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YHC was going to write this BB sooner, but the M dropped the laptop and destroyed the screen. After waiting a couple of weeks, YHC can now write it. Luckily, the workout was pretty simple (but effective) according to a few of the PAX in attendance.

W/U: Merkins, Grass Pickers, SSH (all X10 IC)

Thang: Mosey to the small soccer field for Blackjack. It’s exactly like 11’s, but on steroids. 20 Merkins on one side, 1 Big Boy at the other. 19/2, 18/3…..all the way down to 1/20. Looking back, this really sucked. The Midoriyama heat multiplies the suck factor by 10.

We then met at one corner of the field for the burpee mile(ish). YHC had planned to do this around one of the large soccer field but time was running short. 12 Burpees, run a lap around the field. Rinse and repeat 4 rounds total.

We had a few extra minutes due to bat flippers being bat flippers, so we Merkins, Squats and Big Boys at every light pole on the left back to the flag.

Time’s up.

Announcements: Snowbird Men’s retreat 9/24-9/26. JJ5K in Stanley. All other announcements a void because they’ve already passed.

Prayer requests: Turtleman, 2.0’s of a few of the PAX, our country, each other.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Until Next Time,


We had a BLAST!

9 PAX showed for a prime time workout at the AO where dreams are crushed and lives are made miserable by the oppressive afternoon sun. But this is F3, so nobody really gives a crap about those things and we just put in the work. Due to the fact that Gomer spent Tuesday in the hospital for chest pain, yet for some unknown reason decided to post today, a VERY DETAILED DISCLAIMER was provided. We said the pledge, did a warmup and headed out toward the opposite side of the park.


Along the way we stopped at each light pole for Merkins, starting with 5 reps and increasing by 5 at each stop. Cross the road and down to the river loop trail where we had a BLAST.

B – Burpees

L – Lunges

A – American Hammers

S – Squats

T – Travoltas

The letters for each exercise were marked at various points along the trail. Start with 5 Burpees, run to L for 10 Lunges, run to A for 15 American Hammers, run to S for 20 Squats, run to T for 25 Travoltas, run back to start to complete the loop. Rinse and repeat with double the reps at each stop. Rinse and repeat with another double on the reps. We might have had time for one more double up, but Slaw threatened the life of YHC and it seemed like he had the support of most of the PAX so we headed back.


Made the same stops on the route back, this time with WWII’s at each stop. Time for 30 Flutters, 30 LBC’s and 22 for the vets to finish.



Discussed the devotional put out by Sarlaac about the importance and need for group prayer.



Service items – Brush/comb and Mints/Gum

Snowbird signups – see Montross or Sparky

F3 Dads workout Aug. 21st at Folsom

Tubing on Green River Aug. 7th


Prayer Request


SA, Slaw and Freight’s 2.0’s


Wojo M


Sargento took us out.

I’m Broke


11 total on Tuesday at Midoriyama. We play ultimate frisbee every so often as a part of the workout so I thought I’d change it up and play some soccer. Luckily Pizza Man and Buidan weren’t there to school us. It was obvious some guys needed this experience because there were a few that struggled a bit. either way we had some fun.

The Warmup:

We did some WW2’s and some merkins. I’ve got the Growruck PT test coming up soon.

The Thang:

Mosey to the little field and split into teams of 5. Only rule was you had to dribble it through the goal. Dribble in soccer means kicking the ball up the field past opposing players while maintaining control. This is done by keeping the ball close to you. A kick from 20 yds away is not dribbling! This was for clarification in case a few people still don’t get it. We played intensely for about 10 minutes then we took a break in the middle of the field for some more WW2’s and merkins. Game on for another 10 minutes. Somewhere in here Mayor showed up and joined a team. He chose poorly as even though they had numbers my team won! I forgot to mention that when a team scored the other team had to do 5 burpees. We played 3-10 minute rounds with some exercises sprinkled in. It got a little rough at times. There were some illegal slide tackles and some aggressive body movements but that kind of stuff is good for you.

