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Day: October 16, 2022

Members Only – 10/16

3 ran.

We think that Sargento and Buckeye were running around somewhere, but we can’t say for sure, cause we never saw them.

Tesla popped in afterwards for QSource

QSource topic:    Sua Sponte

Wed 2ndF lunch
Xmas party dec 3
CLT marathon – Nov
Xmas town 5k. – Nov, sat after tgiving

Thoughts & Prayers, Gratitude
Turtleman – treatment, and isolating.
Sarlacc – job search
Breaker’s son, daughter-in-law – relo
Happy for guys to be here
Gratitude for breaker’s fussin’ (pockets)
Happy to see F3 boat (Metro) at the WhitewaterCenter
Overall wellness for the kids


-Bubba Sparxxx




The Goat – 10/13

SSH’s, Superman’s, Imperial Walkers, Mosey around.

The Thang—————–

AMRAP – 10 Burpees, 15 Merkins, 20 Squats, 25 FreddyMerx, 30 RockyB’s.  Run down the alley and back.  Repeato.   (PAX did this for ~20 minutes.)

11’s. Mtn Climbers & AmHammers.  Run



Converg – Sat 7am. Bulldog
Xmas party dec 3
Xmastown 5k – Sat after Thgvg.
2ndF lunch

Peace progress, in life
Thankful for good health
Orangeman’s coworker
Pallbearer’s son – fever
New work opportunities
Working to open a new business – Pink Floyd
“Lot to be grateful for”, said the PAX
Grateful that the PAX are out here


-Bubba Sparxxx

Transvergence at Bulldog

It was a beautiful morning in the gloom for the inaugural Inter-Region Transvergence between Gastonia and Lake Wylie. Plenty of PAX (38 Gastonia and 11 Lake Wylie) and many shovel flags were on hand to make magic. This is what happened…

Circle up for a quick introduction muster and then the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mosey to the middle of the field for the warmup. YHC asked Wolverine what the mission of F3 is. “To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.” Aye!

Warmup: Side Straddle Hops, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Merkins with offer to sign up for the Merkin Hater Club (I’m not only the president, I’m also a client)

Mosey from there to the corner of the track nearest the hill for Dora 123. Instructions were to pair up with someone from another region if you can. Partner 1 runs up the hill and does 5 squat jumps while Partner 2 does 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs.

Once we finished this up, we Switzer’ed for some words by YHC. At this point the Q was handed over to Wolverine for his portion.

He started by moseying us around the track to one corner where we did 10 Bomb Jacks. Then another 1/2 lap and 10 Bomb Jacks + 15 Diamond Merkins. Another 1/2 lap for the first two + 20 lunges. Another 1/2 lap for the first 3 + something else I can’t remember.

We then lined up on the field for some suicides, sprints, skips and such. It was fun. Broke and Doodles tried using some crafty old guy tricks to finish closer to the lead but we know what the deal is with that.

At this point YHC took back over for the finale, 11s!

At one side we did Goofballs (some Lake Wylie guys didn’t know what that was) and on the other side we did Sandy V’s (none of them knew what those are). It was great and pretty wet too…

By now, the time was about up so we circled up for the announcements, prayer requests and namorama.

Announcements: 2nd F lunch at Byrum’s 10/19, Christmastown 5k needs Track Commanders, Christmas party 12/3

Prayer requests: Huckleberry, Turtleman, Termite’s brother, my apologies, I can’t remember the rest.

Now we gathered for some coffee and the good word from our very own Doodles. His message was awesome. As I recall, the main point was for us as men to live with PURPOSE. That’s something I can get behind. Thanks Doodles!

Great work today men. It was awesome seeing so many of our guys out there and welcoming the LW guys too. We’ll do it again sometime soon. AYE!


Speed Bumps in the Road

17 PAX came out to the Storm to put in some solid work.

We did a good warmup, then moseyed out to the main road, doing 5 burpees at every speed bump there and back.

Did a few other exercises, but there was some dispute over the technical name of the speed bumps that for some reason just needed a few burpees to move past. On the way back from the second run, a few of the PAX were adamant that they were called road humps, so we did Monkey Humpers before finishing up with a poorly thought out round of Dora-ish workouts.

Burpees, with a Hurley, not a merlot-ly

Ran through Martha Rivers parking lot and between fields, stopped and did step ups and dips at the shack, lots of burpees were had.  Everyone was definitely in favor of more burpees, but I had to keep us moving through the woods over to Gastones Hill for some bear crawls and merkins and squats.


On the way back, Watts Up and HushPuppy decided they wanted to do even more burpees, so we learned how HushPuppy does burpees, isolating each movement, ending with Bobby Hurleys. It was suggested we do 8-count body builders to finish strong.

Tapioca Anyone?

8 PAX showed up in the gloom to put in some work at The Ricky Bobby on 10/12/22

Started off with the usual, warmup, pledge, obligatory safety statements.

Usual cycle of burpees, merkins, then moseyed around the building. then arrived around back and did 8-count body builders, kraken burpees, & Hushpuppy burpees.

At this point I deleted the weinke on my phone and had to freestyle, which led to bear crawls, karaoke, lunges skips, etc across the front of the school.

Introduced a new exercise called “Tapioca”.  Basically its a greatly shorten version of Karaoke, that would fit in a speed ladder.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I rolled into Folsom Saturday Morning with a plan for rain.  The rain passed, but the workout was set. This was my 100th post and my mom’s 73rd Birthday.  With that information I planned the day.


Warm up:

25 SSH ic

We moseyed down the shelter to begin. As we moved tables we found broken glass in the middle of the floor. These HIMs didn’t even flinch, they moved the table over the glass and got to work.

The Thang(3 rounds):

50 Plank Jacks

50 Hello Dollies

100 LBCs

50 Merkins

50 Leg Raises

100 Lunges(50/side)

50 Breakdancer Merkins

50 Groiners

100 Gas pumpers

100 Mtn Climbers


The mumble chatter began after the first round. Gearwrench was complaining about pulling his right nut and modified accordingly. We got about halfway through the last round, omaha’d and moseyed back to the COT.

700 reps/round for 3 rounds in honor of my Mom’s Birthday. Great job HIMs!!

Ozark Out


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