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Day: October 6, 2020

New Q @ Crossroads

It was a cool start for a Crossroads morning but it warmed quickly when Broke handed me the Site-Q flag.  I’ll say it was quite an honor to pick up the reigns from a couple of great HIMs (Sister Act & Pizza Man).  No pomp and circumstance just the silent pride of knowing you’re being entrusted with something of great value.  I proudly stomped the shovel into the ground and let Old Glory begin to wave!  As AOs go, I’ll have to admit this is probably my favorite… where else can a man consistently get all 3 Fs in one stop.  10 HIMs set out in various directions for the GTP run.  All made it back safe and sound.


  • Convergence @ Martha Rivers on 10/31/2020 @ 07:00 (EC Run-Ruck @ 6:15)
  • Re-Run PT Test @ Gas House on 10/14/2020 @ 07:00
  • Give2Give to raise $$$ for F3 Foundation ($3000 and Freight starts running a 5k every day)

Prayer Requests:

  • Mayor back MRI results & travel
  • James Goudelock w/ esophageal cancer
  • Pizza Man’s wife’s grandmother w/ possible knee cap fracture after fall
  • Slaw test results
  • Bed Pan’s wife’s surgery recovery

YHC prayed us out

Blart executed Q-source superbly.  He began Leave Right (Q4).

Tune in, turn on, Tube out

One week ago today, during an exercise where I was having to curl, press and overall use a 53 lb kettlebell at Spidey’s brutal Q, my mate Tube said “I thought you’d been working out at home?”.   I asked for Bulldog Q for today, immediately after he said it.  Operation “Murder Tube” was a go.  I set up a lot of weights upon arrival, which after seeing 16 pull in, I’m glad I did.  Great turnout.  Tube got to the circle at the last second.  Should have turned around.


Warm-up:  20 SSH, 10 Squats, 12 MNC, 10 Merkins, 10 LBC’s, all in cadence.

Strength Training – Tuesdays have been my back/bicep days, so we’ll get some of that first.  Grab your weight, head to a bench, dropsets, 2 rounds each:

1A)  Bent Over Rows

1B) Deadlifts

2A) Curls

2B)  Pull Overs

3A) Derkins – this was an Omaha due to the numbers present.  Glad to have to Omaha…

3B) Dips

Bootcamp Training – I hunted the lexicon for 4 distinct exercises that looked like they would work well together.  They had to start with T-U-B-E.  Some new exercises!

T – Tennessee Rocking Chair – touch your toes, go to below parallel squat, back to toe touch, stand.  We did 10 in cadence

U – Uhaul’s – standing with weight at chest, push forward, retract, push to 45 incline, retract.  10 in cadence.

B – Burpees (10….I increased later on to the dismay of Tube, telling the Pax he was saying 10 were too easy.  I lied.)

E – Elf on the Shelf – these are kettlebell half-moons; stand with weight beside right leg, pick it up, maximum extension overhead, set down on your left.

After 4 rotations of this, with some mixed in abs between rounds, and 10 counts, we moved on to…

Cardio Training – I like to bear crawl.  Not sure how Tube feels about it.  Partner up (due to how many guys we had), partner 1 bear crawls 15 yards while partner 2 does SSH, then vice versa when p1 reaches the end.  Next round was NUR, then back to bear crawls, then back to NUR.  Not many people can out-race me on a bearcrawl, but Goose whipped my ass.  Good to see him.

5 minutes left, some Mary via round robin.  Some select exercises in honor of those in the circle.  Take a guess……6:15 TIME.


Announcements – Convergence on Halloween at Martha Rivers.  Give to Give for Freight, make him run.

Prayers – Pedal’s father in battle with Parkinson’s, HIPAA’s wife’s aunt for health, Tube’s friend Neiamiah, Oompa Loompa’s shoulder.  Forgive any missed.

Tube prayed us out at my request 🙂

MOLESKIN – fitness is important, but it shouldn’t override the fellowship and faith portions, in my opinion.  Yes, I focused on lifting this past month, sometimes life varies, but fellowship and faith should be constant.  If you don’t have a Shieldlock, I’d suggest getting one.  Invite a brother out for a beer or coffee (I’d suggest Primal, but this ol’ boy is still a little COVID gunshy!  Works well for others).  Get to know each other outside of the gloom.  We had 16 guys at Bulldog, I love it.  I know about 75% of them very well, time to work on the other 25%.  Thanks to Tube for being a good sport, as a fellow Painlab Q he gets Rudolph’s respect on many levels.

Always a pleaure



10/3/2020 Pain Lab BB

October 3,2020

50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 was the playbook on a chilly morning in the pain lab. Hermie, Voodoo, HIPPA, Sledge-o-matic, Clavin, an FNG (Pew-Pew) and Les Nessman ran the routine. We started with 50 Merkins, Squats, LBC, Chest Presses, KB Swings, Rocky Balboa’s, Dips and Moroccan Night Clubs. We then moseyed, dealer’s choice across the lot and back for 40 reps of each, followed by 30m 20 and ultimately 10. We completed our leisurely day with a little Merry while we waited for the much slower, much older Boot camp boys to bring up the rear.


I pulled into Folsom a few minutes early, we had a good crowd today! Hoping not to disappoint, i brought blocks like usual. We did a few warmup exercises IC to get the blood flowing, then grab a block and head to the courts!
At the tennis courts, we lined up at the edge of the first court…

1st line – 20 Big boys

riffle carry to the next court

2nd – 20 block shoulder presses

riffle carry to the next court

3rd- 20 squats

riffle carry to the next court

4th- 20 curls

riffle carry

5th- 20 block tricep extentions

riffle carry

6th- 20 Block swings

riffle carry

7th- end of the court, 20 Thrusters

Run down and back!

We did 5 rounds of this! Then head back to the trucks, put the blocks up!

With a few minutes left we had time for Iron Hulks!

Announcements- convergence October 31st, a couple 5ks available to run

Prayer requests- SA family, some struggling with sickness, each other!

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!


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