The COT:

Announcements-service project items for July(haven’t received much this month)

Prayer Request-Some of our kids are struggling, Sarlacc, Turtleman


Can’t Never Could

8 Pax total at Midoriyama on Tuesday. Guess what? It was hot! Despite that, Pockets was out early getting in his burpees for his IW challenge. Whoppee would have been proud as he was listening to some George Straight for motivation. I noted it wasn’t a very motivating song but you do you.


SSH ic x 10

Morrocan Nightclubs OYO

Seal Jacks ic x 10

Grab a block from my truck and lets mosey over to the parking lot.

The Thang:

There were 6 stations setup around the island in the parking lot. Each had an exercise listed to do with the block. After the exercise you leave your block and run a lap. When you return to your block you rifle carry it to the next station where you repeat this process. We had enough for 2 circuits or 12 stations all reps were x 20. It looked this below.

Overhead press x 20, Run a lap, Rifle carry to the next station

The rest of the exercises are below


Good mornings


Avalanche-Lying on your back with the block above your head on the ground lift it over your chest and back to the ground above your head.


Round 2-


Hip Thrusters-with the block on your mid section

Overhead situps-hold the block in the air

Block Swings

Overhead Squat

Lunge Twist-lunge holding the block and twist to the outside

We had a few minutes left so we did some more rifle carries and blockees through the parking lot while Def Leppard made a sweep through to pick up my cones and papers, thank you sir.


Announcements-Service opportunity this Friday in Gastonia at the downtown alive event, bring your family out. July service project items are comb/hairbrush and mints/gum/cough drops.

Prayer Request-Pockets Dad, My Dad, PAX traveling

Naked Moleskin:

I’d like to say everyone pushed the rock today but I heard a lot of I can’t do that or I’m just not going to do that! I get that sometimes we have to modify things for injuries or whatever but sometimes things will just be uncomfortable until we do it and get used to it. That’s what Slaw always says anyway. Either way I think most got a little better. Working out on that hot asphalt in the sun has got to be making us tougher if nothing else.


4 Year Anniversary Q

9 solid HIM’s decided to join me in a celebration of my 4 year anniversary of posting with F3. Since Midoriyama is one of my favorite AO’s, it was a perfect opportunity to take the Q and deliver a moderately challenging workout for those who chose to join. All in attendance were regulars so the disclaimer was short, followed by the pledge and a light warmup. Let’s mosey.


Line up on the sideline at the small soccer field for some 40’s.

10 reps of called exercise then run 40 yards and NUR back.

Exercises were Burpee’s, HR Merkins, Big Boys and Heels to Heaven


44 Shoulder Taps, 44 LBC’s, 44 Squats


40’s Round 2

10 reps of called exercise then Karaoke left 40 yards and Karaoke right back.

Exercises were Burpee’s, Diamond Merkins, American Hammers and In & Outs


44 Shoulder Taps, 44 LBC’s, 44 Squats


40’s Round 3

10 reps of called exercise then High Knees 40 yards and Butt Kickers back.

Exercises were Burpee’s, Werkins, V-ups and Flutter Kicks


44 Shoulder Taps, 44 LBC’s, 44 Squats


There was supposed to be a 4th round (as Slaw duly noted and complained about the missed opportunity), but we were already over halfway through the workout and YHC had some other fun filled exercises that the PAX were sure to enjoy.


Mosey back to the Turd Shack at the start for another type of 40’s…Lindsey’s.

Hip Slappers and Wall Jumps – 30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30

All the PAX really enjoyed this part and were hopeful of a rinse and repeat, but reluctantly agreed to move to the next set of exercises.


After a short fellowship mosey to the adjacent parking lot we finished up with some Dirty 11’s. Mike Tyson’s on one side, Tiger Squats on the opposite side and a Burpee each time you crossed the island.



