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Day: June 26, 2022

2022 PT Test #1 at the Gashouse

With much fanfare and jubilation a pride of daring men decided to challenge themselves to the premier PT test at the Gashouse this week.

At 0657, Eighteen PAX were assembled with tense trepidation, likely feeling the urge to urinate on themselves due to the increase nervous system activity.  Sargento, the Nantan, and planner of this particular PT test arrived just in time to get everything in order with the “supplies” for the PT Test.  But wait, he was empty handed!  We had to scramble for pens and paper so we could construct an impromptu spreadsheet with which to document the accurate times of the PAX on this challenge.

Fortunately, Purple Haze had his 2.0’s Star Wars holographic Darth Vader notebook and Whoopee and Bubba Sparxx supplied the pens.  We were in business.  YHC moseyed to the center of the ring to start the workout with the warm up, but first, Sargento was going to cover “Preparedness” from the Q-Source.  Just kidding.  With no FNG’s, the warmup was mosey to the track at Grier Middle School.  During this mosey the decision was made that all future Nantan’s need an Executive Assistant/XO to take care of the little details that make all the leadership difference.

The workout was described to the PAX as follows:

Run a lap

100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 LBC’s, and 100 SSH’s.

Run a lap

75 Merkins, 75 Squats, 75 LBC’s, and 75 SSH’s

Run a lap

50 Merkins, 50 Squats, 50 LBC’s, and 50 SSH’s

Run a lap

25 Merkins, 25 Squats, 25 LBC’s, and 25 SSH’s

Run four laps to finish.

Fortunately we have the spreadsheet from Short Sale for the first three PT Tests from 7-19-20, 11-14-20, and 4-24-21.  The fast times seem to be in November when it is cool.  Let’s see who can push themselves on this particular day.

OOMPA LOOMPA, Whoopee, and YHC all timed the PAX and did a few exercises but mainly talked, listened to music, encouraged the PAX and told them to make a hole for the lady that was walking the track during our test.  She was good natured about it until she saw some shirts some off and then she seemed really excited about it.  No, not really.

Defib was first out of the gate after the lap and first round of exercices. This is to be expected since Father Time, when asked the question, “do you know Defib?”, answered, “Who the heck is that?”

Some of the PAX were struggling with the merkins.  100 out of the gate is a lot when you may not have been posting to boot camps or doing them OYO.  You can’t fake muscle endurance, you either have it or you don’t, so some PAX were almost immediately humbled, lying there like sad sacks of bat scat.

Proctoring ain’t easy.   There was a lack of “form police candor” on this day that one has come to expect form the likes of Sister Act.  To be honest, YHC didn’t pay much attention except happening to catch a glimpse of Uncle Ted’s pushup form that looked like Headbanger’s Ball holding a plank.  Not a lot of break in those elbows but the neck was getting wrung out like a rubber chicken in a mosh pit.

In any event, I think the timers/proctors all had a great time watching and shooting the breeze while the PAX were pushing the rock.  When it was all said and done, a few voluntary DQ’d themselves.  Defib was leading until the final two laps where it looked like he may Ralph on the track. Turns out he had a little congestion that was making it difficult to push air through.

Brutus had a kick at the end of the test that looked like a WOJO sprint.

Doodles and Scribbles were there (F3 Dads was last week) and it was good to see.  Freight was steady and disciplined on form from what I could tell.  Pockets was doing good form and of course Volt never cheats a rep.  Hermie did a great job pushing the rock until the end.  There were a few new guys hitting the test today like Maybelline and Captain Steubing.  Tiger was his usual rock pushing self and Broke ensured that the exercises would be done in order since he designed the original PT Test.

When it was all said and done, Tesla is our champion today with a time of 34:07.  Congratulations to Uncle Ted!

We moseyed back to the Schiele for COT with a quick word about being an “eminently qualified” human.  “How can you best strive to become an Eminently Qualified Human? How will you hold yourself to the highest possible standard in life? How do you become a better father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, public servant, role model, and leader? The answer:  Unmitigated Daily Discipline in all things.”


After the workout, some PAX beautified the city streets on our F3 Adopt a Highway stretch on Garrison near Lineberger Park.  .  If you are curious, the F3 Gastonia sign is on the east bound side of Garrison just by the parking area at Garrison and Fern Forest Drive.  The sign itself is underwhelming so you may have to slow way down to see it.  That was a lot of fun so next time we need more PAX to help.  Many hands make light work.

