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3rd Birthday

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  • When: 03/07/2019
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  • QIC: Freight
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18 was the number at Midoriyama Thursday night for a little celebration. Friday 3/8 is Midoriyama’s 3rd birthday!


ssh x 3ic

merkins x 3ic

low slow squat x 3ic

morroccan nightclubs x 3ic


Let’s mosey. We ran around to the shelter near the lake.

The Thang:

We did 3 exercises(dips, derkins, box jumps, 20 each) then ran halfway down the lake hill and backup, back down to the bottom and all the way backup to the shelter. Since we have a 3 theme going on we did this 3 times. Man that hill is tough but everyone pushed hard on it!

Let’s mosey back down the road. We stopped at the hill near the 1st ball field for a little Joe Hendricks. Guess what? We did it three times!

Mosey over to the parking lot for some type of dirty 11’s. Start with Tiger Squats(10) run across the parking lot and at the median to a burpee. Run to the other side for CDD’s(1)(your welcome Leppard). Everytime you cross the median stop for a burpee. That’s time head back to the flag.


Announcements-Nomads going to Metro Saturday, SFN/Community Run coming up, Convergence coming up

Prayer Request- Swimmer looking at a new Job, A few health concerns


Having this workout in the evening for those that can’t make the morning due to work or whatever your reason has been a blessing. I could never fully explain what it has meant to me. Thank you to all the regular PAX that have made this work over the last few years and all of you that come to visit. I hope to see more of you come the Summer when Midoriyama really shines!

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  1. Hacksaw

    Good Q freight keep beasting it !!!!

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