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Day: May 30, 2023

Members Only – Impact

QSOURCE was supposed to be on Impact today but I guess Memorial Day weekend and a little rain kept PAX away.

No Ruckers and only two runners with some good conversations and fellowship that was Impactful!

Will try Impact again next week

The Storm – 5/2/23


2 Rounds

50 mountain climbers

15 tuck jumps

30 Twisting mountain climbers

:30 second side plank (LEFT)

:30 second side plank (RIGHT)


The Thang

50 Squats

50 Merkins

5 Burpees

Run a lap

40 Squats

40 Merkins

5 Burpees

Run a lap

30 Squats

30 Merkins

5 Burpees

Run a lap

20 Squats

20 Merkins

5 Burpees

Run a lap

10 Squats

10 Merkins

5 Burpees

Run a lap


The Pledge



Prayer Request

YHC closed in prayer

Over and out!

Breaker Breaker

Dropping Like Flies

I was fortunate enough go get an opportunity to lead a workout with the men of Midoriyama on a beautiful Thursday in late-May. I arrived early to scope out the park and make some final preparations. It was nice to have plenty of time to stretch and catch up with the fellas for a few minutes. Though it isn’t yet July, it is definitely a warm day. I recycled a weinke I used at Folsom a few weeks back to see how it stacks up in the afternoon vs the morning.

No new guys today, but we do have a Kotter! Good to see Gomer on this fine afternoon. Also, Freight has returned from a frisbee injury so our overall hair score went up. We warmup with SSH in-cadence, grass pickers (slowly and in-cadence to help stretch those calves and hammies), and 5 burpees. Let’s mosey.

I had planned to use the small soccer field for the first act, but some people had taken over for what looked to be soccer practice since my drive-by 20 minutes earlier. We were finally able to find space on the field in the back by the dog park. They put Baby in the corner today.

  • Dirty 11s with Mike Tysons and Big Boy Sit-ups and one burpee each time you cross the middle of the field. As we finish up, the heat seems to be picking up a bit as we take a short mosey to the turd shack. Maybe it’s because we ran away from the shade?

  • 3 sets of Australian Mountain Climbers (15 in-cadence) on the poop coop wall and Peter Parker Merkins (10 OYO). An unnamed PAX had to spend part of this time hovering over the trash can. Sounded like his lunch choice may be to blame, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the ol’ Midoriyama heat may have also contributed. It was tough out there and I had to ask for a few 10 counts between sets.

We mosey back toward the starting point before taking a quick left and going to the backside of the baseball field (the same place where Haze called Murder Bunnies during the convergence).

  • Jacobs Ladder. Run down the hill and back up. 1 burpee the first time, 2 the second, 3 the third…all the way to 7. I was whipped around 5 reps so, in the spirit of “don’t Q it if you can’t do it”, I called an Omaha. I think Slaw and maybe one other bat-flipper finished all 7 rounds. Most were thankful for the Omaha as we notice we have a PAX down. A quick check and he seemed ok, just exhausted. Shout out to those who stepped in to make sure he was ok to walk his way to the next station. I won’t lie, I was probably headed for the same fate if I hadn’t stopped!

We mosey to the area behind the horseshoe pits and grab a block.

  • 3 sets back-to-back of 20 curls and 20 Bent Over Rows. Def commented “Are we about to lose the Q?” as I was wearing the struggle on my face. Not sure if it was because I asked Slaw to count the curls for us or if it was because I just looked like death. Possibly, it was a little of both. We squeezed the last reps in as the clock struck 6:15 and time was called.

Prayer Requests: Ratchet and family, Broke’s coworker, Westside’s friend, Huck, Haze’s foot, Norwood. YHC took us out in prayer

There is nothing like when the heat starts turning up at Midoriyama, especially for those like me who work indoors most of the time. It isn’t even ‘really’ hot yet but I can still tell a big difference in how much harder this workout was in the afternoon vs how it was 2 weeks earlier in the morning. I had an ‘oh crap’ moment as we were doing burpees where I thought I may not make it to the end. Fortunately, I recovered a bit as we moseyed to grab blocks and I was ok. That being said, I encourage you to get out to Midoriyama a few times this summer and experience it for yourself. Pick up a Q as well!

Core & More @Bulldog

Do you check Teamup to see who is Q every time the night before. I seldom do, but last night something said check it out.  Well, I am glad I did, cause it was Tube on the schedule. Oops! Shit happens, right Maybelline! Five Hims showed up to get their breakfast beatdown. Today, we are focusing on lower body with an emphasis on core. I picked my Chevelle Pandora station for a little caffeine kick. Let’s do 50 seconds of work with 10 second to transition.

