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Day: May 4, 2023

Three beers later…AI to the rescue

Jane Fonda’s VQ at The Goat with an assist from Roscoe who convinced me I could pull off a Q
while at The Station for Happy Hour last week. Three beers in I thought he sounded reasonable
enough.  Roscoe was going to co-Q but backed out because he knew I could do it on my own, so I turned to AI for suggestions and this is what we did.

Started out with disclaimer (I am not a professional, although I was accused of same)



                                                                       Mosey over bridge to Goat Island for warm-up,

exercise, stretches. Gentle reminders from the PAX of a Q’s responsibilities
were offered. Mosey back across bridge, 5 burpees for the train, followed by the Thang:
Round 1: Partner up. Partner 1 runs laps while partner 2 completes as many of the following
exercises, switching exercises for each lap (Merkins, Squats, Burpees, Flutter kicks). Rinse and
Round 2: Same gig, different exercises (Mountain climbers, Plank jacks, Plank knee taps, Big
Round 3: Alternating lunges, Shoulder press.
Five more burpees for another train after much arguing among the PAX if it was indeed the
same train going in circles.


announcements: Annihilation Workout led by JJ at the Gashouse on May 13th

Forest City bike ride/lunch/arcade

Second F Lunch at the Lodge May 24th

Welcome FNG Hamms, from Wisconsin

CAM Canned food drive…need help on May 13th from 2-4:30 and 4:30-7

Thanks for encouraging me on my VQ.

Uncle Ted at The Bobby

So with the addition of Ground Assault The Ricky Bobby has had less attendance. But not less in quality! Such as it was today as three pax gathered for F3 Tesla’s way! Looked like this:


Out to the field, jog to the other side

SSH X 20

Jog back, 20 IWs

jog back, grass pickers X 20

jog back, Tesla stretches, Mtn. Climbers X 20

Center of the field for 4 corners:

Center: 5 burpees, mosey to corner 1

Corner 1: 10 HR merkins

Center: 5 burpees

Corner 2: 20 Jump Squats

Center: 5 burpees

Corner 3: 20 Mike Tysons

Center: 5 burpees

Corner 4: 20 big boys

Center 5 burpees

Down to the goal line for some Herb Brooks. FYI, Herb was the coach of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team (Miracle on Ice) that was a cornerstone of my generation’s memories as I was in School at NC State then. So we did these suicide sprints in his honor which was a staple of his conditioning regimen.

25: 5 CDD, back to GL

50: 10 CDDs, back to GL

75:  15 CDDs, back to GL

100: 20 CDDs, back to GL

Over to the benches:

10 dips, stepups, dirkins

Sprint to the other side, 10 SSH

Rinse and repeat

Time for a Tesla staple, Bear Crawl Slalom!

Three across the field! All the way.

Done and pledge

NMM: Short crew but a good crew. Everyone did the work. Proud of ’em!

Prayers for our community in this very unsettling time. Guys, we are the light out there. Stand up and lead! It’s your time – right now!

Tesla Out

The Toxicity, The Toxicity

Maybelline with Q at The Pub.


Diablo Sammich’er’s moseyed through Colony Woods, showing the monkey’s who was boss and discussed the toxicity of fabric softeners.  There was some sports talk as well.

Maybelline took announcements and concerns and led us out in prayer.


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