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On Time BackBlast, get some Watts Up!!

6 men avoided the rain and put in some work at Mt Hollywood this morning.  Sad that so many regulars decided to stay in the fartsack this morning.  One in particular decided to sleep in until the rain passed, then go run on his own.  No words to describe that level of Doucheness!!  Site Q is a no show, so time to get started!!



Grass pickers x 10(ic), Hillbillies x 10(ic)


The Thang:


Mosey to the covered area at bus drop off at Ida Rankin.  Start off with a lil Jacked Up routine to get the blood flowing.  5 exercises, with no rest between exercises.

50 SSH

40 Seal Jacks

30 Plank Jacks

20 Crossover Jacks

10 Smurf Jacks

Stay in the covered area for next called exercise which is the Sheldon Cooper.  4 exercises used for this.  Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Big Boys.

10 of each Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Big Boys,

Run a lap around parking lot

9 of each Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Big Boys

Run a lap.

Continue this down until you finish with 1 rep of each exercise, and run a lap.


Short fellowship mosey to the small brick wall at front of school. Exercises called here are Step Ups, Dips, and Derkins.  3 rounds were completed with 10 reps of each in round 1, 15 reps of each in round 2, and 20 reps of each in round 3.


Fellowship mosey back to covered area for some core work .

20 LBCs (ic)

20 Freddie Mercuries (ic)

20 American Hammers (ic)

20 Dying Cockroaches (ic)


Mosey back towards flag, but stopping at the steps in front of gymnasium for some Deep Sea Divers.  Start on bottom step with 5 Hip Slappers (ic).  Then move up a step for 5 Hip Slappers (ic).  Went up 4 steps, then worked out way back down with 5 Hips Slappers on each step.  Then head back to flag. Time!!



Prayer Request



Thanks men!!  SYITG


Sister Act
















Black Friday -EZ Q


Warm up: 5 burpees, 10 Big boys, 15 merkins, 20 squats, 25 flutter kick, and 30 LBCs

Mosey to parking deck for six rounds of the EZ Q

Deck 1: 5 burpees

Deck 2: 5 burpees & 10 Big boys

Deck 3: 5 burpees, 10 big boys, & 15 merkins

Deck 4: 5 burpees, 10 big boys,15 merkins, & 20 squats

Deck 5: 5 burpees, 10 big boys, 15 merkins, 20 squats, & 25 flutter kicks

Deck 6: 5 burpees, 10 big boys, 15 merkins, 20 squats, 25 flutter kicks, & 30 LBC

Not to bad as listed right? before advancing to each deck we all ran back down the stairs and started all over – repeating each listed exercise on each floor – according to Virus, on Saturday, we did 110 burpees

Mosey back to deck 1 after everyone completed

10 mins left so we moseyed down to the intersection of South and 2nd street

Nur to the next light cross Franklin and nur to the next light at Main St. (Oboe -visitor from the Raleigh area, was nurring at a nice rate until he found the parked car -Oboe and car are ok)

Announcements – Shelby convergence & Christmas party

Prayer request – see Sargento’s list

out with Prayer

Until next time

EZ out!!

Blart’s Terrible Route

15 at Crossroads on Sunday morning. Most of which stayed for Q Source!

YHC asked Blart to provide us a route of his choosing. He responded with a bit of attitude and sarcasm. I was a little proud and responded with my own. He picked a route and off we went. I soon realized why he responded the way he did. Blart has become a bat flipper, clicking off the miles at a fast pace! Also noticed was the hilly route he chose. One that only a bat flipper would pick. Speaking of batflippers Sister Act was in usual form. He tried really hard to beat me this morning but just didn’t quite get it done(see Strava for details). He’s a pretty competitive guy but for some reason he really doesn’t like for me to finish anything ahead of him. Oh well!


The usual stuff. We did do the pledge this week since we had a flag. It was mentioned that it seems to be a regular occurrence since Haze has taken over for Sister Act.

I’ll only say it once

14 showed up at Folsom on Saturday. A few regulars stayed in the fart sack. You know who you are. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed. Several were out dodging cars for EC.

To start I let everyone know we were going to push the lace so I’d only be giving the instructions once so you better be listening. I’m sure you can guess how well that went.

Let’s mosey


Up at the big triangle we did a lap, 10 merkins ic, and 20lbc’s ic. Ran 2 laps and did the same exercises.

Mosey back to the bottom parking lot

The Thang:

Run to the flag at the Ag center. Each light pole do 5 jump squats. Each road opening do 5 hand release merkins. There are a lot more road openings than you would think and some are very close together!

At one of the top parking lots we did dirty 11’s. Tiger squat, burpee, and In/Out’s. This was supposed to have WWI’s but the downtown parking deck gave me one of those STD’s SA is always talking about.

Mosey to the side road

Dora 123-partner runs to the dumpster while the other does the exercise. 100 lunges, 200 ski burps, 300 CDD’s

Mosey to the horse track

On the steps 3 rounds- 25 dips and box jump to the top.

