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Lettering in Varsity – Final Cut Day!



Thu Warmdown:

25 Mountain Climbers OYO  x2

25 Plank Jacks OYO  x2

25 Slow Air Presses

Mosey to Damp, Soggy, Muddy, WET soccer field

Thu Beatdown:

Start on End Line:  5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Low Squats (x) 5 Rounds

BURPEE + 2 Steps to MidField

Mid Field: 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Low Squats (x) 5 Rounds

BURPEE + 2 Steps to other End Line:

End Line: 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Low Squats (x) 5 Rounds

BatFlippers:  CCD it out until all is done!

Rest: 25 slow Air-press count

Step back up to the End Line:  Bear Crawl to Mid Field

Mid Field: 100 Flutter Kicks

Stand Up: Sprint to End Line

End Line:  1:00 minute Plank Hold

Stand Up and sprint to Mid Field

Mosey back to Varsity Circle….TIMEEEEEEEEEEE!



Prayer Requests

Prayer – Thanks Slaw!

2021 Varsity Team Introduced




I had planned on a fun day of Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate Rules Football, but monsoon 2021 had a different plan. While waiting for 5:30 to roll around, I was surprised by the amount of pax rolling in. As we all waited in our vehicles the wind and rain really started to pick up. I began getting texts asking if we would still be working out.  I made the decision to have everyone drive down to the shelter and I would wait for anyone coming in a lil late. Once I got to the shelter we went straight into a freestyled workout. Had a Q fail there as I did not do a disclaimer and we had a FNG (welcome Livermush, THE Livermush).

I honestly cant remember what we did exactly but it was a mix of merkins, step ups, core work, etc, and we finished with some hills once the weather calmed down a bit.

I’ve been doing some research trying to find some exercises and stretches to help with my chronic hip and back tightness. I stumbled upon a guy who goes by ” The Kneesovertoesguy”  on youtube. While watching some of his stuff he explains how we have been taught to never put our knees past our toes because of the extra strain it puts on the knees, but that we actually put ourselves in that position a lot in sports. Its actually better to strengthen the knee and get good mobility in the joints to help bulletproof the knees. One of the most basic things you can do to start doing this is walking backwards. Preferably with some resistance.  So on our hill runs we ran down and NUR up. We did this probably 5-6 times and at different speeds.  I can tell you it really gets the quads pumped. If you have any knee problems or just want to strengthen your knees for the future, I recommend checking out “The Kneesovertoesguy” on youtube. He really preaches mobility also.


I appreciate everyone who came out on such a crappy day. Hope it was worth it.




On Sunday mornings at the Coconut Horse, our group has transitioned to study Freed To Lead, the original manual describing all the great things about F3. This week Gastone picked up in Part 3, Chapter 2, Time, Place, and Manner (pg. 72). This section discusses the nature of the workouts – where and when. Like most of F3, there are no rules. See Freight’s leadership of a new Saturday AO in Dallas. See also Midoriyama which is one of the few afternoon workouts and though I don’t have the hard data to factually prove but I’m fairly confident it’s one of the best in the nation. Midoriyama has a steady following that continues to grow. The lubricant that fuels the engine of the workout is the mumble chatter. Any Q must be ready to handle a healthy amount of arrows and shade that come his way. I knew that to be the case, even more so for today’s workout because I planned something different (dare to fail). Page 73 of the FTL manual states: “The Q’s imagination is the sole restriction on the manner in which a Workout is conducted.” Skipping some sentences: “A Q, on the other hand, can do whatever he wants.” Freed To Lead – so with that I had a mission today. Here’s how it went:

Brief disclaimer – choose to follow me if you like but if you do, focus on proper form. Here we go:


Imperial Walkers IC x 15, Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 15, Hillbillies IC x 15, Plank jacks IC x 15, Merkins SC x 15


No mosey necessary – we’re staying in the circle for a while for some core work. Crazy 8’s which is 8 exercises, 8 reps, 8 rounds.

WW I, Heels 2 Heaven, American Hammer, Burps (in/outs), Mtn Climbers, Flutter Kicks, Peter Parker, Leg Raises

This kept guys quiet for a while but then Freight started up that he’d hope to break a sweat. Understood, but sometimes you need a different workout to focus on other areas, so hang tight. It seems poor ole Def Leppard has about 3 different exercises named after him. I’d consider it a sign of respect. One thing we all felt the wrath during this segment was the Quarter Pounder that Blart ate for lunch. With the tall, lanky frame flinging legs out and over, compressing his abdomen began to push out quite a thunderous roar. Most mortal men might expel just a few bursts but Blart kept this routine up almost the entire workout. Slaw recounted a story of his showing up to pick up Blart (and Assssh Pond’s) sister for a date back in the day and Blart was holding court with his friends showing off, using his ass as a flame thrower.

