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Day: October 27, 2020

The two brothers! Burpee & Merkin Dan.

14 of us at the jv spot. Maybe one day we will get those varsity guys to come by. 

Warm up

SSH x 10 IC or how ever many it takes till the late arrivals get in the circle

Grass pickers x 10 IC

Moroccan night clubs x 20 IC

Dying Cockroaches x 10 IC

Mosey past the playground to the parking lot for the Thang.

Merkin & BURPEE DANS!!!!!!

We started with Merkins and then switched to Burpees. We lined up across the curb and did 1 Merkin/Burpee and 4 lunges, then another Merkin/Burpee and 4 lunges. It was about 2 – 3 sets per rep.  At the other side we turned around and came back. Only we added a  Merkin/Burpee. So 2 Merkin/Burpees and 4 lunges. then at the other side add another Merkin/Burpee. All the way to 10 Merkin/Burpees. We completed all the Merkins but not the Burpees. Also we did the same format but did LBC and crab walk from one side to the other.



Martha rivers park convergence Halloween morning.

Pt test  gashouse in the future. 

Bring shoes to convergence.


Prayer request/ Praises

James Goudelock cancer

Montross aunt and family

SA and family

Stephanie McMahon  cancer

Double stuff and Corey and family

VQ at Folsom

We had a great turn out for my VQ. I was super excited to lead for the first time. It went a little like this:

Warm up with 5 burpees, 10 IC gravel pickers, 20 merkins, 10 IC side straddle hops

We then moseyed to the lower parking lot where 12 stations awaited us. Each station had 2 different exercises to be done in 2 rounds. After each exercise, a lap was made around the parking lot back to the the same station and a lunge walk was done to the next station. Below is the exercise at each station:

Station 1:  30 flutter kicks,  30 American hammers

Station 2:  30 knee crunches,  6″ hold for 30 second count

Station 3:  30 V-Ups,  30 Seated In & Outs

Station 4:  30 Bicycles, 25 Big Boys

Station 5:  30 Circles to Right (6″), Plank hold for 30 second count

Station 6:  30 Circles to Left (6″), 25 sit-up rotations

Station 7:  30 Merkins,  10 Burpees

Station 8:  30 Arm Presses,  30 Monkey Humpers

Station 9:  25 Mike Tysons,  30 Calf Raises

Station 10:  30 Squats,  25 Merkins

Station 11:  10 Burpees,  30 Side Straddle Hops

Station 12:  30 Mountain Climbers,  30 Moroccan Night Clubs

We then moseyed back to the tennis courts and we then did 5 mins of Picking Cherries, Dropping Cherries and Over head claps with out dropping arms. Each minute was ( 30 sec picking, 20 sec dropping and 10 sec claps) x 5.

Finished with 22 Merkins for the Vets, with a little word from the Good Book!! Wichita made announcements and we closed in prayer.

Merkinfest at Folsom

We had a good crowd at Folsom this morning and I was chomping at the bit to bring a good workout. It went something like this

Warm up:gravel pickers,ssh,squats,merkins,Mtn climbers,all x10 I C FYI sister act this is a warmup😉

Then we moseyed to the soccers field and did 20 merkins 20 big boys 20 calf raises ran the hill x4

next we moseyed to the stage and did 20 derkins 20 monkey humpers x4

20 incline merkins 20 leg raises x4

then moseyed to back picnic shelter for pull-ups to failure and 20 split squats x4

10 tricep dips 10 hanging knee raises x3

times up qic closed in prayer Wichita made announcements I shared php 4:8 with the guys and talked about how the verse convicted me that’s it fun was had by all thanks for the opportunity to lead

The worlds most awesomeiest running AO – THE STORM!!!

we got 3 miles.  we did 10 burpees.  we listened to some jams.


Convergence 10-31-2020 at Martha Rivers 0700 – bring athletic gear and used shoes to donate – EC starts at 6:15.  Wear your Costumes.

PT test November 14th Gashouse

tentative Christmas Party December 12th


My College roomate Joe has stage 4 cancer (recent diagnosis) and he just found out they are expecting their 3rd child in the Spring.  Needs some prayers

Kelly Rob Family from Stanley

Rockibilly and Montross M with COVID

First Responders

Leppard Prayed us out

Rain as a deterrent

The forecast called for rain so we didn’t have a huge crowd at the Horse on Sunday.  However, it only drizzled rain and was comfortable for the entire 5 miles.

Breaker Breaker left early and Stroganoff got some EC.  Sargento came in hot and we lowered our standards and waited for him and left to run at 0631 hours.

The Greenway is plenty dark these days.  Fortunately the creek didn’t rise where we would have to run through  water and all the Flotsam and Jetsam that sometimes clogs the path over the small bridges.

Flintstone showed up for Q-Source.  YCH covered “Opportunity” but was called out because it was supposed to be on “Apprenticeship”.  Q-Fail on my part…

Get ready for the November challenge.  You better harden up  and run, even on the days that call for rain.


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