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Day: June 12, 2022

Crossroads 12-Jun-22 (DRP)

Running, biking or walking. Those were the options.  The bikers club did almost start the day with a fight and finish it.  Something going on with Gumby and Breaker Breaker (not with each other), but it was funny.  Gold Digger got the team started since I was off in the wilds with the DBC.

We discussed the DRP and how important it is to turn pro.  Not every pro is a great one, but they are all better than the mascot.  More EQV!!!

Announcements:  Preblast channel, 2nd F lunch next week, PT test 6/25, trash pickup following, F3 Dads @ Folsom 6/18 @ 7:00, Tubing 7/30, HOH starts 6/15 at Big Pappys

Prayers/Praise: Gumby’s Mom, Slaw’s M, Friend dealing with mom and Alzheimer, Sargento’s skin check up, Kids and the future in reference to mall shooting, Sargento’s Friend Della, Gumby’s M, Turtleman coming home, Blart and his back.


6 rucked, 8 for Q source, great discussion on missionality, thanks guys-was a good one for me, and thankfully Roscoe reminded me last night that I was Q today so I could be prepared.

Where’s Freight?

Nice muggy morning for a run or ruck.


Sargento and Dr. Seuss got in some EC and burned up the road on their way to 8 miles.

Tesla took a solo ruck, good work brother.

YHC ran 1 EC mile so I could have 5 total for the day.

We thought we saw the infamous dark grey Toyota of Freight right before 6:30 am but he was not there. Someone mentioned that he called out people for not coming to M.O. but he doesn’t show himself. You hate to see it.

Lunch next Wednesday the 15th.
F3 Dads at Folsom 0700 on the 18th
PT test at Gashouse on the 25th
Tubing trip July 30th, look for something on slack.
Grow Ruck events all year so sign up

Sargento’s procedure on a spot on his head Tuesday
Whoopee recovery
Tesla M family
PAX Traveling
Watson family helicopter crash one daughter in ICU
BOS motorcycle trip


YHC prayed

Gavel out.

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