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Day: October 18, 2020

Sandlot 10/12/20

Without much of a plan in mind before the workout started, YHC had wanted to do a lot of different exercises.  So, that’s what we did. We warmed up at Pelicans and then headed to the park.  Some ab work and lunges on the way down to the picnic shelter.  Still no set plan.   We did some exercises and ran a little.  Exercise then run.  Repeat.  Then each of the PAX led in their least favorite exercise at a quantity of their choosing.  Head back towards Pelicans for a little Mary with some exercises on the way.  Not much to say here except I believe I’m partial to fewer exercises, harder sets, more intensity.

Good work men!

Announcements, Namerama, COT, Prayer requests

Stinky Bird’s memory test: failed.

Athlean Inspired Pain Lab

We had 9 PAX show up for Pain Lab.  I brought the tabata timer back out to keep pace.  Link for the app and workout below:

Tabata Timer App

Tabata Workout for Import

The workouts are Athlean 111, and Erraticore.

I don’t feel like enough strength training and core workouts are involved.  So I drew heavily from the Athlean Xero workout program by Jeff Cavaliere.  Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with no rest between A and B.  There are 3 rounds of each exercise group.

A/B Chest

A. X Plyo Merkins

B. Step Through Merkins

A/B/C Back

A. Thumbs Up Merkins

B. Kettlebell Rows #1

C. Kettlebell Rows #2 (other arm)

A/B Triceps

A. Power Planks (alternate Tricep Extensions)

B. Cobra Merkins aka Diamond Dogs

A/B/C Legs

A. Kettlebell deadlifts

B. Single Leg Heel Touch #1

C. Single Leg Heel Touch #2 (other leg)

A/B/C Shoulders

A. Power Pushaways (alternate Kettlebell overhead press)

B. Bodyweight Side Lateral Raise

C. Moroccan Night Clubs

Up next is the Erraticore portion of the workout.  Each group was executed twice before moving on to the next.

Erraticore Group #1

60 seconds Mountain Climbers

60 seconds Superman Planks

Erraticore Group #2

60 seconds High-Low Scissor Kicks

30 Seconds Side Scissor Plank Lift

Erraticore Group #3

60 Seconds Alpine Mountain Climbers

15 Seconds Cliffhanger Planks


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

  • Double Stuf

The 43

So today is my old high school buddy Kev Clary’s birthday. He’s 43 today so for the sake of not being too complicated I made up the workout below.

Warm up

Goofballs & Don Qs in cadence.

Mosey (with musical accompaniment hand selected by DJ Sargento) down the way to the new paved loop that overlooks the river. Starting at the place where the path splits YHC explained the Thang:

The 43

Do 43 reps of the called exercise OYO counting only one legs or whatever when appropriate to be sure we’re doing enough work. When your reps are finished do a lap around the path.

  • LBCs, run lap. This route turned out to be way longer than YHC remembered but, oh well, no turning back at this point.
  • Lunges, count right leg only. Run lap
  • Merkins, yes from the President of the MHC. Run lap
  • V-Ups Sargento style Short Sale. Run lap
  • Monkey Humpers with your business end pointed at the woods so as not to disrespect the many patrons of the park. Run lap
  • WWI situps. Run lap

There were 3 other exercises on the list but because the route was so long we ran out of time. Maybe next time. Mosey back to the start to finish just barely in time.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men. AYE!!!

Announcements: Convergence October 31st, PT Test November 14th

Prayer requests: Broke’s M, SA’s daughter, Double Stuf’s friend’s family, PAX looking for work, YHC’s M’s knee surgery Monday


Jerry Rice

It was Jerry Rice’s birthday so at Folsom we decided to honor the day with good fellowship and hard work.

After a quick warm up we took a mosey to the lower lot. At one of the lot we did Big Boys and LBC’s and at the other end we did merkins and squats. In between the lots we ran pass routes. Sometimes with no defender, sometimes one defender and sometimes with 2 defenders. For a completed pass we did 3 burpees. For an incomplete pass we did 10 burpees. Needless to say we did a lot of burpees.

Prayer Request

  • Sister Act
  • Stogie
  • Slaw
  • All spoken and unspoken


  • Convergence at Martha’s on the 31st


Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Big Pappy



Crossroads 18-OCT-2020

There was a lot of discussion early on from those who posted at the 6:30 starting block about the distance.  Some were feeling supportive of Freight running his 5K.  Others (Blart) said he wasn’t going to let Freight hold him back from getting in his five miles.  So, three ran a three.1, three ran five and two ran 10 and one run/walked for rehab, but he is a sad soul and shouldn’t be mentioned (me).

We will now be tracking the daily progress of the corvette and its repair.  While there today, a minivan came and pulled it down from the blocks so it is resting on its four tires again.

Announcements:  Something on Halloween and a PT event coming up.  Broke spoke so fast that I only had three words written.

Prayers:  SA, Goodelock (Cancer), Huckleberry.

Q took us out in prayer and then we had some great discussion on schooling.  F3 Qsource baby!!!

Does anyone still read these back blasts? If I don’t get 15 likes/hearts/whatever…I will not do them again and will be eternally on Watts Up’s list.

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