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Day: May 14, 2023

Mt. Hollywood stars

5/8 was a big day for F3 Gastonia’s Mt. Hollywood.  Blueprint, celebrating his one year anniversary with F3 and his 47th* birthday, brought a few gifts to the PAX:

Gift 1: FNG Choo Choo

Gift 2: the  workout:

Warm up to include High Knees, Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, and Moroccan Nightclub x 15 reps.

Mosey out to Dora 1-2-3 with
100 Diamond Merkins
200 Plank Jacks
300 Lunges
while the partner PAX runs the hill and back

Mosey out to another street, with utility poles to mark the next round for 25 reps of:
In  & Outs
Big Boys
Crunchy Frog

with time running short,
*47 American Hammers finished off the core work, then a Mosey back to the AO.
*47 Burpees concluded the workout before the announcements:

Gift 3: Blueprint relieves Freon of Site Q duties, thanking him for 2 1/2 years of service to the AO.

Welcome to the Jungle

A month or more ago after a Sandlot workout, Flintstone approached YHC and the conversation went something like this:
FS: I want to start the Annihilation workout series back.
YHC: That’s a great idea.
FS: I want you to lead the first workout at Gashouse one Saturday.
YHC: That’s a terrible idea.

It didn’t take too much arm twisting and YHC agreed to lead the workout. Since then, YHC has been thinking of ways to draw up a weinke that would challenge the PAX but also one the Q could complete (If you can’t do it, don’t Q it.)

Fast forward to the eve of the event, and YHC found himself at the Guns n Roses tribute band (Night Train) concert in Belmont. They were in full costume and played all the GNR hits. As they played Welcome to the Jungle, YHC thought about the next morning and the fun and games in store for the PAX. Almost inspired YHC to bring along a speaker with GNR hits for the workout, but that seemed too frilly for an annihilation workout. The pre-blast said no BS, and the thought of bluetooth trouble getting in the way deterred that thought pretty quickly.

0700 Saturday morning so it’s time to go. Quick disclaimer and even quicker warm-up.


Bootcamp with me; Pain Lab staying with Noisy Cricket.

Mosey past the farm down the hill. This was a last minute addition in fear that YHC didn’t have enough to fill the hour. 1 burpee at the bottom of the hill. Mosey up the Hill. 2 burpees at the top. Back down the hill. Increment 1 burpee at each stop. The plan was to go to 11, but YHC wanted to get on with the original plan. Mosey by the stream towards Garrison. Then, we hit a bump in the road, or a fence on the hill, where in the past we could access the side parking lot of the Schiele. Well….now there was a locked gate. Mosey back down the trail, up the hill past the farm, through the parking lot, and around the museum.

In the parking lot, Route 66 with Merkins at each parking space line and bear crawls in between.

Once that was done, mosey down Garrison and across into the office parking lot. YHC called 11’s, but this was annihilation so these would be “nasty” 11’s. Unlike typical 11’s, there would be 11 Monkey Humpers at the bottom of the hill, mosey up the hill with a stop in the middle for a burpee, and 11 Perfect-form Merkins up the hill, mosey back down the hill with another stop for a burpee in the middle. The final 11 would be the 11 minute timer set to track how long we’d run up and down the hill. This was a very long 11 minutes.

Once the timer sounded, the PAX moseyed over to the wall behind the offices for a pyramid.
Wall-sits with 5 Air Presses IC, then 5 Hip Slappers IC
Wall-sits with 10 Air Presses IC, then 10 Hip Slappers IC
Wall-sits with 15 Air Presses IC, then 15 Hip Slappers IC
Wall-sits with 10 Air Presses IC, then 10 Hip Slappers IC
Wall-sits with 5 Air Presses IC, then 5 Hip Slappers IC

At various points (including this one), YHC called on the PAX for a 3-count for a quick breather. Annihilation ain’t got no time for a 10-count.

Let’s mosey. Line the PAX up for an Indian Run down the side streets on the south side of Garrison. We ended up in Lineberger Park at the flag poles. Around the poles, there were 9 stations, one exercise at each station. Just happened to have 10 PAX. One man at each station with the 10th running as the timer. Timer would run up the hill, up the steps, perform 2 burpees, then run back. When he returned, PAX would rotate to next station with last man now running as the timer.

Hand Release Burpees
Spiderman Burpees
Wolverine Burpees
8-Count Body Builders
Mike Tysons
Crunchy Frogs
Jump Squats
Flutter Crunches
Jump Lunges

After each PAX had a chance to serve as the timer, it was time to head back.

At this point, YHC was pretty smoked but knew we had a mile back to the flag. Group moseyed back down the side street on the north side of Garrison with several stops to gather the PAX (or keep the Q from splashing merlot). Mosey back to the entrance of the Schiele with less than a minute remaining. Jail break with what you have left back to the flag.

And that gentlemen was time.