Mosey back to the big triangle

Rinse and repeat the warmup. We got one round in and headed back to the flag.


Namerama, announcements, prayer

Bricks? But I’m a Republican!

Strong group of 11, including a “hobo” from another region, posted to the Gashouse this morning for some brick work, something that resembled Dora, and something that resembled a relay.

Pulled into the parking lot courtesy of Fred’s two feet to find a number of PAX in their cars waiting for the show to start.  Whoopee, Stroganoff and Dirt were at the track, finishing up some EC.  Whoopee jumped the fence, 7:00 rolled around, and it was time to get started.

The Thang:

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 10 x Calf Raises (IC)
  • 10 x Peter Parkers (IC)

and today wouldn’t have been complete without:

  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)

The PAX Pledged Allegiance, broke off of Pain Lab, and moseyed to the front of the schoolhouse  for a quick 10-10-3x across the parking lot (think Triple Nickel without the nickels)

  • Apollo Ohno to the curb
  • 10 x Smurf Jacks
  • Bear Crawl back to the sidewalk
  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches

The Smurf Jacks got less and less smurfy as we went along, but we finished up, and Froggered across the boulevard to FPC where the Footmobile was waiting.

Inside the Footmobile was a set of 40 neatly stacked pavers, not to be thrown in protest or used for a patio.  Some tried to refuse the coupons (“But I’m a Republican!”), but we all took some time to get acquainted with the bricks with 5 brickees OYO before heading to the stairs for the next round.

We partnered up for some Dora with one partner running the stairs, and hammering out 5 berkins (brick merkins) at the top while the other partner makes a dent in the exercise count.  Exercises this round were:

  • 200 x Bent Over Rows
  • 200 x 6 Inches Skullcrushers
  • 200 x Standing Shoulder Taps (count 1 side)

The Rows weren’t bad, but that’s about it.  It just got worse from there.

Quick round of 20 American Hammers (IC) before the next round of Dora.

This time, instead of running the stairs and doing berkins, one partner ran downhill to the drop-off area while doing overhead presses.  Once at the drop-off area, the partner did 5 Nutcrackers (each leg), which are just lunges with the added movement of bringing the bricks together between your legs.  In the meantime, the other partner worked through the exercise count for these exercises:

  • 200(ish) x Plank Flys (count both sides)
  • 200 x Michael Phelps (count 1 side)
  • 200 x Prayer Squats

At this point, we collectively selectively lost the ability to count.  The Plank Flys left us disoriented to the point that we were guessing.  One group’s “count” worked for all of us, and we kept on.  The last two sets were better, but the overhead presses got old real quick.

YHC couldn’t wait to get back to the Footmobile to neatly return the coupons.  No windows or businesses were harmed during the course of this workout (that YHC is aware of anyways).

We resisted the urge to clowncar back to the start, and headed back to the track at the schoolhouse to get in some running.  At this point YHC was full of ideas, but lacking in instruction, but we were all a little punchy at this point, so I said some words and we did some stuff, but here’s how it should have read:

4 Man Grinder Relay:

  • Station 1 – Alternating 5 LBCs & 5 Flutter Kicks AMRAP
  • Station 2 – Alternating 5 Seal Jacks & 1 Burpee AMRAP
  • 1 Man running from Station 1 to Station 2
  • 1 Man at Station 2
  • 1 Man running from Station 2 to Station 1
  • 1 Man at Station 1
  • All done in a relay until a certain number of laps are reached or the Q calls time

It’s really not much easier to describe on paper, but the PAX got the idea and ran with it.  With 11 PAX, we sure could have used 1 more to make 3 even 4 man teams.  Luckily there was a walker, who became an honorary member of our 3 man team.  As we’re working on the track, our honorary member became curious about what we were doing, so EZ Rider gave him a good EH.  After about 2 full laps around the track it was time to wrap it up and head back to the shovel flag for some Mary and the COT.


  • Whoopee – 10 x LBCs (IC)
  • EZ Rider – 10 x Michael Phelps (IC)
  • Watts Up – 10 x American Hammers (IC)
  • Stroganoff – 10 x Flutter Kicks (IC)

No bells, but time was called.  The reliability of the Presbyterians was called into question.  Pain Lab joined back in and we went over announcements.  A car pulled in, and out from it came our honorary member, Gary.  EZ Rider was expecting it, telling the PAX that he was interested in Pain Lab.  We found out that Gary was interested in coming out, but wasn’t looking to run.  The PAX made sure that Gary knew that at Pain Lab, they just sit around and sing “Kumbaya”.  He sounded pretty ok with that, and hung around as we wrapped up the COT.


  • Qs needed for December at Gashouse.  Contact Linus.