We start out on our SIX by writing out the ABC’s with our feet. I usually get to U,V or W. Next is Seated Big Circles, LBC’s, R-LBC’s and roll over for some CDD’s. Let’s hit the benches for step ups, side lunges and seated donkey kicks. We then moseyed around the lot with our coupon to return for another set of the same.  R&R

Now flutters, heels to Heaven, Starfish, American hammers, and switch over for some plank jacks. Let’s hit the benches again for step ups, side lunges and seated donkey kicks. We then moseyed around the lot with our coupon to return for another set of the same.  R&R

We got the pledge in before Spiderman had to sling his web towards his next adventure. 

With four minutes to spare, we did Mary with more core action led by all.

Announcement: there was talk of a Thunder & Lightning challenge? And a PT Test coning up. I missed the dates. This Saturday, June 3rd @ Forrest City, new AO in Belmont is Snooze on Friday at 6:45am? 

Prayer request: The subject was brought up about teenage dating and how much they seem to argue a lot. They have lost the abilities to socialize. Everything is via text or messenger through some app. It’s obvious that technology has had a profound impact our teenagers. It presents challenges, such as potential addiction, social comparison, and the need for constant validation. Finding a balance between utilizing technology for convenience and managing its potential negative effects is crucial for our teenagers’ overall well-being. We also prayed for seniors and CATS bus drivers. My neighbor is a CATS driver and he tells me the side that the media does not cover. These men & women are harassed and threatened almost every day by punks like the one that got shot by the CATS driver. There is no security on these buses and hasn’t been for a while. Pray that they get the security officers needed to protect them. 

Good work men!

Ten Men in the Gloom

Ten men scattered about the streets of Belmont to ruck and run. Some split off early, some split off late, but eventually everyone was accounted for.


  • June 3rd 6:45am, The Snooze, McAdenville, Fridays this summer
  • June 4th Annihilation, The Fighting Yank, 7:00am

Prayer Requests

  • Termite’s son, wisdom to handle situation
  • Tiger’s mom
  • Flintstone’s dad


Imminent Rain

As I pulled into downtown I was watching the clouds and waiting for the forecast rain to begin at any moment. Thankfully, the rain never came!

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops, 20 IC
Burpees, 10 OYO
Don Quixotes, 15 IC
Cotton Pickers, 15 IC

The Workout

mosey to the parking lot behind Sammy’s

the four corners of the parking lot were marked with the following exercises

merkins, American hammers, Bobby Hurleys, flutter kicks

Pax were divided into two groups and went to opposite corners, do 5 reps of marked exercise, run to next corner – 10 reps, next corner – 15 reps, next – 20… then run diagonally and start again doing 5-10-15-20…  keep doing this for four rounds, at then end you have done 50 reps of each exercise.  Second round, new exercises

shoulder taps, Freddie Mercurys, squats, LBCs


mosey to the bottom of the Hawthorne Hill for some modified Dora

We kept our same two groups and while one group does the called exercise the other runs up the hill to third lamp post, does five reps of current exercise and returns. The plan was to do five rounds of each exercise. We ended up doing three rounds of mountain climbers and LBCs, and two rounds of squats before we moseyed back to The Fighting Yank.

We had a few minutes left so we did a round of Mary.

Pledge of Allegiance


Starting Friday Jun 2 :  The Snooze, McAdenville, 6:45am, across from Spruced Goose
Jun 3 : Thermal Trail Event in Forest City – Run, Ride, Ruck
Jun 17 : F3 Dads at The Fighting Yank

Prayer Requests

Memorial Day Weekend
High School Graduation
Brutus : report on Uganda Mission Trip
Norwood : Health concerns
Guys on IR
Tiger’s family


Ended with COT

The Storm 5/30

Small crowd but put in good work at the Storm.  Start with pledge.  Reminder of mission of F3 , To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Warm up of SSH, IW, arm circles, and some stretches.  Mosey to traffic circle by entrance of school.  Five burpees for train.

Good morning for Bo Dereks.  10 merkins run up hill but don’t cross street, 10 low squats at top.  Repeat 10 times.  I think a couple got in ten, most of us something less.  Head back to flag.

Announcements: GrowRuck June 10, annihilation June 3 at Yank, dad’s June 17 at Yank, dad’s event at Camp Thunderbird being organized by Lake Wylie, Snooze starts Friday at 0645 in McAdenville.

Prayers: Radars sister, Tiger mom, Breaker Breaker brother and sis in law, graduates.

YHC took us out

Always an honor


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