2F Lunch 24th @ The Lodge in Belmont
Memorial Day Murph – 0700 start – No 0530 Sandlot bootcamp that morning
Next annihilation – June 3 @ The Yank led by Boudin
NEW SUMMER AO – Friday mornings – Starting 6/2 – 0645 start – Short Sale serving as Site – Meet at Pharr Corporate building

Prayer Requests
Jackson Hill – Ratchet’s 2.0
No Brainer drag race proceeds going to their Brain Cancer Foundation
Flintstone’s mom and dad
Buckeye and family of Buckeye’s friend

Prayer to take us out.

It was an honor to lead the workout and thankful for the PAX that showed up. Hope it was worth your time. YHC has been pretty sore ever since so hopefully you are going through the same misery.

The Goat, 5/11




The Thang

Modified Cooper  (Burpees, BigBoys, Merkins) 10/9/8/7…    Run after each set

Burpees for the Train

BearCrawl Bridge


BearCrawl Bridge




Young life golf tournament
2ndF Lunch – 2 weeks
Orienteering Crowders Mtn – 19th
Time Laps – WWC
can drive – Flintstone
Annhilation at gas house, Sat

TAPs & Gratitude
Bad Wreck on New Hope rd. This morning
Elf – friend with 2mo son in NICU, & mom passed


-Bubba Sparxxx

Road Trip to El Dorado 5/13/23

12 HIM originating from a couple different regions surrounding Metro accepted their invitation to UNCC on graduation day.  Upon arrival they found school was still in session.  The classroom…El Dorado.

El Dorado for those of you who have yet to visit is a six-story parking deck on the north end of the UNCC campus.  It’s not quite Mothership status but it’s been cussed just the same!  It used to be a weekly stop on the MeCa region lineup.  Today it comes alive one Saturday a month.  Come check it out.

Anyway, here is how our day progressed…  Fist bumps to all the new and old brothers.  As mentioned, we had a mixed bag of AOs represented.   A quick disclaimer was shared and before YHC said let’s go, Sugar was darting across the parking lot headed for El Dorado.  With the rest of us not far behind we carved our way through campus to the North deck for a game of Stack It Up.

On the Ground floor we started with 5 LBCs then ran up the six level Stairway to Heaven.  On the roof we had music and a nice breeze both were interrupted by 5 Monkey Humpers followed by a run down the spiral Mineshaft to the ground floor.  Next we started our ground floor stack with 5 LBC followed by 5 Jump Squats.  Up the Stairway to Heaven to start stacking our 5 Monkey Humpers with 5 American Hammers and so on for 10 rounds or until we were out of time.  The PAX pushed hard and made it through 8, 9 or 10 rounds before returning to our starting point.  Some of them after and EC ruck around campus or run to the campus from parts unknown.

Ground Floor Stack = 5 LBC + 5 Jump Squats + 5 Flutters + 5 Imperial Walkers + 5 Freddie Mercury + 5 CDD + 5 WW II Sit-ups + 5 J-LO + 5 Mountain Climbers + 5 Seal Jacks (10 rounds = 275 Reps)

Roof Top Stack = 5 Monkey Humpers + 5 American Hammers + 5 Merkins + 5 Boxcutters + 5 Plank Jacks + 5 Squats + 5 Side Straddle Hops + 5 Superman/ Banana + 5 Apollo Ohnos + 5 Burpees (10 rounds = 275 Reps)

All in if PAX made it through 10 laps they completed 550 reps, logged around four miles of running/ climbing/ descending, and most likely lost about a pound of sweat.

Announcements:  Harrisburg 10th Anniversary June 3rd.  0700 at Harrisburg Park.   Time Laps Teams – Highland Creek, Harrisburg and Gastonia running next weekend at Whitewater Center.

Closed out in prayer for new grads, teachers finishing testing and parents about to spend summer with kids.  Our country. PAX going through health issues.

Great work guys!  Had lots of fun.  Looking forward to the next one!


We’ll go slow I promise

What does it mean to promise? 5 HIM met for a Mother’s day run/ruck at the Coconut Horse. Whoopee and I were on fence about a run or ruck. In the end I promised I’d go slow (sucker).   I had mentioned a 9:00 pace but allowed him to set the pace.  Whoopee and I made it 5 miles at a 8:40 pace. Its funny how when challenged we always seem to have just a little bit more than we give ourselves credit for. Tube and Short Sale rucked Heatherloch and Maybelline, Flintstone, and Roscoe joined us for Q source/leadership development afterwards by reviewing chapter 6 of Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink.


2nd F lunch at The Lodge in Belmont Wed May 24th

7:00 Memorial Day Murph at Martha Rivers

Next annihilation workout by Boudin at the Yank June 3rd

Young Life golf tournament Monday May 15th

Prayer Requests:

Praise of healing of Flintstone’s parents

Graduates everywhere

Mothers who put up with us



The classic pub

13 HIM posted for quick morning run/ruck.  Runners tackled the classic route to Martha’s and back.  As always it was great to be out in the gloom!


2nd F lunch at The lodge in Belmont Wed May 24th

Next annihilation workout by Boudin at the Yank June 3rd

Young Life golf tournament Monday May 15th

Prayer requests:

Sargento’s uncle undergoing chemo

Flintstone praise for Mom and Dad’s healing

Termite’s brother and son

Defib out


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