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Day: May 23, 2023

toilets are open

Good work this morning, I have been recovering from the flu recently. I possible could have gotten sick from the fumes of shady side either way it was great to be back in the gloom.

Warm Up,

LBCs Mike tysons and mtn climbers per light post.


nur back with 20 squats per light

ended with some TABATA

Heads up the toilets are ready and new. Per Wire nut they wont be new for long!!


Social District

Wonderful morning downtown. 18 total Men posted and that just makes you feel reallly nice!

We did some good werk, Monkey humpers as usual at the redlight . Then some fox holes onto McQuitters wall

dips step ups 25x each x4

Dora with shoulder taps hammers and seal jacks.

route 66 mike tysons to make sister Act feel like he was doing something.

finished with a little MAry.


Volt WAD

Volts Birthday was coming up so what better way to show him some love.


O-blique Crunch




Sad part is Volt was not here this morning.

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