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Day: October 23, 2020

Flugersteining at Midoriyama

Warm afternoon in the region’s finest afternoon AO and a nice crowd of manly Pax are ready to put in some work.

SSH a 30 IC
Abe Vigodas x 15 IC
Low Slow Squats x 15 IC
Let’s go!

Mosey to small soccer field where some half cinder blocks were waiting. I weighed one of these at around 25 pounds so this is below the Painlab (mainly Rudolph) mandated weight of 32 pounds but it will have to do.

40 curls (called by Slaw), 40 chest presses (called by Blart), 40 overhead presses (called by Defib), lap around the soccer field, 40 LBC’s (called by Tiger), 40 Flutter Kicks (called by Dr. Seuss), 40 American Hammers (called by Love Boat), lap around the soccer field.
Repeat 3 times.

Mosey to dog park hill.

Triple Dime
10 Merkins at the bottom, 10 IW Squats at top, 10 times. Slaw wanted to call this the Dime Bag but I think that means something else, at least that’s what Freight said when he and Digger “joined” us on the hill climbs. I’m not sure we all completed the 10 climbs before time was called. It seems that the Pax have been trained to only climb the hill 5 times and asking for 10 was too much for some. I know Defib and Seuss and Haze likely completed all ten. Sargento was EHing people at the top that were in the Dog Park. Is there a name for someone who actively searched out people to EH especially during a difficult exercise routine? Maybe it should be called Sargento-ing!

Before we moseyed back I repeated something I paraphrased from the HIM Italian Job from The Fort – Why do we do hard things? Because life is full of hard things so we need to be strong. Is it easy to be a man of integrity everywhere you go? Is it easy to be a present father? Is it easy to be a loving husband? Being a good coworker? Is it easy to help lead others through tough times? But men with their concentrica in order will thrive in hard times. That is why we do hard things to prepare us for the hard things life will throw at us!

Back to the flag just in time.

Convergence on October 31st at Marthas. Park at Pelican’s if the gate isn’t open. Run/ruck option at 6:15 followed by the workout followed by some 2nd F and 3rd F. All other AO’s closed.

PT Retest on November 14th at Gashouse at 7:00 a.m.

November Challenge put out by Roscoe. Read up and try it.

Remember if you, a family member or coworker has tested positive for Covid or been having Covid like symptoms, please refrain from posting until you/they are cleared.

Thanks for all the Pax who posted today. As for what Flugersteining means, you had to be there!

New Route at the Pub

YHC didn’t sleep well and was up early.  I used that extra time to plan a new route.  Unfortunately the way I planned it wasn’t as accurate as I expected and we ended up being a quarter mile short (Q-Fail).  To make up for the shorter distance most PAX just ran around the Pub at the end to make it an even 5 miles. #YouversusYou

The route was  Gaston Day School Road inbound, right on New Hope, left on Redbud, down on Linda (shorter route) or down on Pamela (longer route).  With either choice your next left was Audrey Street, left on Armstrong Park Road and back to the Pub.   Broke and I ran together and tried to stay with Sargento who was in the second group alone.  The first pack was running away from us.

Announcements:  Convergence:  Marthas House October 31st

PT Test at the Gashouse round 2:  November 14th

November Challenge starts November 1st.  See preblast…sort of what Freight is doing in October for Give2Give

Prayer Requests:  PRAISE-SA’s daughter is home!  Our country.  Civility, Love



3rd F – Listen and Be Humble

The following written by Mo Michalski:

God’s Word profiles two kinds of people: someone who allows the chatter of many voices to pull in many directions versus someone “wise in heart,” who listens to once voice and accepts His commands.

The difference between the two pivots on these basic actions:

  • Being disciplined enough to listen to only one true voice – blocking out the chatter of the world around us
  • Being humble

Those who excel at both listening and humble obedience face clear reward: the promise of no lifetime ruin and getting tagged as “wise in heart.”

Let’s take a closer look at the actions that make the man or woman.

LISTENING – See with our ears. Hear with our eyes. A held tongue is better. Shut up to listen up. When we do, God calls us wise.