Lots of prayer requests from the PAX on this morning…

Purple Haze M and SIL

Tesla M

Brokes M

Defib’s buddy who has terminal cancer

Les Nessman

PRAISE!  Sargento’s latest biopsy is clear and their church plant has a home for six months at DSBG!


Keep challenging yourself.  A PT test is a good exercise to see how you perform on a given day.  For runners, they will struggle with the stamina it takes to do reps of upper body.  For weightlifter types, the running may be the Achilles heal.  It takes a balance and consistent effort at a variety of exercises to get truly fit to lower your time in test such as this.  The Nantan has proclaimed that we will do two more PT Tests this year and Whoopee proclaimed that once he is fully healed from the effects of Luigi he will do the PT test at the Coconut Horse every Sunday.

Thanks to our timekeepers Oompa and Whoopee for doing a great job documenting the times. The Weasel Shaker has updated the spreadsheet.



How do you spell Labyrinth?

Site Q Dirt asked for a sub for the day and YHC was happy to oblige. Upon arrival, the Site Q was there! Ha!!!

This is what happened…

Disclaimer, Pledge of Allegiance

The warmup was Don Quixote’s. That’s it. Mosey down toward the center of Martha’s House. Along the way YHC asked if anyone liked to run. Only a couple said they did but that’s ok, the call was to sprint the remaining 1/4 mile or so the the predetermined location for the Thang.

The Deck of Death – YHC hadn’t pulled this routine out at Labyrinth in quite a while so why not? It was determined that we’d do the one exercise per suit thing and the PAX was asked what each one should be.

Diamonds – LBCs

Hearts – Goofballs (Of course)

Clubs – Merkins

Spade – Lunges (counting right side only)

As always, the Deck provided a great opportunity for mumblechatter and banter! It never disappoints. AYE!!

Announcements: Convergence 7/16, 2nd F lunch 7/20, Tubing 7/30

Prayer Requests: EZ Rider’s family, Turtleman, YHC’s friend Della battling cancer, Murtaugh’s friend Charlie Blake with pancreatic cancer, Mabeline’s coworker with cancer

Crossroads 6/26

Some fine HIM posted at Crossroads to better themselves better physically and through the Q Source topic of Queen. A lot of great discussion on how you can’t “Out King” your Queen. Proper diet, portion control,  accountability and taking the DRP are the building blocks of reinforcing your Queen.

Prayer Requests:

Turtleman, Gumby’s Mom, Purple Haze’s Sister-in-law and M, Wirenut’s family and PAX on the IR.



A Trailer Full of Whoop A$$

My Saturday morning got off to a frustrating start. The reason began earlier this week with my M requesting my help to transport a couch to Lincolnton by 10 am so it can be recovered. My daughter’s moving into a house for her junior year and apparently the current fabric of the white couch needs to be “off-white” to better match the decor of this old place my daughter will share with two other friends. It spurred up a “conversation” that I paraphrase:

  • Me: “is this really necessary?”
  • M: “what do you mean?”
  • Me: “this couch is already white, I’m spending time, effort and money to transport a couch to an upholstery place so it can become off white. I don’t see the need.”
  • M: offers steely glare
  • Me: “This thing is going to get stuff spilt, thrown up, and who knows what else…”
  • M: “Their girls, not slobs like you…”
  • Me: “Well I don’t see the need, I mean…”
  • M: Cuts me off “I’ll spend my money how I want to spend it!”

Well before this idea of making a white couch off white, I had committed to Wirenut to Q The Old School on June 25th.  To be efficient, I rented the small U-Haul Trailer ($30) Friday and Roscoe was kind enough to help carry and load it into the trailer. I’ve never had one of these behind my vehicle before. My trial by fire began at 0635 that morning on my first attempt to back out of my driveway. As some of you are guessing, it didn’t go so well. After several starts and stops and 10 minutes later, I’d managed to get enough clearance to wheel forward through my front yard. Somehow the trailer stuck with me as I bounced off the curb and began going well over the recommended travel speed as I cursed myself for not getting up earlier. Since the PT test was at GasHouse, I didn’t know who would actually post at OS. In a frantic attempt to alert someone, I texted Def Leppard of my status. I sped through the streets and as would be the case, I caught every red light possible. I hung a left on Church Street and rolled through the stop sign at Oakland. I see a gathering of PAX which included the Mayor tapping his watch. I entered the parking lot and angled at him. I think Suess really thought I was going to hit them. I came to a halt and popped out of the vehicle.

“Get in the F-ing circle – Side Straddle Hops on my count, ready? Go!” 15 of those in cadence, though I seriously considered doing 60 minute’s worth. Lots of chirping at the Q for being late. I tied my left shoe then on to Toy Soldiers IC x 10. I tie my right shoe. Imperial Walkers IC x 10. Still chirping. Side to Side Lunge IC x 10. Finally alternating single arm chest openers. Then we paused for the Pledge.

