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Day: October 29, 2020

Goat Island or The Fighting Yank – I can’t remember

10/29/20 – Goat Island

Eight young men rolled the dice this morning and beat the house.  No rain from ZETA at 5:30 am.  Here is how it went…..


Warm Up:

GoofBalls IC x 26

HillyBilly Walkers IC x 20

Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 30


The Thang:

I got the idea for this workout from Dry Rub at The Sandlot a couple of weeks ago……


Mosey to the Basketball court

40 Michael Phelps (count one leg) then Jail Break to the end of the parking lot, and Mosey back.

Rinse and repeat x 4 for 160 total

Mosey to the corner of 8th Ave and Hampton Ct.

20 Merkins then Mosey to the end of Hampton Ct. and back

Rinse and Repeat x 5 for 100 Merkins total.  Mix the Merkins up with Werkins, Diamonds, Derkins, Offset Merkins etc……

Mosey to the corner of 8th ave and N. Main St.

30 squats then Mosey around the church and the Community Bldg.

Rinse and Repeat x 4 for 120 total squats

Mosey to the corner of Front St. and Center Street

Catch the pledge on the way there.

50 LBC’s Mosey around the buildings

Rinse and Repeat x 4 for 200 LBC’s

Hit the stairs for 1 minute of Calf Raises AMRAP

Watts Up said we were just short of 3 miles and almost time.  Mosey around the back of the buildings and back to the flag.



Convergence – Sat 10/31 – EC at 6:15 (Meet at Snoballs on Neil Hawkins Rd.) and workout at 7:00 at Martha rivers Park.

Look for AO tee shirts to go on pre order from MudGear soon.

Many Prayer Requests

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men


86 Rudolph AGAIN!

Timeframe called for help to cover the Bulldog, so I stepped up. Five Hims showed up to play with the dog.

We did warm ups and stretches to get the blood going. From there, we did (5) exercises for 45 seconds each OYO followed by 15 seconds to transition to the next, then moseyed around the parking lot after each set.  We repeated that (7) times with varied exercises from  side straddle hops, flutter kicks, iron mans, CDD’s, merkins, big boys, American hammers, chest presses, kettle swings, bear crawls, lunges, etc. you get the picture.

We pledged our allegiance to the new AMERICAN flag for our site. It sure is purty! Prayed for those heard and those unheard. Then we had a special prayer for our Rudolph aka Buttercup for being MIA. The story is that Rudolph spent his morning picking daisy’s from the neighbors back yard, idk?


10 men showed up for a run through Dallas at the one and only prison break. It was fun and a good time of fellowship!



PT test Nov 14th at the gas house

Convergence 31st at Martha Rivers

Christmas Party December 12th

Prayer Request

James Goudelock with cancer

Bedpans friend, Sister Acts daughter and family, Sparky co worker battling cancer, Band teacher at Stanley middle, Max Johnson and his little girl battling a heart condition and Recovering from surgery, Gold digger and his baby that is on the way!

Please pray for me as I am taking on the youth pastor position at our church. We start off next Friday @ Berea Baptist in Gastonia at 6:00pm if you know any kids 6th grade thru 12th. We will have a fire, cooking hotdogs and games.


Round Up

Just Another Gloomy Day at The Goat

Thirteen HIMs posted at The Goat this morning for a standard issue beat down. Hopefully, YHC did not disappoint.

Quick warm-up and a short mosey to the island. Walking the bridge is not allowed, so we started off with a stupid shuffle, which quickly Omaha’d to a lunge walk. Mosey to the other bridge for another lunge walk across, then onto the back parking lot.

The Thang: 6 corner escalators! We started in the middle with 2 burpees, scatter shot to any corner for 10 hand release merkins. Back to the middle for 4 burpees, mosey to a different corner for 10 hand release merkins then 20 CDDs. Corner 3 was squats, corner 4 flutters, corner 5 side straddle hops, and corner six for American hammers. Each time in the middle increased the burpees by 2 until 12. Run it back down the escalator until time to head back.

Lunge walk, stupid shuffle, bear crawl, or whatever your PAX heart desired over the two bridges for home.


It was a honor to lead – Orangeman

Part 2 of VQ at Folsom

We had 13 HIM’s show up for part 2 of my VQ.

Warmed up with 5 burpees, 10 IC gravel pickers, 20 merkins and 10 IC side straddle hops.

We then moseyed to flag at entrance of park stopping at each light (7 total) to do 5 merkins, 3 big boys and 1 burpee at each light.

At the flag, we did the pledge and moseyed back to tennis courts.

At tennis courts we had 6 stations that had 3 exercises each. After doing all 3 exercises, you run a lap and lunge walk to next station.

Station 1: 30 flutter kicks, 30 V-ups, 30 LBC’s

Station 2: 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 mountain climbers

Station 3: 40 bicycles, 40 American hammers, 6″ hold for 60 second count

Station 4: 30 mike tysons, 20 merkins, 40 arm presses

Station 5: 30 big boys, plank for 60 second count, 30 seated in and outs

Station 6: 40 squats, 40 calf raises, 40 monkey humpers

We had a short devotion from Ephesians 4:29 about the words that come out of our mouth and letting people ‘off the hook’.

Announcements were convergence this Saturday and PT test Nov 14, Christmas party Dec 12.

Prayer request were made known and we prayed.

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