Let’s move to the next portion of fun. Stay in the same spot for cardio abs. Four exercises this time: Merkins, Ski Abs, SSH, and Freddie Mercuries. 30 seconds each with 30 second rest after the set. We did 3 sets. Freight once again calls me out for not leading and not counting. I thought this would be a chance for the MC to crank up again but I can count if needed – so I did the first circuit and then use my Q power to call on various pax to lead the counts the rest of the way.

We’ve about worn out the grass at the meeting spot so let’s migrate to the turd shack where the PAX had the choice of partner work or individual. They wanted help so it was the partner Cora:

  • 100 Parker Peter
  • 200 Hillbillies
  • 300 Flutter Kicks
  • P1 runs the width of the parking lot and back; P2 does exercises and counts any leg movement

We finished with 5 minutes left so the PAX would get the individual Cora after all.

  • Australian Peter Parker (use the turd shack wall) x 10 (count each leg)
  • Dirty Hook-ups (count each hand touch on the wall) x 20
  • Donkey Kicks x 30
  • After each set run the width of the parking lot

Time was called after a few rounds.

Announcements: 4/17 Convergence at Bulldog 0700; 4/24 PT Test at GasHouse; Beginning 4/2 is the Name and Claim it EC Challenge (pre-blast comes out tomorrow) Prayers: Big Pappy and Family, Gumby and his mom. YHC took us out.

Moleskin – Good chatter today among the PAX which was a healthy 16. This idea brewed quickly in the aforementioned Q-Source when a few guys mentioned many bootcamps don’t get to the traditional 6 minutes of Mary at the end. That may be true, but also true is the quote in the beginning which is the Q can do what they want. So lets just make today’s workout 45 minutes of Mary to be sure we give that gal some love. From my study of articles and blogs about fitness, having core strength is key to overall health and maintaining physical well being. Whether you save Mary to the end, move it to the beginning, or sprinkle some throughout your Weinke, don’t forget too often. The PAX don’t really like it too much so it’s a quick way to get them quiet, unless Blart has a Quarter Pounder before the workout.

Double Down Thursday, The Deuce

It was YHCs second Q of the day, but first Q at Midoriyama. After the pledge and a short w/u, it was time to do some work with a mosey to  the fields. At each light pole on the right, Pax did a merkin and squat, adding one rep at each stop. Moseyed the long way round to the dog poop hill for a triple nickel, big boys at the bottom (feet pointing uphill), bear crawl to the top, heels to heaven at the top (feet pointing downhill), crab walk to the bottom, rinse and repeat 5 times.

Plenty of time remaining, so a 4 corner escalator was in store. 5 burpees at corner 1, mosey to corner 2 for 5 burpees and 10 diamond merkins, corner 3 added 20 squats, and corner 4 added 40 lbcs. Return the other way, back down the escalator.

Mosey back to the flag, with merkins/squats at the light poles.

COT, shout out to Dirt for joining YHC in the double down, YHC took us out.

It was an honor to lead, Orangeman

Midoriyama Domo 23-Mar-21

I got some flack about taking a Q so I had to step up and lead.  Here’s how it went

Warmup: 15 SSH IC, 10 Don Quixote IC, 5 Walk out planks OYO


Thang:  Mosey to far corner of fields for work.  Thanks to those that passed the coupons while moving. There were stations put out.  Each pax would be at a set station while one person would run.  When they got back, we would rotate.  After Short Sale and Taterhole did the first two laps, it was a quick Omaha to just down and back.  Mumble chatter started to get some pepper here as the pax turned on themselves.  Stations were Shoulder Taps, Run Up Hill and back, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings/Press, Lunges, Squats, Reverse Crunch, Jump Rope/SSH Merkins, Moroccan Night Clubs and the Run.  After this, we lined up into two lines and that was a lot of fun. After that fiasco (yes, just lining up), we did bear crawl slalom where I got called Tesla (when used in a derogatory manner).  After a couple of rounds we did relay suicides and Merkins “last man standing edition.”  Time is up so we mosey back.  Slaw helped by picking up the six on both to and fro.  Pledge, COT and Name-0-Rama.

  • Announcements
    Freight/Broke collecting water bottles and socks for March.  Different service project each month.  Please give to this.
    Keever Classic aka Fat Ricky is this Saturday at the Old Dallas High School or Cloninger park.  3/27/21 at 07:00.
    F3 Dads Service project in April.
    Convergence 4/17 at the Bulldog
    PT Test 4/24 Gashouse
    5K at Sparkys M’s School on 4/16
    Wojo looking to pass the Site Q torch to someone.  Speak to him if interested.
  • Prayers
    Montross and his family (M Grandmother)
    Hipaa and his family (M’s Grandmother & Dog Passing)
    Wojo and his family (M’s Grandma)
    Tooltime and his family (M’s Father)
    Watts Up and his family (Job Change)

Wet Nutz Out & No Weinke

Wet Nutz Originally had the Q but could not make it. With it being the Thursday before Relay weekend, and a bad storm earlier in the day,  I knew it would be a small crowd, so I just went in with no weinke. 4 of us showed and we all rotated as Q. Great job by all present. I would list the exercises we did but I dont really remember it. We freestyled it. Show to know.

