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  • When: 03/05/2019
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As I have said before, and as some of y’all experienced last Saturday at the Gashouse, Montross and Whoopie delivered the epitome of what a F3 workout is.  When I began to put together my game plan for Bulldog I took some pages from their playbook and added a few other terrible things in order to challenge myself and hopefully my fellow F3 brothers. So it went something like this:




Princpals of F3- Whoopie Style (lots of burpees) #crowdpleaser

The Beatdown:

5 cones approximately 10-15 yards apart

Bearcrawl between for round 1, Lunge walk for round 2 rinse and repeat as needed for a total of 6 I think. We did both exercises at each cone. There was a fair amount of mumble chatter, but everyone pushed hard.

1) Mike Tysons 15/ LBCs 25 OYO

2) Kettlebell swings 25/ 25 curls

3) Reverse American hammers 25 OYO / 25 Rosalitas 

4) 4×4 10 OYO/ SSH 25 IC 

5) 20 Reverse lunges/ 20 Squats

Thanks to all you guys for coming out and helping me get better.  Till next time SYITG

Announcements – Mt Mitchell Ruck and Convergence.

Pryaer Requests: Voodoo’s co workers daughter and Tornado victims and families. Yhc took us out.