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Day: May 10, 2023

New Commander at Ground Assault

12 PAX gathered to try to reach our step goal by 0600.  1 PAX got caught be a train, 1 was bloodied, and 1 was left behind.  The Site Q was fired on the spot.  We need a new leader ASAP to shape up this motley crew.

Enter Virus, the new Site Q at Ground Assault.  This HIM is on the short list of most influential PAX on my life.  I dare you to try to find a better guy.  You won’t.  The Wednesday Morning East Side Run/Ruck Club is in good hands.

Grateful for the opportunity to lead, and for the many who have helped shape the idea, taken a Q, or logged miles at Ground Assault.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Don’t be an a-hole

2 runners.  4 ruckers.  Some EC to lead it off.  Roscoe said it was 0530, so YHC said “OK, Go”.  So we went.

The Dichotomy of Leadership chapter was “Train Hard, but Train Smart”.  A leader’s job is to make the training hard, because we need to be best prepared for the worst, but always make sure the learning is accessible, and not covered up by extreme and unnecessary nastiness.  While even the nasty trainings will teach lessons, they won’t necessarily be the lessons that the leader aimed to teach.

This book is a great read.  Come join us for more next Sunday.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Prison Break 5/10

10 showed for a mosey on a beautiful morning in Dallas.

Prayer Requests: Huck, Ratchet family, Beetle Bailey, Broke’s mom, Wirenut family, teachers and EOGs, Haze’s foot, Virus’ 2.0.

Leppard was gracious enough to take us out in prayer.

rrrrrrRRockadile Red

Still a rinse and repeat of my previous Q’s.  Motivation high, unfortunately so is my writer’s block.

Merkins/Squats/Big Boys/Burpees/LBC – Partner 1 amrap, Partner 2 takes a mosey and back.  Flip/Flop, rinse and repeat.

Partner sprints (4 times) in main drive right in front of school.
Back to track to complete above.

Still on same Track
1/2 of the group lunge walk, other half mosey a distance, collect the pax and start again.  Various versions of this included going back to collect or group 2 running to your indicated distance.
Rinse and repeat with bear crawl, inchworm, crabwalk and bunny hop, modify as needed.

Same Track:
Plank and holds (1/2 group plank, 1/2 group mosey)
Al Gore
6″ (on six, heels in the air)

Modified to stay in place doing Big Boys and Heels to Heaven.

Roscoe calling us back for time as that completely eclipsed me.

Mosey back.  2+ miles in today.

Honored to Lead.

Welcome FNG RRockadile Red, Kool Aid’s son.  I did not get his details.

Young Life Golf Tournament Monday, May15, Cramer Mtn.  Private donor to match amount collected.
Lunch sometime next Wednesday (so we think)
Memorial Day – Murph, 7:00 at Martha’s
Annihilation at The Gashouse, this weekend, JJ is the Q, Noisy Cricket with Painlab option
Adopt a Highway clean up after Gashouse bootcamp/painlab.

Kid’s and graduations
Pilgrims Progress, 4 members of his team need prayers
Charlie Ward:  Battling Leukemia
Huckleberry and Turtleman
Parents with teenagers/Teenagers
Timeframe:  Mother broke both of her hands/wrists
Ratchet’s son

YHC knew he had Q this AM (and JJ double-checking).  During this thought process, YHC was reading through backblasts and one in particular sounded “fun”, so I copied it….

Warmup consisted of SSH, and some stretching.  Then we headed around Pelicans and over to the bank.

Here we did:

50 Calf Raises
20 Low Slow Squats

Partner work:
100 Rosalitas
200 Flutters
300 Alternate Pretzel Crunches

Moved over to the wall for:
10 Inclines
15 Dips
25 Overhead Claps
100 Cherry Pickers
100 Moroccan Night Clubs
100 Cherry Droppers
25 Overhead Claps
15 Dips
10 Inclines

More Partner work:
300 LBC
200 Scissor Kicks (We didn’t get these finished)


Thanks to all who joined me.

It was ok

0530 hits and 7 have joined YHC.  All veterans, not disclaimer…

Let’s get to it.

1 flying squirrel

Start to mosey toward Food Lion, but we will make stops at :

Old bank: Toy Soldiers & 2 Flying Squirrels
AutoZone: Stretching & 3 Flying Squirrels
Old Furniture Store:  Walls Sits, 4 Flying Squirrels, Donkey Kicks, 5 Flying Squirrels

Finally at our destination, lets do some more…

Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 Amrap exercise. Then flapjack…
Merkins, Squats, Flutters, Burpees, LBCs, Cherries

Time for some Wall Sits, Dirty HookUps, More sitting and Donkey kicks.

More Partner work…
Partner 1 Lunges, Partner 2, does 7 (make that 10) merkins and mosey to partner.  flapjack and repeat for the length of parking lot.

Time for some Wall Sits, Dirty HookUps, More sitting and Donkey kicks.

Start toward home…

Stop for:
12 Calf raises at every step
2 rounds of bear crawling the ramp
10 Dips at the wall and then 10 derkins.

To the back of Pelicans for 7 Flying Squirrels

Back to the flag for 70-ish second plank to end the time.

The we completed the Pledge of Allegiance.

Announcements were made (repeat of the last few days)

Prayer Requests noted.

YHC took us out.


It was an honor and privilege to lead.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks to Amazon for the title…

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