The last four years seem to have flown by and it seems like only yesterday that I posted for the first time at The Yank and then spent the next week uncertain if I would ever again be able to raise my arms above my head. I can’t thank the PAX of Gashouse enough for the impact and difference that they have made in my life, you guys are awesome and I appreciate each and every one of you. I feel like I’ve come a long way since that first post and to see the growth and acceleration by so many other PAX is what motivates me to keep coming out and trying to get better. This F3 thing is here to stay, so let’s do everything we can to continue to grow not only the size of the region, but the HIM’s within it.



F3 Dad’s workout this Saturday at The Yank

Nail clippers and Chapstick for THE Service Project

2nd F lunch at noon next Thursday at Bubba’s in Gastonia

2nd F Axe Throwing at the Mall next Saturday


Prayer Request


PAX traveling

Big Pappy – Blue getting married, mother moving to assisted living, new foster child

Roscoe’s father in law moving to assisted living

Linus’ Dad

Stroganoff health


Freight took us out.

I’m Broke

I’m Fine

9 Pax for a steamy day at Midoriyama. Sarlacc in the daytime! Roscoe too! Many were no doubt afraid of the beatdown that would be applied by the old guy and decided to stay home, go on vacation to Florida, have a 25th wedding anniversary, work late, whatever excuse you got! Blah, blah blah! Let’s go!

Warmup: Don Q’s x 5 IC. Right Over Left for a few seconds, Left over Right, discussion of patented or not since no count. Low Slow Squats x 5 IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x 11. Mosey all the way to the Dog Park Hill.

Reverse Pyramid Ouchies
Perform an exercise. The first one was LBC’s x 20, 15, 10, 5, 5, 10, 15, 20 = 100. Run the hill after each set. Yes, that means running the hill 8 times. Due to my lack of having a spreadsheet with me, I had initially omitted the extra 5 reps in the middle but Roscoe and Freight corrected me and got us back on track. 2nd exercise was Merkins, 3rd was Flutter Kicks. 300 Total reps and 24 hill runs! Even though we were in the shade the entire time everyone was very happy to be done with this one!

Run to the far corner of the soccer field. 5 burpees. Run to next corner of the soccer field. 5 burpees, 10 Squats. Run back to the previous corner to stay in the shade. 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 Freddie Mercuries. Run back to the Dog Park Hill corner. This was where someone said they were not climbing that hill again! Don’t worry, I’m not either! 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 20 CDD’s.

Since time was running low and we were in the shade, I told a story about my cousin Kathy. She passed away and we had her funeral this week. She was only 65 but had some health problems. Her daughter was with her in her last moments and as you could imagine very upset seeing her mother in such serious condition with an ambulance on its way. It was then, my cousin said to her daughter, “I’m fine. Either way, I’m fine”. I think that is a good question for each of us to ask ourselves. Are we fine? Would we be fine if we were having our last moments here on earth? Are we fine where we are with our faith? Are we fine where we are with our families? Are we fine where we are with our relationships? I think it would be a great place to be in our life to be able to say what my sweet, cousin Kathy said! “I’m fine.”

Mosey back to the flag.

Service Project collecting Nail Clippers and Chapstick during June.
2nd F Lunch at Bubbas in Gastonia on 6/24 at 12 noon
Axe Throwing at Mall on 6/26

Prayer Requests: Turtle Man, Linus’ father, Big Pappy’s family, Roscoe’s Father In Law, Traveling Pax, Love Boat’s travels. Broke took us out!

Ready position move

13 PAX for a hot and humid workout at Midoriyama on Thursday. This is what happened.


Low Slow Squats ic with hands locked reaching overhead

Flutter Kicks ic

Mosey to the hill at the softball field

Tha Thang:

Joe Hendricks and do 5 squats with your hands locked overhead at the top of the hill

Back at the bottom we did flutter kicks ic once everyone was in ready position. Unfortunately this group thinks ready position means feet on the ground so I had to keep calling ready position move over and over again while the rest of us held our feet up. This would continue throughout the workout. We did this grouping a few more times before moving on.