Softy at Midoriyama.

10 at Midoriyama for a smooth maybe a soft workout before the CSAUP.  I wanted to get a good workout in without breaking anyone.

Warm up

all IC

Merkins, SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies, Overhead Claps, Nolan Ryan, Flutter Kicks, Pretzel Crunch, CDD, Squat, Don Quixote, Cherry Pickers.

Mosey up and around the soccer fields coming back past the start and around by the picnic shelter continuing to the parking lot by the new walkway. Mosey at a nice comfortable pace. Clydesdale pace! Stopping along the way and complete an exercise. Exercises were

Don Q, Squats, Merkins, WW1

Exercises are written on the parking spaces. Complete all exercise then make a lap down the walkway to the docks and then mosey back up the new walkway and finish back at the parking spaces.  After a lap, repeat. I think we completed 1 round and 2 sets of exercises.

exercises are

Diamond Merkin

Pretzel Crunch

One leg Deadlift

wide arm Merkin





Monkey Humpers


return to start and pledge and COT


Thank you for another chance to lead!


Wojo injured his back preparing for March Madness on Monday and reached out to see if I would take the Q. No worries, we’ll find something to do. Weather was crappy and attendance was light, but 5 PAX in total decided to put in some work. No reason to warm up in the rain, let’s head down to the lake and find a shelter.


Old School Deck of Death

Who need’s to pay $20 for a “special” deck of cards when a $.99 regular deck works just as good.

Number on card = number of reps

Face Cards = 20 reps

Aces = 25 reps of all exercises

Joker = 100 reps of PAX choice

Hearts – Merkins

Diamonds – Dips

Spades – Squats

Clubs – Big Boys


We made it through the entire deck and back to the start at time.



New AO in Dallas on March 27th at 0700 at Cloninger Park

Convergence at Bulldog on April 17th

PT Test at Gashouse on April 24th


Prayer Request

Mayor 2.0

SA and family

Gold Digger 2.0

Watts Up – major life decision pending

Big Pappy and family

Ooompa Loompa M’s new job

Praise for Tater Hole’s cousin’s daughter coming home from hospital


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke


It was a beautiful Tuesday at Midoriyama and the crowd was large.  It had been awhile since I had not only Q’ed but posted at Midoriyama.  If you are here to read about what the PAX did, sorry.  We all put in work!!  I’m here to discuss “Concentrica”….over the past couple of months I have started focusing on spending more time during the week with my M and daughter.  Most of you know that the M and I both are at work super early so I was only able to post in evenings on Tuesday and Thursday during the week.  I love F3 and I am so thankful for what it has done for me but I wanted to step back during the week and focus more on my family.  My king hasn’t slowed down, I just had to look at my priorities and adjust my schedule to put in work at different times and also allow my M to get her workout in too.  Before, I was selfish, just worried about myself, and wanted to post.  Now I am enjoying afternoon family walks, eating dinner as a family, etc.  but with this I rely heavily on my Whetstone and Shield Lock relationships.  We never know what life is going to bring you so we need to make sure that we have our priorities in order and don’t regret anything when the day is done.  I just wanted to share what’s going on in my life and make sure that each of us are focusing on the important things in our lives.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!!  It was awesome seeing each of you…until next time Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUUTTTTTT!!



New AO – March 27th

PT Test – April

Feel the Burn



Mosey to Field:

  1. Heel to Toe walk – Nur Toe Heel
  2. Heel Walk – Nur Toe Walk
  3. Toe Walk – Nur Heel Walk
  4. Walking High Knee – Nur Walk
  5. High Knee – Nur
  6. Flat Back Bear Crawl – Nur
  7. Slow Carioca – Switch sides
  8. Squat Hops ½ Way – Nur
  9. Downward Dog Bear Crawl – Nur

Go to Hill:

  1. Nur up – Bear Crawl Down- Nur up – Crab Walk Down x 3

Go to Curb:

  1. Patrick Step up x 10 ea leg
  2. Peterson Step up x 10 ea leg

Go to Bench:

  1. Tibialis Raises 
  2. Quad Stretch
  3. Pigeon take head to ankle

Go to Field:

  1. Wide Leg Stretch
  2. Side Stretch
  3. Split Squat x 5 ea leg
  4. Split Squat Stretch
  5. Fire Hydrants
  6. Stretching
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