Prayer Requests:

  • Sargento’s List
  • Stroganoff and EZ Rider’s coworker lost a grandson to a hunting accident
  • Whoopee’s dad is having cataract surgery
  • All those affected by Covid and the lockdowns
  • Gary’s family
  • Watts Up has a third job interview coming up


Oboe was a great addition to the group.  Visiting from the Raleigh area, he posted to Downtown on Friday and Gashouse on Saturday.  Between no one pronouncing his name correctly (“Oboe”, not “Hobo”) and the constant ribbing about nurring into a car, he added a lot to the workout.  And when he wasn’t running backwards, he was really fast.  If you’re ever posting up in the Raleigh area, hopefully you’ll run into him, but if he’s running backwards, look out.

As we all wrap up the November Challenge, don’t stop.  Accelerate.  There’s always work to be done, and strength in the pack.

Hopefully we’ll see Gary next week.

Yabba Dabba Doo

After Indulgence Calorie Burn

I didn’t have a lot going on and I told the site Q I would stop by and lead if anyone showed. No body showed so I ran a mile and talked junk on a video and posted it on Twitter.

Dont forget Sargento’s prayer list.


Happy Thanksgiving men!

Thankful Yanks

12 Men recovering from black Friday and then I showed up as well. No FNG’s  Disclaimer given let’s warmup!!

Warmup 20 IC

SSH while I explained the plan.

I borrowed this plan from my longtime friend Pizzaman. He ran this for the annihilation crew a few months back. I want to run more so this is a great way to get some miles in. I also adjusted the Burpees.  Only we had to all stay together and since its still thanksgiving; we stopped a couple of times to share some thanks. We even visited El Tigre’s  new house and gave him some Monkey Humpers. Brutus has a good watch to keep distance; so he kept up with our 1/4 mile stops. Thanks to him for helping me.


SSH X 20 IC (Explained what the plan was during this)

The Thang:

YHC created a 4 mile route and at every 1/4 mile marker the PAX were to perform a set of exercises.

The exercises were…

5 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 merkins

15 squats

20 Flutters (each leg)

Then on to the next mark…strong work by all!!

With that complete and around 10 minutes to go we moseyed to the covered shelter for Some warm down and stretching. 5 Burpees to top it off.


Thankful Goat!!

30 men on the 2nd leg of Thanksgiving morning. Disclaimer given let’s warmup!!

Warmup 20 IC 


Merkins 22 for the vets delivered by Slaw 


OverHead Claps

Cotton Pickers

Nolan Ryan’s (each arm)

Dying Cockroaches



Moroccan night club

Share a story or something your thankful for.

Draw a 5 cards from the workout deck. Complete exercise and then mosey around the block. When everyone has returned, we draw another 5 cards and repeat run. Go through the whole deck till time is up.

We stopped several times and shared a thankful story. We got through about half the deck before time was up.



Christmas party sign up. To go or not to go, Complete the form and voting.


Prayer list. Sargento has a prayer list for the 40 day prayer challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!

Well say something you idiot!!

13 men at Midoriyama.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to make the premier evening workout because of work, so I was excited to have the chance to Q today.  Wojo, appreciation the opportunity.  No FNGs, time to work.


Gravel pickers x 10 (ic)

10 Burpees.


The Thang:


Short mosey to the first light pole before the pump track.  We would stop at 4 poles along the way doing exercises at each.

  1.  5 Hand Release Burpees

  2.  5 HR Burpees, 10 HR Merkins

  3.  5 HR Burpees, 10 HR Merkins, 15  HR Mike Tysons

  4.  5 HR Burpees, 10 HR Merkins, 15 Mike Tyson’s, 20 HR Werkins

Lots of mumble chatter during this portion.  It definitely sucked, but wanted to emphasis the Hand Release part. Goal was to eliminate the ridiculous Neckies performed by so many pax.  It wasn’t a success!  Time to move on.


Next we moseyed to the top of the fishing pier hill.  Exercise called here is the always effective Triple Nickel.  Start with 5 Big Boys at the top, run to the bottom for 5 Imperial Walker Squats, run back to top.  Do this 5 times.  That hill seems to never get any easier.

Next is a mosey back to the playground.  I wanted to rinse and repeat the Hand Release work at the light poles on the way back, but decided that wasn’t a good idea after the first round mess!  Exercise called at the playground is:

5 Rounds

  1. 5 Pull-ups

  2. 10 Merkins

  3. 15 Squats


With time still remaining, we moseyed to the parking lot beside the turd shack.  Pulled the next exercise from Freight’s playbook.  Too bad he wasn’t here to enjoy.  Pax told to stand beside a parking space line.  Exercises called are Burpees, and Side Hops.  They are to be performed in a 1:4 ratio.  Start with 1 Burpee, 4 side Hops back and forth across the line.  Next is 2 Burpees/8 Hops, 3 Burpees/12 Hops and so.  Continue this until you finish with 10 Burpees/40 Side Hops. That wasn’t enjoyable.  Time up, head to flag.



Prayer Request

Nameorama (watch the video on Twitter, Slaw can be a prick)


Awesome time leading at one of my favorite AOs.  Appreciate the push today men.  SYITG


Sister Act


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