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The following written by Mo Michalski:

God’s Word profiles two kinds of people: someone who allows the chatter of many voices to pull in many directions versus someone “wise in heart,” who listens to once voice and accepts His commands.

The difference between the two pivots on these basic actions:

  • Being disciplined enough to listen to only one true voice – blocking out the chatter of the world around us
  • Being humble

Those who excel at both listening and humble obedience face clear reward: the promise of no lifetime ruin and getting tagged as “wise in heart.”

Let’s take a closer look at the actions that make the man or woman.

LISTENING – See with our ears. Hear with our eyes. A held tongue is better. Shut up to listen up. When we do, God calls us wise.

The one who chatters never gets that label. That person can’t shut up and has to have “the last word.“

HUMILITY – Humility creates enough space for others to weigh in well, especially God’s Spirit and His Word. Only the humble consistently accept commands. Only the humble get tagged as teachable.

They’re the ones who become world class when it comes to trust and obedience. When humility sets in, critical turnovers are avoided, sin downsizes and ruin is escaped. In contrast, the one who chatters is filled with only self-directed thoughts, never leaving room for humility to grow.

Reflect: Which one are you more like – the “chattering fool” or the one “wise in heart”? How are you doing in your listening skills and commitment to humble obedience? Are you doing it like Jesus?


This week let’s pray for Sister Act, Slaw, Mayor, Flintstone, Big Pappy, Huckleberry, Dolph, Quiche