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Day: October 24, 2020

Fighting Yank Pumpkinfest

Many of our F3 brothers started their day early with some extra credit this morning.  Well done!  As I approached Stowe Park around 6:30 am there were already F3 vehicles lining the street.  As the numbers grew so did the mumblechatter and it wasn’t even 7am.  At 7:00:05 YHC was accused of having a slow watch.  Our three FNGs were identified, legal briefing completed and we were off.  There was not enough room for 28 guys to warmup on the sidewalk.  Across the tracks to the parking lot behind the barber shop.

Warm up:

SSH x 25 IC/ Abe Vagoda x 25 IC This is where the mumblechatter got serious and I knew I was in for a long morning.  Imperial Walkers x 25 IC / Mtn. Climbers x 25 IC & 10 Burpees OYO.

Mosey down the road to the church Pumpkin Patch.  Grab a Pumpkin and circle up.  Not kidding…grab a Pumpkin and circle up.

Round one:

Pumpkin Curls x 20 IC / Pumpkin OH Press x 20 IC / Pumpkin Hammers x 20 IC / Pumpkin Squat x 20 IC / Brief pause to knockout 5 Burpees for the passing train.  Back to our Pumpkins.  Pumpkin Shoulder Press L/R x 10 OYO It was at this point that Oblivious bounced his Pumpkin off the pavement.  No damage but made for a good laugh.  / Pumpkin Sit Ups x 20 IC / Pumpkin Tricep Extensions x 20 IC / During PTEs I was informed there was a Belmont Police Cruiser behind me.  So we skipped the lunges and finished up with Pumpkin Overhead Flutters x 20 IC.


Skip the Bear Crawl and forget Round two.  Return your Pumpkins and lets hit the road before some gets locked up.  Cross the street for 25 IC Monkey Humpers for the neighbors.  More mosey and partner up at the bottom of the hill for some Dora.  Partner 1 runs to fire hydrant at top of hill and returns to take over exercises.  Partner 2 begins exercises.  100 Merkins / 200 Flutters  /  300 Squats and 400 LBCs suggested by Dirt.  Mosey back to the Yank with a NUR up the hill on the way.  Sorry Mary not today.  We are out of time.

Thank you for playing along.  We had a great turnout today topped off with three FNGs!  Keep EHing guys and reach out to brothers who have been missing lately.


Convergence Saturday 10/31 / PT Test 11/14 / November challenge see preblast for details.  Grab a few brothers to hold each other accountable.

Thanks for the opportunity!






Come On Everyone, The Walls Came Tumbling Down

YHC and others were surprised at the modest turnout considering the nearly perfect conditions.   That being said 9 HIM’s did overcome the “over sleeping” epidemic plaguing our region has been experiencing.  The one that YHC though Roscoe was going to call me out by name in his November Challenge preblast.  In talking to other PAX members they felt the same.  I regress, but there will be more to come about that.

The smaller than normal turnout and weinke with modest running it was discussed and decided that everyone should participate in the bootcamp today.  YHC felt that it was a treat to have everyone together today.

YHC showed at 6:15 for some EC to find Stroganoff already there.  He says he clocked 4 miles before 7.  Nice work!

7:00 and time to get after it!


20 SSH’s

Mosey across Garrison to the rear of the library for a better warmup.

Partner up:

P1 AMRAP big boys.

P2 up both sets of steps for 5 merkins.


All x 3

Mosey 2 doors up to dentist office for the Walls of Jericho:

7 exercises

7 count each on 3 walls (was going to be all four walls but unbeknownst to YHC there is no pavement in the rear).

Exercises were:

Imperial Walkers


Monkey Humpers

Merkins….Omaha’d these to CDD’s beginning of lap 4

Mountain Climbers


Flutters…Omaha’d these to Heels to Heaven beginning of lap 5

Mosey to Grier track for the last 15 minutes.

Partner up again.

P1 AMRAP merkins until burned out

P2 Lunge walk

P1 moseys to catch P2 then flapjack.

This went for roughly half a lap.

Mosey back to start.



Site shirts are going up for sale.  Please tell your site Q this week.  These are being ordered on 11/2.

Convergence at Martha Rivers park on Halloween morning at 7.  6:15 at Snoballs is the EC run/ruck.

PT test 11/14 Gashouse


Hermey’s M

Sargento’s M

Sister Act’s 2.0

Double Stuf’s friend Cory’s family

Linus’ father in law


Great push by all this am.  Nice comradery.  Excellent way to start the day.

Thank you to Linus for the opportunity.

Thank you to all PAX who showed for the push and inspiration.

Sounds like the AO’s and PAX are getting ready for the November challenge.  Should be great.

And the walls came a’tumbl’n down.




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