkin(plank position with your block beside you, reach under past your torso and pull the block to the other side, do a merkin, rinse and repeat)

2)Front squat with the block

3)Overhead press

Run a lap then ruck a lap carrying your block x 4 laps

timer set, do 2 minutes of work and 1 minute of break

1)Avalanche with a glute bridge( on your back holding the block behind your head lift it above your chest, lift your pelvis up, back down, then move the block toward the ground behind your head without setting it down, rinse and repeat)

2)Lunge holding the block

3)Ground to shoulder with the block set it back down, jump over it, rinse and repeat

Run a lap then ruck a lap carrying your block x 4 laps

30 Ground to overhead with the block, jump over the block after each rep



Announcements-F3 dads at Folsom this Saturday, PT test next Saturday at Gashouse followed by adopt a street cleanup

Prayer Request-My daughter, Leppard unspoken, Sargento’s friend with cancer


Speaking of cat emojis I’m still looking for a couple more volunteers for the adopt a street cleanup. Only takes about an hour and you can go about your day calling yourself a HIM while feeling like you actually are.


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