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Day: October 25, 2020

Shoes 10/31 for Charlotte Rescue Mission

This Saturday 10/31 at our Anniversary Convergence we are collecting athletic shoes in support of the F3 Metro Shoe Drive. These shoes will be delivered to the men in need at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Please bring them Saturday send them with someone if you can’t make it, or reach out to BOS to arrange a meeting point. See program details below.


By now you’ve probably heard of the F3 Metro shoe drive to benefit the men at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. While they can use all sorts of donations, the focus of this effort is men’s athletic shoes. The purpose is to make sure any man in the Rebound program who wants to participate in the Mission I’m Possible workout at 9am on Saturday doesn’t have to sit out because he doesn’t have the right footwear.
The criteria is straight forward. Look in your closet for running shoes that still look reasonably presentable and have some life left. When deciding if an old pair of shoes is too far gone or not, I always like to say imagine you are personally handing this pair of shoes to a man at CRM. Do you feel good about your gift, or are you a little embarrassed? You get the idea.

We have all bought a pair of shoes that felt great in the store, but we realized in the second mile of the first run they weren’t going to work. Or maybe you have a pair of running shoes that still look good, but they are starting to get a few too many miles on them for serious running. Perfect. We’ll take them…

Single Banana

8 PAX ignored the forecast and got in some miles at Crossroads. Seuss and Roundup threw caution to the wind and ran down the highway in dark clothing. Broke and Freight were feeling European today and ran 5 kilometers, while Haze, Loveboat, and YHC were far more patriotic and finished out 5 American Miles. And I’m sure Mayor did something equally reckless.

For QSource, the main takeaway was that you can, in fact, purchase bananas 1 at a time. After that, we might as well have gone home, because the lessons had already been learned.

Usual announcements and prayer requests.

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