Over at the steps we did 10 calf raises per step. While you wait to either get on the steps or everyone else to finish you do lunges. These instructions apparently didn’t apply to a few PAX who chose to just stand around and talk. Let’s Mosey

About halfway up the road we stopped for some more squats and flutters.

At the end parking lot we partnered up. 11’s-burpees and booyah merkins. Do the burpees together the one PAX runs around the island one way while the runs the opposite to meet at the other end to do the merkins. After the merkins run back to the start in opposite direction again. This was fun! Once complete or almost, sorry to those that were cut short, we did some more squats and flutters then we headed back to the hill.

At the hill we did some NUR with squats at the top and more flutters ic at the bottom. 3 rounds I believe.

Over to the parking lot where we did bunny hops across and flutters on the other side. Just a few rounds and it was time to head back to the flag.


Announcements-Advisory meeting Sunday 4:00pm at Lineberger park. Park in the parking lot where you get on the green way.  Service project items are nail clippers and chapstick.

Prayer Request-Turtleman, PAX and families traveling for vacation, Rudolph’s family, Buckeye’s friend

Naked Moleskin:

Good group out there today. Keep pushing! I know it’s hot and humid but you have more in the tank than you may realize. That’s one of the things I like about Goruck or Growrucks events. At the end of it you realize you just did 12-15 hours of rock pushing. If you can do that then what is a 45 minute or 1 hour workout? Speaking of that is why we did some many of the overhead squats and flutters. I realized a while back I struggle to hold weight overhead and squat. Guess what I had to do and hold in position at Growruck? Yup, so I decided I would improve on that for next time. Also it seems as though when you are paying the consequence of failure during these events they like to use flutter kicks so I figured I better get good at those as well. Always be training  and train past game!

Leppard’s on a Losing Streak!!!

Warm  up:

SSH x 10ic

Don Q x 10 ic

High Knees x 10 ic


Mosey to Field:

  1. Heel to toe walk
  2. Nur – Toe to Heel Walk
  3. Squat Walk
  4. Lateral Squat Walk
  5. Lunge Walk with Overhead Reach
  6. Walking Toy Soldiers
  7. Strides
  8. Running Bounds
  9. A Skips
  10. Skip Repeats (use single leg)
  11. Straight Leg Bounds
  12. 40 yd build ups
  13.  20 yd starts
  14. Hard Start – Relax – Accelerate

Ended w/ about 15 mins of ultimate frisbee. Only person that really lost was Leppard!


Douchey Q

I helped the new Site Q out at Midoriyama, signing up for the first Thursday of June. It kind of snuck up on me as normally I have a good idea of what I want to do. In my perpetual work from home environment, I had the luxury to look at YouTube for some inspiration. It wasn’t the kind of inspiration Freight got from staring at “House Porn” but it I did find some good stuff from Iron Wolf. Many of you have heard of Iron Wolf and for those that haven’t, just know he’s a beast. He’s workouts are simple, direct, effective, and most of all challenging (just ask Rudolph). Once the Weinke was set, I ate lunch – had a hankering for some pasta. I cooked more noodles than I needed and determined all needed to be ingested – bad idea. As I “took care of business” and then doubled over in the fetal position for a good portion of my afternoon I was reminded of The Office episode (Season 4, episode 2) where Meredith is in the hospital because of rabies so Michael Scott wants create awareness with the “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure.” Prior to the event, Michael decides to carb load by eating as much fettuccini alfredo as he possibly can, declining water. Sorry to take you down that road, but there was a brief period I wondered if I’d be the first Q to merlot their own workout – shout out to Tums and their miracle tablets.

