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Day: May 18, 2023

Play it again Sam

We either went and ate at the Waffle House on Gear Wrench’s dime or we did this.
If you don’t know which, then you should of showed up you big sissy.
Either way all had a great time.

1 Hand Release Burpee
10 Abe Vigoda
1 Hand Release Burpee
10 SSH (IC)
1 Hand Release Burpee

DORA Pt 1 (Let’s work on the beach belly)
100 Rosalitas
200 Flutters
300 Alternate Pretzel Crunches as 4 count exercise IC

The Cure for the Soccer Arms
1 Hand Release Burpee
10 Inclines IC
15 Dips IC
25 Overhead Claps IC

Two rounds of Sarlacc Special
Cherry Pickers
Cherry Droppers
Overhead Claps

100 Moroccan Night Clubs
15 Dips IC
10 Inclines IC

Leg Work
50 Calf Raises (IC)
20 Low Slow Squats (IC)

1 Hand Release Burpee

300 LBC
200 Scissor Kicks
100 Freddie Mercs (Ran out of time so on back order for next Q)

22 Merkins for the VETS

Announcements & COT
New summer only AO in McAdenville – I think it’s called Fart Sackers? Lazy Bones? Snooze Alarm? See Short Sale.
Lunch at the Lodge 24th
Time Laps this weekend at the Whitewater Center
Memorial Day Murph at Martha Rivers

Ratchet’s son and family
Wirenut’s family
Kid graduations

The Pub was open for business

A bunch of men showed up to run the Pub.  Defib had the parking lot cleaned up with fresh mulch.  #Leadership

Today was a special day as the Q (YHC) honored the site Q by calling the Defib route, but in REVERSE!

Run out Hoffman, right on Robinwood, Left on Windyrush, right n Riding Trail, Right on Willow Creek, Left on White Willow, right on Armstrong Park and back to the Pub.

There were ruckers there doing some work with Flintstone as Q at Diablo.  When YHC returned to the flag, YHC found a weinke for Diablo in the freshly mulched bed.  You hate to see it.  Plus the weinke was much bigger than mine.  I hate to see it.

Whoopee, who rucked, said there were ladies there that got hot and bothered upon seeing the manly ruckers, but YHC informed him that all the ladies had just run past all the Pub runners.  Everybody knows the Pub is where the ladies are.  Next week my guess is shirts will be off and the primal rituals of the rutting ruck season will begin.  (See what I did there?)


NEW AO ALERT!  Welcome to SNOOZE, McAdenvilles first seasonal workout beginning at 0645 on Fridays for the summer.  Starting soon.

2nd F lunch at the Lodge in Belmont.  May 24th at Noon

Prayer Requests: Cherryville storm damage, Sargento’s uncle going through Chemo

Termite’s Son and family

Boudin’s 2.0’s

Mr. Montgomery at Highland,

GSM Co-worker who lost his mom this week.


Always an honor to lead and YHC appreciates Def Leppard making the drive to see his people on the southeast side.



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