The one who chatters never gets that label. That person can’t shut up and has to have “the last word.“

HUMILITY – Humility creates enough space for others to weigh in well, especially God’s Spirit and His Word. Only the humble consistently accept commands. Only the humble get tagged as teachable.

They’re the ones who become world class when it comes to trust and obedience. When humility sets in, critical turnovers are avoided, sin downsizes and ruin is escaped. In contrast, the one who chatters is filled with only self-directed thoughts, never leaving room for humility to grow.

Reflect: Which one are you more like – the “chattering fool” or the one “wise in heart”? How are you doing in your listening skills and commitment to humble obedience? Are you doing it like Jesus?


This week let’s pray for Sister Act, Slaw, Mayor, Flintstone, Big Pappy, Huckleberry, Dolph, Quiche


Ready, Set, Go! … Stop!

When YHC was trying to design today’s weinke, YHC wanted something different.  In trolling Twitter, YHC saw a link to a F3 Alpha (Alpharetta) backblast.  So you have F3 Alpha to blame for today’s events.

0530 hit with ten joining YHC.  With no FNG’s, a short disclaimer was given.  Spotting a late arrival, we knocked out The Pledge while waiting.  Thus bringing the total to twelve.

The train schedule for this week was different than most Fridays as there was a train passing as we recited The Pledge. Soooooooo, 5 Burpees.

Well, that was enough like a warmup, lets go.

Mosey toward the Social Services building.  Zombie Walk the bridge.

(Traffic was against us, so plank while we wait.  YHC failed to see all the traffic and almost sent the PAX (really BOS) into traffic.  Luckily this did not happen.   SORRY!

Line up along one curb in the lower parking lot.

Super 21s with bearcrawls. PAX lined up did 21 (Merkins, LBCs and Squats) then bearcrawled to the other side for 18 reps of the same three exercises. Back and forth decreasing the rep counts to 15, 12, 9, 6, and 3.

Move to the center.

3 Sets of 22 Dying Cockroaches with a lap to the upper parking lot and back in between.

It was so much fun, lets do it again, but with American Hammers.

Meander across the street to the flatter ATM parking lot.

Circle up for a Bear Crawl Ring of Fire Mucho Chesto: Start bear crawling in a circle, then stop (roughly every ninety degrees) and hold plank while we go around the circle doing 10 merkins, changing style each time – diamond, ranger, regular ,stagger left, stagger right then resume bear crawling.

Since the Super 21s, there have been train sounds.  SA claims 3 have gone by.  While not supported by all in attendance,  we go ahead and knock out 5 more Burpees.  Having had the Ring of Fire interrupted for an ATM user, and another wanting in, we move to the upper parking lot of Social Services.  5 more Burpees, a lap down to the lower parking lot and back for 5 more.

Meander until we get to MLK and then Mosey toward home.  Sprint the bridge.

Time for some mary.

  • 15 SSH IC – YHC
  • 20 Flutters IC – SA
  • 15 Crunchy Frogs OYO – JJ
  • 15 BB OYO – Orangeman
  • 20 LBC IC – BOS

5 more Burpees to end it.



  • Convergence 31-Oct @ Martha Rivers 0700 with EC at 0615
  • PT Test 14-Nov @ GasHouse.  All other AOs normal
  • Give2Give

Prayer Requests:

  • Rockabilly
  • Sister Act – 2.0 and Family
  • EZ Rider – Family
  • Sargento’s M
  • Sister Act’s Friend with Illness and Covid
  • There was more I did not get documented, but God knows what they are.

YHC took us out.


It was a honor to be out with each of you

This was my 3rd Q of the week.  I tried to make each one different.  Sorry to Captain Stubing and EZ rider as they endured all of 3.


Watts Up Powering Down.

Folsom Jail Break

A few weeks back I saw Wichita during lunch at the great Country Kitchen. He asked if I would take a Folsom Q so of course I accepted.


Don Q




Mosey to Lit Parking Lot

Deep Squats

Pikes Reach

90 90 Rotations

Walking High Knees



From here on out I freestyled it and it has taken me too long to write this back blast to remember it all but we mainly sprinted or did a running drill. Finished up with some stretching.

Thanks for letting me lead guys and for the effort everyone gave.

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