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Day: May 9, 2023

Awkward Sex

Bottom of Parking Lot:

Still a rinse and repeat of my previous Q’s.  Motivation high, unfortunately so is my writer’s block.

Merkins/Squats/Big Boys/Burpees/LBC – Partner 1 amrap, Partner 2 takes a mosey.
Partner sprints up to the top and continued as before

Partner 1 lunge, Partner 2 mosey, collect your partner and start again.
Rinse and repeat with bear crawl, inchworm, crabwalk.  Sort of worked our way back to the school while doing so.

Plank and holds (1/2 group plank, 1/2 group mosey)
Al Gore
6″ (on six, heels in the air)

10 Big Boys
LBC’s in cadence

Time, mosey back.  2+ miles in today.  Made it back just in time, only a few awkward sex to spare……….uh, I mean seconds.

Honored to Lead.

Young Life Golf Tournament Monday, May15, Cramer Mtn.  Private donor to match amount collected.
Lunch sometime next Wednesday
Memorial Day – Murph

Kid’s and graduations
Pilgrims Progress, 4 members of his team need prayers
Charlie Ward:  Battling Leukemia

Folsom 5/9 – Ball Joint Asked For Music, Ball Joint Got Music

I planned on keeping it simple this morning. Just 45 minutes of continuous reps and movement. However, there was a request late last night for a playlist. Ball Joint requested some Limp Bizkit and Rage so I put together a list of songs I thought you may hear riding in the backseat of a certain blue Fairmont wagon in the early 2000s (way before it became a No Prep Monster LOL). All upbeat rock/nu metals stuff…the aggressive stuff that helps keep the energy up. Plot Twist! I also decided to bring the big 30-ish lb speaker and let PAX carry it around the park as we worked out. I did have a special pre-workout song for Volt before we really got into the playlist – Birthday by the Beatles.

I did have a special pre-workout song for Volt before we really got into the playlist – Birthday by the Beatles. We warmup with: Side Straddle Hops, Toy Soldiers, Don Qs, and some toe touching to get the body stretched out. Since he requested music, Ball Joint gets the speaker first. Let’s mosey!

The Thang:

We stop first at the blocks for some arm work – 3 sets of 20 curls and 20 bent-over rows. Then we mosey to the flag pole, pausing about mid-way for side straddle hops as the six caught up. We cut the music for a moment and say the pledge, then slow mosey over to the large parking lot across from the Senior Center.

Dirty 11s with Mike Tysons and Big Boys. One burpee every time you cross the island in the parking lot. During this time, I noticed I had paused my watch on accident so I was struggling to keep up with how much time was left for the rest of the workout but the guys helped me out. Chubbs and Wirenut grabbed the speaker as we mosey down to the ampitheater. They got to carry it for the long leg of the workout.

Feet on the wall for Australian Mountain Climbers – 15 in-cadence, then 10 Peter Parker Merkins. Repeat for 3 sets. Modify to regular Merkins as needed (I definitely had to). Lots of groaning was heard during the AMCs. Huck would have approved.

Now some quick core work – 10 LBCs in-cadence, 10 Superman-Ironmans on my count. Repeat for 2 sets.

Last exercise – Jacobs Ladder – run to the top of the hill near the splash and do 1 burpee, then 2 burpees the 2nd time, 3 the 3rd, etc. We were shooting for 7 burpees but time ran out for most of us. I got to 6 so I’m sure a few bat flippers got to 7. Time!

Short mosey back to the parking lot and we wrapped things up.

Prayers for Jackson, Virus’s 2.0, Beatle Bailey, Huck, Broke’s mom, Westside’s grandma (she is doing better), Wirenut’s family, Teachers, kids taking EOGs. YHC took us out in prayer.

Also, props to Gear Wrench for putting together a gift for Ratchet and his family. Jackson comes home on May 20th and they’ll be doing a welcome home celebration/parade. I’ll share some more details over the next week. Also, come out to the No Brainer Nationals at Shadyside Dragway this Friday and Saturday for some great racing. This event is a fund raiser for the No Brainer Foundation, a non-profit created by Ratchet and his wife to help assist families with children going through cancer treatment. It’s a really good event and also supports a great cause!

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