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Day: May 21, 2023

Introducing Snooze

It’s 0530 am and you’re semi awake in your bed. You know the workout you had planned to attend just began. You hit the snooze button once or twice and then gave up. The fart-sack won that battle. You feel guilty and maybe a little pissed off. We’ve all been there. I think one of the most common excuses from the men we recruit is “that’s too early.” I battle that myself, even as a veteran PAX. Truth be told, I hate getting up early. As I type out this preblast, it’s approaching 11 pm on Sunday night. I’d say I’m more of a night person.

So how can I help you with this occasional fartsack challenge – might I interest you in a workout that begins a little later, at least on a Friday? I see that little gleam in your eye. While I have your attention, allow me to explain more. On Friday mornings this summer, at 0645 am an shovel flag will be posted in McAdenville. If you’re on Main Street facing Pharr Yarns, it will be the larger parking lot to your left and we’ll set up closer to the river. We’ll do a bootcamp workout for 45 minutes. After the workout, there are a few options nearby if anyone would like to have some 2nd F time with a coffee.

We’ve enjoyed McAdenville under the lights at the Christmas Town 5k and one special event on a Labor Day. This summer time workout will be a good test run for this AO to see if it can find a permanent slot on our workout schedule. When I pitched the idea to the SLT, they were agreeable. The later time at 0645 offers the option for a double post (Slaw is already eyeballing more skillet opportunities). Or it could give you a little extra sleep from a heater at Midoriyama or if you have an extra IPA on a Thursday evening. So hopefully you’ll join me one Friday morning this summer for Snooze, beginning Friday, June 2nd at 0645.

Hit me up if you have any questions or would like to get on the Q schedule.


6 for the coconut-a few runners and a few ruckers. Kudos for Flintstone posting after the Time Laps 24 hour race but to be honest, I don’t think any of us were really surprised to see him there. Great discussion after about Discipline during Q Source. Good work men.


Folsom Loop at Crossroads

When running at Crossroads, the approach is usually find someone I can stay with and try to follow them. This morning for some strange reason, I started with Gold Digger, (yes, I know he’s fast), Sister Act, Gumby and Pockets. Haze was dragging in late and Wirenut was taking off his shirt. Wiki and Seuss were long gone. Gumby had the route and I hung on all the way to the terrible hill on the Folsom lake loop. If you’ve been to Folsom for one of my or Round Up’s Q, you know the hill that got me. As the group pulled away from me, Pockets stayed with me even though he could’ve stayed with the faster group. We had a decent run and a good conversation about trying to be more unoffendable from a podcast I listened to a while back.

Announcements: F3 Lunch at The Lodge in Belmont Wednesday May 24th at noon.
Bike Ride on June 3rd in Hendersonville. See Purple Haze

Prayer Requests: Huck, Turtleman, Haze’s neighbor’s funeral is today, various injured Pax.

In Q Source, Blart made the call for each Q to select a leader and tell about them. I chose Rev. Billy Graham who I have admired many years. One point I made during our lesson was a man named Albert McMakin who was a farm hand at the Graham Dairy farm persuaded young Billy Graham to go hear an evangelist named Mordecai Ham. Young Billy was converted and started his life’s journey of evangelism. The point I took from that is, like Albert McMakin, you never know what a positive influence can do to change a person and how that change can lead to bigger things as well.

Live Right

3 runners, 3 ruckers, and Q Source moved to the second quadrant.  It’s time to focus on having a positive impact on others.  “The Live Right is focused on the HIM’s IMPACT on the lives of other people and how he helps them to Accelerate.”  I encourage everyone to look for such an opportunity this week and act on it……and I would love to hear about it.


You stay classy, Gastonia.


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