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Day: October 2, 2020

Buttermilk in the Downtown morning

So YHC took the lead at Downtown last week leaving the AO. Have to admit, I really like this workout and AO! It has grown on me. Didn’t hurt that today may have been our best morning of the year today with a near full Harvest Moon, greats stars and temp @ 55 with low humidity. So things went like this:


Arm Stretches

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20

Grapevine stretches

Merkins X 10

Mtn. Climbers X 10

Burpees X 5

Mosey down South Street to the hamburger hill  for some power pole suicides.

Bottom: 5 HR merkins

Each Pole: Start with 10 Big boy situps and then increment by 2. Run back to the bottom and go to the next pole. Add distance every rep. Wind up with 20 Big boys at the light, passing 5 poles.

Mosey over to the old Courthouse wall for the following.

Dips X 10, 15, 20

Stepups (each leg) X 10, 15, 10 (with 20 monkey humpers thrown in).

Run a lap around the courthouse for good measure between each set.

Mosey back to the Pavillion.

Four corner bear crawl then do exercise.

1st corner: jump squats X 20

2nd corner; squats X 20

3rd corner; sumo squats X 20

4th corner; 50 SSH

Pax driven Mary with a burpee kicker.

Done and pledge.



Great morning to do this work in. Could not have been better or more enjoyable. Pax worked hard and got better. Lots pf prayers and praises today, mostly for the positive. Good buttermilk workout! Great men, great work.

Honor and pleasure to lead.



Sammiches and Sno-cones

11 pax posted on  a great running morning.  YHC was in a giving mood and allowed the pax to chose the route – with a majority wanting to go to Martha’s.  Along the way we enjoyed perfect 52 degree crisp air and clear skies – Perfect weather for hecking of the Sambritches and their purses.


Look for a convergence and PT test in November  (details still being worked out)

Austin TX half on Valentines Day (see Sargento)

Prayer Requests

Broke’s family, SA’s daughter, Huck and Purple Haze

Bulldog Site-Q handover

I would like to take a moment to thank Hipaa for the vision and resolve in planting the Bulldog AO.  At the time this AO was started there were very little painlab options.  As I can recall the only option was at the Gashouse on Saturday mornings.  I commend Hipaa for seeing a need and having the resolve to follow thru in meeting that need.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Voodoo for his leadership this year.  Thank you for serving with honor and integrity.

It is my sincere desire to follow the lead of these 2 HIMS and MANY others be the head servant for the upcoming term at the Bulldog.  I hope to help grow the AO if I happen upon a chance to have any influence in that.  Growing the AO mean that more men are overcoming “sad clown” and there are personal, familial, societal benefits.

Thank all of you.  Aye!

It was finally a cooler clear morning.

We stretched, did merkins, moseyed a bit, did some yoga, and had a jolly good time.

See y’all out and about.



Parking deck hustle

This is the kind that make it more fun. It was truly raining and it was not going to let up.

The Thang:

SSH 20

Imperial Walker 20

Merkins 20

Mosey through the crushing rain all the way to the parking deck.

11’s on the 3rd floor start and the other half on the second floor. Hand Release Merkin’s and something else. But it was fun.

We went up a level and did some other workouts.

Then we came back down to the bottom and did some ab work.

Moseyed through the rain back to the start. Had to swim some.

Finished up with everyone calling a exercise.

The Moleskin:

Went well and as the video showed it was not an enormous crowd but it was the crowd that had courage to come out in the rain.

We did announcements and prayers. We did get the pledge in.

Gastone Out.




Rainy Morning and a bootcamp

It was wet but not rainy. But a good morning in the mid week to kick some bootcamp butt.

The Thang:


Imperial Walker

20 Merkins

Mosey around to the back entrance of the park.

50 Monkey Humpers

Walk through the darkness.

Then mosey to entry path that leads to the middle of the baseball fields.

Each light we did a different Leg Workout and then back.

Mosey to the other path that leads to the middle.

We did Merkins. (Might have backwards I don’t remember)

Then we did a bunch of ab work.

We did announcements and prayers.

Gastone Out.


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