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Day: May 17, 2023

Simple and Effective

It was a balmy yet dry and 65 degree morning at the Labyrinth after a round of powerful storms moved through the area overnight.

Five HIM’s plus YHC showed to know.

5:30 and the pledge.

Some light stretching and Toy Soldiers just to get going.

Head to the park stopping along the way for 5 burpees for the train.

Mosey down to the parking lot of park and circle up.

30 SSH’s

30 more SSH’s

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Squats

20 Monkey Humpers

20 Mountain Climbers

15 Merkins

20 LBC’s

20 Freddie Merks

Mosey up 5 islands in the parking lot and back.

repeat this sequence for 50, 40, 30 SSH’s

Time is becoming a factor so Omaha and start working our way back to the flag stopping along the way at the light poles to do one of the exercises and counts at each pole.

Made it back right on time.

COT and prayer

It was an honor and a privilege this morning gentlemen.




Members Only 5/14

Only ruckers at Members Only.  Lost one for Q source, but gained one as well.  Pledge

Announcements: Time laps 5/19, 2nd F lunch 5/24, Murph Memorial day, annihilation part 2 at Yank 6/03, dads at Yank 6/17

Prayer requests: Anchoman sis in law, Tiger mom, Brutus on mission trip, graduates, Sargento recovery , Breaker Breaker daughter in law with upcoming interview, Mom’s everywhere

YHC took us out

Always an honor


Tesla led discussion on meeting.

The Fighting Yank 5/13

Small group by Yank standards, but quality is what matters most.  Group of high impact men ready to work.  Begin with the mission of F3, to plant grow and serve small workouts groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Short disclaimer with no FNG.  Warm up of SSH, gravel pickers, arm circles, stretches, and added a flexibility test.  Hold a low squat position (like a child would) for a minute.  Most except for Jane Fonda failed miserably.  Point to work on men.

YHC asked for rucks to be brought to workout, all had one.  Head out on a light mosey but faster than ruck pace to the pavilion at top of hill.

Workout is simple:  50 step ups each leg, 50 good form merkins, strap on ruck for a fast pace – two laps around the track.  Rinse and repeat.  YHC finished four rounds, some were more, some were less.

Fast pace ruck is similar to blocks and hills, it amps up the intensity.  If want something hard and a little different, give it a try.

Mosey back to Yank.  Pledge.

Announcements: Time laps 5/19, 2nd F lunch 5/24, Murph Memorial day, annihilation part 2 at Yank 6/03, dads at Yank 6/17

Prayer requests: Anchoman sis in law, Tiger mom, Brutus on mission trip, graduates, Sargento recovery

YHC took us out

Always an honor


Nobody got hurt

For the first time this season, a game of Ultimate Frisbee was completed at Midoriyama without any injuries. Quite an accomplishment considering the age and skill set of the majority of the PAX who have been participating. Warmup, burpees, merkins, big boys and then 30 minutes of sprinting…good stuff.


A few observations:

  • Luigi is going to be as fast as Wojo one day
  • Blart is intimidated by hairy chested men
  • Happy Trees catches everything
  • The Q may have stacked the teams slightly in his favor (unintentionally of course)


Lunch 5/24 at The Lodge

Time Laps this weekend

Memorial Day Murph at Martha’s

New AO coming to McAdenville on Fridays


Be praying for Pockets Dad, Mike Williams, Ratchet’s 2.0, Happy Tree’s stepson, Huck and Turtleman


Defib took us out.

I’m Broke

Folsom unofficial annihilation

Proper warm up

triple nickel pull-ups and dips

11’s derkins and leg raises

LLB’s across field

dora block work 300 thrusters run a lap

22 for vets



prayer requests

I prayed us out

those thrusters were killer thanks for the chance to lead men solid work

The Ricky Bobby – May 17 2023

We had 8 this morning at The Ricky Bobby for a Radar birthday beatdown.  Seeing no FNG’s, I gave a brief disclaimer before we took off for a lap around the track.

WARM UP: (10 exercises, 47 seconds on, 13 seconds of rest)
Flutter Kicks
High Knees
Smurf Jacks
Alternating Shoulder Taps
American Hammers
Mountain Climbers

Beatdown #1
Keeping the theme of 47, I allowed the PAX to choose the 7 exercises. We would do four rounds and 7 reps. After each round, we took a lap around the track.

Exercises were: Jump Squats, American Hammers (count one side), LBC’s, Merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups, Mike Tyson, and Derkins.

Beatdown #2
We had some time for 7’s. So 6 hand release merkins , and then run to the end of the parking lot and perform one plank jack. Do this until you perform 1 one hand release merkins and 6 plank jacks.

Exercises included Freddie Mercury, Six Shooters, and Ski Abs, followed by 5 burpees for the train.

Time Laps race this weekend at The Whitewater Center.
2nd F Lunch at The Lodge on Wednesday, May 24 at noon.
The Murph at Martha Rivers Park
Bike Ride, Run, Ruck in Forest City on June 3. See preblast by Purple Haze.
Tesla is on Q for a special July 4 workout at the Fighting Yank.

Continue to pray for my sister Mackenzie.
High school students graduating.
Storm damage in Cherryville.
Continue to check the Prayer Channel on  Slack.


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