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Day: May 1, 2023


Big crowd this am at the Sandlot. Cooler than expected. Now that I am almost in my mid-50’s, my bones are a bit more sensitive the cooler weather. Guess I’ll have to start wearing some joggers, maybe a sweater, and a headband whenever it’s under 80 degrees….

0530 hit so we started with the pledge, disclaimer, and quick warmup. Mosey across the street for some step ups and derkins, mosey to Gastone’s hill with some Merkins at each light on the way. Up Gastone’s hill with 10 mountain climbers at each mailbox on the right then quick discussion about Flintstone’s Slack message about the Charlotte marathon-dang, why do I feel like posts like that are talking directly to me???? I hate running, well at least I hate running when I am not in running shape. I like being in shape from running frequently. And I don’t really mind running when I am in shape….but I don’t really enjoy….scratch that, I really hate getting into running shape. So I may have responded to Flintstone with a commitment to “consider the marathon. I’ll see how the running more frequently goes.” and “I’ll give it a shot” as far as the training goes. I know it will be good for me, but a marathon???? Hey Flintstone, if you are reading this, you can pound sand.

We went back down the hill then had time for another trip with a couple Merkins at each mailbox. Mosey to bottom then back towards start. Was looking for a wall but due to construction at the defunct bank, all we could find was the wall at Pelican’s. Not really interested in painting a wall so we skipped the slappers and did some wall sits alternating with dirty hookups a few times then finished with Mike Tysons. Had a few minutes left so quick round of Mary then called it a day.

We finished with COT.

PS-Hey Flintstone, you can still pound sand.


Work at work

started with pledge


not an expert yada yada

WARMUP – 15 SSH, 15 Cherry pickers,  Stretch, 15 Crunchfrogs, 15 LBC

Mosey to downtown

ended up at one of my offices, figured Monday morning – what better place  to get some real work done

modified Jacobs ladder

Laps around building consisted of lunge walk down hill, frog jumps across, and bear crawl back up other side of building, where escalating burpees took place – set out to do total of 15 but running short on time Omaha at 9 and moseyed back

finished up with some wall work at the school and some mary

no prayer request mentioned

some praises for some smart 2.0s  graduating high school and college

prayed us out



Members Only – 4/30/23

It was a light crowd this morning, either the fear of rain, Slaw’s 100 burpees or Purple Haze’s Murder Bunny repeats at the convergence yesterday caused some to fartsack.

we had four Ruckers and two runners

The Pledge



Prayers and praises

YHC closed us in prayer

Breaker Breaker

HE left the 99 just for You!!!

Beautiful crisp morning to start the month of May at The Sword. It was a nice morning to run 🏃… Great turnout for a Monday … Great push men!!!


White Water Run- May 19th-20th

Forest City Family Day- May 13th

Golf Tournament- May 15th

Prayer Requests and Praises

Ratchets Son

Virus’s daughter

Huck and Turtle Man

Mayor and Sargento

Praises for the little things

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