I go over to the trailer and open the roll door. I offer the PAX the choice – grab a block or the couch – we’re going to carry something today. They opt for the blocks. Now, admittedly, I was late and didn’t like Mayor’ calling me out but it was deserved. It was made worse in my suggesting for the PAX to run a lap while I set up the first Thang. I got a negative Ghostrider – that pattern is full, so we’ll just watch while you work. Again – I need to revisit the QSource on Preparedness, so point received. Known for complicated workouts, I did not want to disappoint my fans at Old School so grab a pen and paper and keep up.

  1. Round 1: Murder Bunny 10 yards then do 10 Merkins. Run to the 50-yard marker and return, pick up you block at the 10 and carry it to the start line.
  2. Round 2: Lunge Walk with block to the 20, do 10 merkins then roll over for 20 chest presses with the block. Leave the block; run to the 50-yard line and return, grabbing your block on the way to start.
  3. Round 3: Overhead carry your block to the 30-yard line, 10 merkins + 20 chest presses and 30 goblet squats with your block. Leave block, run to the 50 and return, carrying block to start.
  4. Round 4: tray carry (hold arms 90-degree angle, carrying block at waist level) to the 40-yard line. Do 10 merkins, 20 chest presses, 30 goblet squats, add 40 overhead presses. Leave block, travel to 50, return and carry block to start.
  5. Round 5: PAX choice to carry the block to the 50-yardline. 10 merkins, 20 chest presses, 30 goblet squats, 40 overhead presses, then 50 dips (use the block or find a bench or whatever). Carry your block back to start and the set is complete.

At this point the arms and shoulders were feeling good. It took about 20 or so minutes for this. The only thing that sucks is bringing the blocks – but worth the effort. Will tinker with making the run longer and different challenges to begin or end each round.

Next up on the old Weinke is a block version of the HERO WOD – Dan Whitten. Tiny Tank introduced this to the Goat years ago so I borrowed it and made some adjustments.

  • 10 block swings
  • 10 block jumps
  • run 50 yards and return
  • 10 blockees
  • 10 overhead presses
  • run 50 yards and return

The last run after overhead presses was not part of the instruction but the Mayor wasn’t listening adding this on this own and others followed. Sometimes it’s just good to let ’em go. Here is an inside tip for those keeping tabs – Mayor does not like the block jumps. Jump over to the left and back over the block right = 1 rep. He complained persistently about these sucking. He kind of complained about a lot of stuff at this point but he kept blaming Blart for some reason. JJ and Suess pushed through. Wirenut missed sometime taking the Browns to the Superbowl but he returned to embrace the challenge. Our small group was battling hard this muggy morning. We did that circuit three times total which increased the heart rate and fatigued our muscles.

Thang #3 – Catch Me If You Can – grab a partner. P1 lunge walks with the block. P2 did 10 merkins. Then switch. After the first set, Blart requested Hand Release Merkins, the Q obliged. Sister Act would be so proud – wherever he was this morning. We went the length of the field.

Some of the PAX began requesting Mary as I suppose they were sick of block work. Ok – we’ve got 10 minutes left so let’s incorporate the blocks with Mary.

  • 10 Flutter Kicks in cadence holding block overhead; pause with feet 6″ and do 10 chest presses; being 10 more flutters holding the block; 10 more chest presses – ohhh – the PAX hated this. Let’s do more.
  • Hold block overhead and do 15 Big Boys raising your head between your outstretched arms under the block – more grunts but time to drop the blocks.
  • 15 elbow to knee sit ups
  • 15 Leg Raises
  • 15 Freddie Mercury
  • 15 knee to elbow sit ups
  • 15 American Hammers
  • 15 90-degree alternating toe touches
  • 15 can opener left
  • 15 can opener right

Announcements – something about a future convergence but details were fuzzy – check Slack. Prayer requests for family, Turtleman, Huck, and others. I took us out.

This was a burner for sure. Great to have candor from my man Mayor. Time management is my Achilles and I should have understood hauling a trailer would require more time to orient and get to the AO ahead of schedule to set up the workout. Still the PAX worked hard and we enjoyed the chatter. Thanks to Wirenut for allowing me to Q and to the PAX for some amount of grace with the late start. I believe you got your money’s worth.

I talked with Balljoint at coffeteria – mark your calendars for July 9th when the famous beer workout makes it’s way to Folsom.

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