On my way to the site, I pick up some nail clippers and chapstick for Freight’s service project, arriving w/ about 5 minutes to spare. On a steamy afternoon, a few more guys than I anticipated, including Trojan who initially posted Monday at the Murph. A couple others on their second post of the day and a few bat flippers. I mentally scanned my Weinke and knew one part was not going to work, so as we’re trained to do, modify the plan. SA interrupted my internal strategy session to say his watch had 5:30…maybe we should all get together and synchronize our watches to avoid this in the future or maybe I’ll just set my watch a minute ahead of the knuckleheads to avoid the $hit talk. Without further delay –


  • Seal Jacks IC x 11
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 10
  • Toy Soldiers IC x 10
  • Side to Side Lunge IC x 10
  • Don Q IC x 10
  • MNC IC x 10
  • 5 Burpees OYO

Pledge – I wanted to ensure we got some Mary in and plus it’s good to make the PAX think this could be the workout. “On your six!” I announced.

  • LBC’s IC x 20 (because Freight likes to hear me count)
  • Flutter Kicks IC x 20
  • Dollies IC x 20
  • Freddie Mercury IC x 20
  • American Hammer IC x 20 (Asshhh Pond’s favorite)

Recover, let’s mosey to the small soccer field on the right. I toy with the idea to do burpees or other idea along the way but decide against. Probably the only time I could keep up with Round Up as he strides alongside. Nice of him to join us this afternoon. I notice he’s wearing boots as in military issue/work boots. He says he wants to test them out (#beastmode). We arrive and spread out along the sideline in front of the bleachers. I mention the source of the workout is from Iron Wolf and get groans and mumble chatter. Here is the order:

  • Burpees x 10
  • Mtn Climbers x 10 (each leg or 20 total)
  • Lt. Dans x 10 (count the squat)
  • Merkins x 10
  • SSH x 10
  • Run the width of the field and return

I suggested we’d do 10 rounds but that was only to create a goal for the bat flippers to push toward. Happy to share it worked! Round Up, Sister Act, Dr. Seuss, and Slaw completed or in the process of completing their 8th round when time was called.  We spent about 20 minutes on this effort which based on the lack of chatter and humidity, took the attention off the Q and for each PAX to push themselves. I could have stuck with this as Oompa’s Q did on Tuesday but decided to mix it up with some partner work and a DORA:

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Flutter Kicks (count both legs)
  • 300 LBCs
  • P2 runs width of the field and up the small hill and return

This is where the title originated. I pass Sister Act on the running up the hill to which he growls: “this is a douchey Q.” Which coming from one of the douche canoes is the ultimate sign of respect. We gather and return to base and despite a few minutes remaining, I called time because I planned to get to DQ and see Turtleman.

Announcements: Open SLT meeting Sunday, June 13th at 4 pm at Lineberger Park; Blood Drive 6/16 – sign up; Freight’s Service Project (nail clippers/chapstick); Prayer requests: Turtleman, Big Pappy, Sister Act & 2.0, and Uranus. Ball of Man and I took us out.

Moleskin: I cut the COT short or at least made it quick. Whoopee organized an outing for Turtleman at the Dairy Queen. A few PAX followed across town and joined a handful of HIMs gathered around the guest of honor, though he probably dislikes that term. I’ve known Chad since the 8th grade. His brother and I have been best friends, college roommates, golf partners, and the like. Chad is a few years younger but joined us on our tennis team for our senior season and the beginning of his career. Unlike my good friend whom Roscoe and I suckered into an F3 workout while at the beach, Chad, aka Turtleman joined our brotherhood several years ago, even held the honor of Site Q for Monday’s at Martha Rivers under the name Neverland (now The Sandlot). Turtleman also trained and competed in some Spartan events with his M and played tennis too. He’s got a sneaky competitive side. And he’d love nothing more than to be in the gloom. He said he would be one day, after he kicks this lymphoma’s ass, but he’s still got a few rounds to go in that fight. Hearing Turtleman talk about his situation and asking about the various guys that visited, he’s got a tremendously positive attitude. That can’t hurt. It was actually a bit inspiring to hear how positive he was. Knowing him, it was genuine to his personality. Turtleman didn’t ask for this situation, no one ever does. It’s the plan we don’t understand, but reading Matthew 6:10, “thy will be done” reminds us God is in control. Turtleman has a handle on this too, which is amazing. Anyone of us could be in his shoes, fighting this fight. On the outside of the ring, all we can do is cheer, encourage and most of all pray. One of my church pastor’s benedictions was the Irish Blessing. I don’t have Dr. Frye’s soft and warm voice to speak it as reverently as he did each Sunday but it goes:

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. 

