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Day: May 3, 2023

13 at Ground Assault

While at Coconut Horse on Sunday Flintstone asked me to Q at Ground Assault. Probably the easiest Q ever besides the Pub. Posted a route on Monday and showed up with 12 other men to get 1% better. 3 rucked around Belmont and 10 ran to Loftin Park and back.

Jane Fonda VQ at The Goat this Thursday
Wikileaks VQ at Midoriyama this Thursday PM
See Flintstone to help unload can goods 5/13
Lunch at The Lodge in Belmont 5/24 noon
Annihilation workouts 5/13 and 6/3
“Shovel Flag” handoff next week at Ground Assault

Virus daughter doing well
Flintstone’s parents
Jane Fonda and family
Termites youngest son

Thanks for pushing me to be better.

Gavel out.

Famous Toastery

Eleven men and a CHAMPIONSHIP BELT showed up to the greatest afternoon workout AO in the county, in the state, in the country and in the world.

All were distracted by the partially nude dude walking to the turd shack.
All listened to the tale of the failed EC at Folsom with the POKEMON guy.
All wondered about the smell from the turd shack men’s bathroom.


10 Abe Vigoda
3 Burpees
10 SSH (IC)

Leg Day
50 Calf Raises
20 Low Slow Squats

AB Fab DORA Pt 1
100 Rosalitas
200 Flutters
300 Alternate Pretzel Crunches as 4 count exercise IC (The demo was absolutely fabulous! You had to be there)

Cure for the Soccer Arms
10 Inclines IC
15 Dips IC
25 Overhead Claps
100 Cherry Pickers
100 Moroccan Night Clubs
100 Cherry Droppers
25 Overhead Claps
15 Dips IC
10 Inclines IC
22 Merkins

AB Fab DORA Pt 2
300 LBC
200 Scissor Kicks
100 Freddie Mercs


Time Laps at the White water Center
Bike Ride or Run in the mountains with Purple Haze

Broke’s mom
Gumby family
Man killed at Fern Forest family and his son
Gump on his sentencing
Ratchet’s son
Clavin’s M
The dueling elbows (Sargento & Mayor)

YHC took us out. Thanks for letting me lead. It was disjointed, sweaty, haphazard with tons of friendly laughter at the old geezer. Bedpan said his abs were toasted …… and Freight did not attend.

Gain Detergent is the Best, You don’t have to add any Fabric Softener




Collected Timeframe

Mosey to Martha’s

The Thang:

Basically, we used some old balm and mascara cases Tube had left over and Maybelline stuffed them full of different colors and we applied them to the same pig at various locations throughout Martha’s.  Merkin/Squat/And something else over and over and over with maybe a few other variations thrown in while others ran.  Rinse and Repeat.  Funny about the rinse part, we found out that most Pax do their own laundry and there is a preference on detergents.  We got 2+ miles in.

Gain is JJ’s favorite, EZ Rider prefers flame and gasoline.

Again, I had one of the best times of my life this morning.  Mumblechatter was probably at its best at COT.

Honored to Lead


Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14, 2023

May 13 – Volunteer opportunity, need more sign up, should be on Slack

Annihilation Work Out:  Gashouse, May 13, JJ is the Q.  Noisy Cricket with Q at Painlab as other option

There will be a Murph workout Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day) at 7:00, look for announcements on Slack



Flinstone’s Family

Captain Stubbings 15th Wedding Anniversary (today) that he has not planned anything for.  Prayers for a 16th.

Radar’s Sister

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