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Day: October 7, 2020


10 out for a prison break run! IT was fun!



convergence October 31 Martha Rivers

PT test gas house


Prayer request

There were a lot of request this morning. make sure we are praying for those around us and our families.


Round Up

You Tube Ab Workout

It was a beautiful fall morning, and 19 men showed up to get better.  It turned 7 am, so YHC gave the disclaimer and then we moseyed down to the pit for a warmup.


20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

10 Grass Pickers IC

10 Merkins IC

Mosey to the shelter in Stowe Park for a little Tabata work 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest

Round 1





Mosey around park back to shelter






Mosey around park then up to the track behind the middle school. We did the following exercises with running half the track in between

100 squats

90 LBC

80 Lunges

70 Merkins

60 Plank Jacks

50 Monkey Humpers

With the time running low  Omaha to 20 Burpees.

Mosey back down to the Shelter for a little You Tube Ab work out posted below. Once complete fellowship mosey back to the Yank and time.




So it was my anniversary (for real not like Tool Times) and I didnt want to get to crazy for the workout so I gave the men the option of Ultimate Frisbee rules Football or a hardcore sprint workout. You can make a pretty good guess what we did! I personally had a great time and hope all the other men did too.

Absurd Recurd

No, Dude Perfect was not present and neither was a proctor for Guinness Records, but all in all it was a truly amazing morning as we said the pledge while Stinky Bird flew in from his summer vacation ( or wherever he spends time during warmer days)
No disclaimer
Told all that they were ready for the warm up , let’s go ( our run to Gastone Hill will suffice! All were amazed and jubilant, in fact a leftover elf from last week kept singing Christmas Carols ( that was last week)
Told all that for our first attempt ( suddenly great shouts of Hallelujah and pleasure erupted from ALL in anticipation of today’s beat down!) we would do 1 burpee per mailbox on the way up!
Each time we would wait and call upon one of the pax for a 10 count ( yes miracle of miracles even EZ rider finally gave a TRUE 10 count!)
Next time run up  to top and on the way down derkins 2 at each box now on left and assemble at bottom

3 merkins on way back up ( since all enjoyed these)

4 plank jacks

5 squats

and the moment the fabric of time split wide open …

6 mountain climbers

much jubilation and had to calm residents as there was TOO much celebration even a deer poked its head out at one point ( although only JJ witnessed this…. hmm … hallucinations maybe??)

announcements for

Give to Give ( make Freight run 5 K a day …. hey! We did today!)

PT Test November 14

convergence Martha Rivers 10/31


make it back just in time!

prayers for

JJ father

Gastone Father-in-law moving in to nursing center today

Defib son

EZ Rider son

Orangeman family member with upcoming surgery (son?)

praise for Stinky Bird son

moleskin: many have attempted this charge up the hill … Turtlemans record was 5 1/2 …. EZ Rider correctly guessed that  If there was one more charge it would be a NUR …. sorry to say we ran out of luck and time but it was a great day to run, a great challenge and I’m proud of these HIMS! Great work!

Peehaps next week if I can arrange it maybe Tyler will come out with “WHEEL UNFORTUNATE”!



The Queen of Spades = Monkey Humpers

What an absolutely beautiful morning.  Temperature was approximately 52 degrees.  Some good chatter before we started.  We clocked in on time at 05:30.  Disclaimer followed by a short warmup of 15 Toy Soldiers.

Mosey to the side of the school and partner up.  Exercise called was Dora 1-2-3-4-5

100 Squats
200 Carolina Dry Docks
300 Australian Mountain Climbers
400 Calf raises
500 LBCs

That went much quicker than YHC expected.

Slow mosey back to the flag and circle up. YHC brought the official workout cards and passed them out. We worked on this until 06:14 and we closed with the pledge and one burpee OYO


Announcements: Brew Ruck on 10/14 – get with Freight for details
Convergence on 10/31.  Get with Broke for details

Prayer requests: Sister Act and his family, Orangeman’s M and her Uncle
Sargento’s M and their friend.
Each other

Circle of Man: YHC closed us in prayer.

I appreciate Sargento letting me Q this AO. A lot of Rock Pushers here.  It was also nice sharing the Gloom with some men I had never met.  I’m guilty of this, but get out and post at other locations.  When we stay with our own ‘home’ AO, we are robbing ourselves of meeting different PAX.

Philippians 4:13


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