Turtleman – you’ve got this and your F3 brother have got you. Keep pushing the rock brother.

Short Sale

Not all 5:30s are Created Equal

The Q bug bit me and I’ve been itching to put beatdowns together and it dawned on me that Midoryama was about to get hot so if I wanted to Q, I should do it before it got hot.  Well, my good intentions were trumped by bad luck as we got a healthy dose of 91 degree heat.  Here’s what I remember:

5:30 came I announced myself as the Q and immediately caught flack for my fancy dance gloves.  Good to be at Midoryama.

The Thang:

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Don Quixotes (IC)
  • 10 x Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • 10 x Low Slow Squats (IC)

Mosey down onto the baseball field

  • 5 x Burpees (OYO) at the outfield grass

Mosey to Center Field pole.  With partners, we did 3 rounds running to each foul pole and coming back to the center for

  • 10 x Booyah Merkins

Right field foul pole was

  • 30 x Freddie Mercuries (OYO)

Left field foul pole was

  • 30 x Flutter Kicks (OYO)

We left the field, doing

  • 5 x Burpees (OYO) at the infield dirt

before heading back to the Turd Shack for some shade and more partner work

  • 10 x LBCs (IC)

as we waited for the Six, and then on to the next section.

Each pair would split up and 1 partner do an exercise on the wall while the other does an exercise from the sidewalk.  Either partner can tag the other in and switch spots with their partner.  Keep it up for 90 seconds, switching as many times as was needed.

  • 1st set – Australian Mountain Climbers & CDDs
  • 2nd set – Marching Wall Sits & Mike Tysons
  • 3rd set – Hip Slappers & Penguins

The shade was nice, but the exercises were tough.  Weinke called for a repeato, but YHC was done and ready to move on, so on we moved.

Quick mosey back across the street to the parking lot in front of the ballfield.  Here we used the light poles on the left side of the lot as markers and we

  • High-knee Skip to the next pole
  • 25 x Monkey Hummers (OYO)
  • Repeat for 3 poles

On the way back, we

  • Nur to the next pole
  • 20 x Imperial Squats
  • Repeat for 2 poles

Last but not least, we did a little Three Man Relay.  3 on a team.  One on one end doing one exercise.  Another on the other end doing another.  Always one man running between them, tagging in the next guy so there is always a runner and a PAX at each station doing an exercise.  Exercises were

  • Burpees (OYO)
  • Toe Touches (OYO)

We went about 4 rounds or so on that one.  Everyone got to do everything a few times.

Circle up for a few minutes of Mary

  • Flintstone – 10 x Crunchy Frogs (IC)
  • Blart – 9 x LBCs (IC)
  • Slaw – 20 x Flutter Kicks (IC)
  • Purple Haze – 10 x American Hammers (IC)
  • Freight – 10 x Sandy Vs (IC)


  • Bandaids for Freight
  • 2nd F Lunch – Thursday 5/27

Prayer Requests:

  • Sister Act
  • Turtleman
  • Big Pappy


5:30 AM and 5:30 PM in May are quite a bit different, especially on this day.  At least 30 degrees different.  It was hot, and we all heard about it.

Hard to beat Midoryama.  Strong group of HIMs here that made me raise my game to bring something worthy of those hallowed grounds.  Hope it didn’t disappoint.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Lookin forward to the next one.

Yabba Dabba Doo

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