• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/21/2023
  • AO: Old School
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Slaw, Broke, Wirenut, Gumby, Balljoint, Crop duster, Def Leppard, Purple Haze, Mayor, Montross, Tonka

12 was the number at Old School on Saturday. Lots of EC before hand.


Sealjacks, squats, merkins

The Thang:

I explained we would be moseying around town and stopping to do exercises at various points. Every time we passed a telephone/power pole with lines( you have to be as exact as possible with this smart ass group) we would do 2 burpee Tyson’s . That’s a burpee with a Mike Tyson while you’re down. 2 merkins per rep. I asked Slaw to keep us honest and call out any poles we passed. I don’t know if you know this about Slaw but he was a poleman in the navy. At every road intersection we would do 5 WWI’s, 10 squat jumps, and 15 merkins.
We made our way across downtown to the town parking lot for some DORA. 100 diamond merkins, 200 cork screws, 300 toy soldiers. Instead of running we did broad jumps across the parking lot. These quickly turned into bunny hops for many of us.
We continued our way across town looping back toward the flag. Slaw did an excellent job of spotting poles to the dismay of the Pax. Some were quite hidden but no pole gets by Slaw!
We finished up with a few ab exercises.

Announcements-2nd F lunch at Hillbilly’s 25th, Convergence 2/11 at Folsom, Extinction run 3/4.

Prayer Request-Wirenut and family, Gumby’s family, Praise for good reports for Mrs Lawing and Mrs Patterson.


Shout out to Crop duster for hanging tough on his second post! Stick with it. It’ll get better. Also I’d like to apologize for all the disgusting talk. Some  stories probably shouldn’t be repeated.