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5 runners and 4 ruckers got out for some early morning miles at Ground Assault.  Today’s route was the “Derecho” route, named after the short lived Monday run out of the Storm.  YHC posted there at least twice, and remember JK2 running us up and down the hill on Lakewood Road, so that had to be part of the route.  The other time, Defib was Q.  We ran to the Goat.  In those days, we did more than just run the whole time at a “running” workout.  At least that’s the way YHC remembers it, but with only 30 posts in a 5 year span, it’s probably not good to trust my memory.

So that’s a history lesson you didn’t need.  At least this backblast isn’t long.  I’m just writing it so I don’t get fined.

Thanks for following along.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Saturday in the Park Raining



The Thang

started out with some block work, but had to Omaha due to rain and lightning. Take off to shelter in the park

plan B – Deck of Death

No cards but thanks to technology, Sargento found an app we could use to draw a card.

we played deck of death for over 30 minutes while it poured rain.

The Pledges



Prayers and praises

YHC closed in prayer

Breaker Breaker

Good Friday @ Tequila Sunrise


The Pledge


The Thang

The Cooper

10x Burpees

10x Merkins

10x Squats

Run around the front parking lot

Rinse and repeat with 9 reps, then 8 reps of each exercise and the way down to 1 rep. Then start back up until time runs out, which for most of us, back up to 3 reps.



Prayers and praises

YHC closed us in prayer

Breaker Breaker

Borrow Proudly, Share Openly

This workout was borrowed from Slaw and so much fun, YHC wanted to share it with other PAX that may have missed it.



The Thang

15 to 1

15 curls, 15 overhead press. 14 curls, 14 overhead press all the way down to 1.

Next, partner up for some Dora. Partner 1 FARMER carries (NOT fireman carries) the block(s) across the parking lot, 10 CDD’s, then return while partner 2 performs ab exercises.Ty v F3

  • 100 Big Boys
  • 200 Reverse Crunch
  • 300 LBC’s

Circle back up for another round of 15 to 1. Exercises were overhead tricep extensions and squats.

The Pledge



Prayer and Praises

YHC closed in prayer

Breaker Breaker

God stole the Q

The message was given by the weatherman  that the rain would be in town. Freight reached out to everyone on Slack about an early EC opportunity. 8:80 pace. I was trying to join, but my gut had other plans.

I really didn’t want to go knowing that it might be a rain shortened workout, depending on lightning. It also made it hard to plan a workout. Not knowing where to go in the event of lightning, I decided to do the Mental Battle WOD again. This would keep us close to our vehicles and its a solid workout. One PAX wasn’t to happy about this decision, however, I didn’t have a better choice.

PAX rolling in and the runners all back from EC, we gathered up and got started. Warmed up for a few minutes and began the workout with a dark cloud looming. On our first of four rounds, the rain started. It was a cold, cut to the bone, chilling rain. As we were running back to the middle station a bright bolt of lightning hit a tree in front of us. Everybody but one found their vehicles quickly! I look up and Freight is on his way up to the first station. I thought he was going to continue the workout, but I quickly saw that he was getting the cone and sheets. As he came to my truck to hands me the stuff he asked, Were you just gonna leave it out there? I replied, YES! Shortly after, the PAX called it and left for breakfast. I waited for the lightning to ease up so I can gather cones. At breakfast I learned that Freight wrote on his STRAVA workout that God stole the Q.


A lot of things ran through my head on and at this workout. I learned that it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it just a bunch of crap when the devil tries to sink in. I often have to steer my focus back toward Christ and regroup. I often have to remind myself that God has me right where he wants me. Thank you guys for coming out and thank you Wirenut for giving me the opportunity to lead.





Freight 2023

Pockets 2024

3.O Birthday Celebration

With YHC’s 3.0 turning one month, the numbers seemed perfect for a boot camp.

After a brief warmup with 15 burpees interspersed throughout, the pax headed down the hill for the first of 3 rounds of the “triangle“. Corner 1 at the guardrail YHC explained the significance of the date and the numbers that would be employed. 3, for March, the 3.0’s birth month, and number of rounds (and points of the triangle); 4, for April, the current month, and # of exercises at each point (except point 2); 14, 3.0’s birth day, and the # of reps for each exercise.

14 each of dips, derkins, squats, and heels to heaven were counted out by YHC, then on to point #2, via NUR.

This is a big circle/roundabout, so a great place to bear crawl around, on the outside of the boundary. YHC and one other pax went around opposite ways, passing in the middle before ending at the start. While this is happening, the other 8 pax teamed up for booyah merkins.

NUR up the hill to the school for another dose of dips, derkins, squats, and heels to heaven. Mosey to the guardrail and begin round 2, same thing, same rep count.

To give all pax an opportunity, YHC asked for 4 pax to bear crawl, with the final 4 on round 3. Everyone pushed the rocks and got some work done in time for an Orangeman Storm favorite, rugby sprints (look it up in the lexicon).

Return to the flag for the pledge, and COT.

YHC took us out. It was an honor to lead. -Orangeman

F3 – Fitness / Food / Fun / Forest City

Make plans today to join your F3 brothers and bring the whole family for a day of fitness, food, fun, all in Forest City!  Saturday (June 3, 2023) we will meet around 10am in downtown Forest City.  Bike, run, walk, ruck, whatever you like on the Thermal Belt Rail Trail.  We’ll reconvene around 12:00 for lunch at el Mochocan Mexican.  And if that’s not enough then we can mosey across the street to the Carolina Arcade Museum for some REAL video game nostalgia with all your 70s & 80s video game favorites.  I’ve included some links below so reach out to YHC or Balljoint if you have any questions.  Hope to see you there!

Outdoor Fitness | Thermal Belt Rail Trail | North Carolina

El Michoacan Mexican Restaurant- Forest City | Forest City NC | Facebook

Carolina Arcade Museum | Forest City NC | Facebook

I Warmed the Seat Up for You! (Crossroads 4-30-23)

Small crowd for another rainy Crossroads.  Apparently Blart and YHC were the only ones not to get the memo for the rain day ruck.  We did however test the service limits of the plumbing at the Ingles Fuel Mart with a back-to-back pre-run 💩.  I was coming in hot and Blart kindly advised me that he warmed the seat up for me!  Off we went running and rucking.  Back at 7:15 for a quick pledge, announcements, & COT.

Annoucements:  Time Laps (Whitewater Center 5-19) / Memorial Day Murph (7am @ the Sandlot) / Annihilation starting back up (JJ @ Gashouse in a couple of weeks) / Family Fun Day (June 3rd @ Forest City) Look for preblast soon / I know Flintstone had some more challenges but I can’t remember / Update your Slack profile with ICE info

Prayers:  Huckleberry, Turtleman, Virus’ M & 2.0, a couple others I couldn’t hear

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