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Day: May 7, 2023

Buttermilk morning at The Fighting Yank via Tesla!

Well, now we know don’t we? What this “buttermilk” thing is really all about. Now that we have solved that mystery let’s get on with the business here doing the F3 business we do Saturday mornings in Midtown Belmont. YHC had wanted to provide plates to push around for hairburners but to no avail. Don’t worry men, it’s coming! Just hen you least expect it. So, sore Achilles and all YHC does the 4 plus mile EC work and gets the pax rallied for breakfast. Yeah, we did it. Went like this:

COP: up to the Field of Dreams for warmup work.

Tesla Stretches, mosey to the other side

SSH X 20, mosey back

IWs X 20, mosey back across

Gravel pickers X 20, mosey back

Mtn. Climbers and Tesla stretches again.

Time for a some Superpipes! Top of hill at old Middle school: 5 plank jacks

Run downhill to the pavilion: 2 burpees.

Run up the steps to the street, 5 butt to the street monkey humpers.

Rinse and repeat, we do this 2X.

Picked up a “straggler” walking on the track. Fascinating story. Guy boxed professionally mostly in the UK. Can’t remember his name. Had to do the disclaimer.

Up to the Corner of Knowledge.

10 dips (my cadence)

10 stepups

10 dirkins

10 inclined big boys.

Line up on the sidewalk for transportation instructions:

To first cross walk (middle) burpee broadjump

To end, frog hoppers (these truly suck). Lost our straggler here.

SSH X 20, lunge walk back to COK

Mosey down to the playground, count off by four for a rotation.

10 pull ups

20 Merkins

30 squats

40 LBCs.

Run to the top of heartbreak hill and do 5 burpees.

2X on this.

4th quarter boys! You and I know what that means don’t we! It’s time to get tougher!

Bear. Crawl. Slalom!

Because we had almost 20 guys we only needed to rotations to get this done.

SSH X 10

Copperhead Squats X 10.

Mosey back, halfway drop and do 5 HR merkins. Oh, did I tell you, we did 5 more burpees for the train!

At the end, 5 chop-chop drills and a 2 minute plank to end with. Glass was empty!

Slow walk down to the Yank and a pledge.

Was this not fun? Or did it suck? Maybe both? That can always be the case! Plenty of little hurts but we soldiered on. Which was kind of a theme YHC wanted to show on this Coronation Day. The English bulldog and it’s tenacity is a thing. YHC was raised a grandson of that empire and so hen I hear people here put down the crown and all that goes with it, I have to either remind that our freedoms started there (see Runnymede and the Magna Carta, 1215). And we are an extension of a great tradition that actually values the individual human life as a sovereign entity. Few if any empires have ever done that. We should appreciate that tradition. And we can’t help but notice King Charles’s comment about service either. “I come to serve not to be served.” Words to lead by men. They have done it since 1066. Maybe it works.




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