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Day: October 29, 2022

Diablo Sammich

We rucked up Armstrong Park Road making several stops along the way for squats and merkins until we reached Fire Station #4.  The ruck back was all down hill from there!

Good work men!

Its Dark!

6 faced the gloom out this morning… went something like this :

Short warm up side straddle hop mossy to behind the middle school where we did 4 rounds figure 8 corners had 2 exercises at each corner 8 reps on each .

Corners: squats and lunge, merkins and diamond merkins, crunchy frogs and American hammer,  last but not least star Jack’s and LBC, MAN IT WAS SO DARK COULDNT READ WHAT I HAD WRITTEN…

Then we mosey down to the football field across main down around the corner half a mile from here… anyway. We did the the 1st and 10 with cones every 10 yards starting at first did 1 hand release merkin and 10 big boys mad dash to the end come back to second cone till we get to 11 lot of running.  After that came back the other did squats and CDD same deal eliminated a cone each time you ran back.

Then took a short mile mosey back to the flag with tongue wagging we did some tooth fairies up the steps ( look it up in Exicon)

Prayer request Sargento and Tesla family peace

Check slack for announcements!

Thx for allowing me to lead guys.

Early Halloween at Folsom

Sister Act was a originally lined up for this one but had a cheer competition which made for a schedule conflict. I really was looking forward to the Sister Act Q and didn’t have costume yet so I reached out for some help getting ahold of a genuine AT&T uniform so I could just continue the Q as originally planned by everyone’s favorite canoe.  I wasn’t the only one that dressed up either, we had Run DMC and Steven Tyler, we even had PAX dressed as Roundup and Sparky too.  Everyone settled in to the circle for a warmup and we got to moving.


20 Side straddle hops in cadence

5 Burpees

10 gravel pickers

5 Burpees

Moroccan night clubs

5 Burpees

Let’s mosey took them about 20 foot out with a fake out back to the parking lot for a Sister Act inspired set of Dirty 11’s with Mike Tysons on one side and imperial walker squats on the other.

After we finished that up we moseyed to the block pile and circled up. We did 3 rounds of the work below.

30 Curls

20 overhead presses

15 tricep extensions

10 slaw squats (get low)

5 Blockees

Before I handed of you my Co-Q we got in a round of Iron Hulk.

This marked the half way point which I handed of the Q to Roundup (Balljoint in disguise), we all know where the real Roundup would have taken us so Balljoint did just that. To the hill. He called triple nickel on the hill with burpees and big boys but said that wasn’t hard enough so we Increased the reps to 10 💪🏼.   

We all hustled back to the COT for a couple mins of Mary then it was time.


December 3rd Christmas party

MORONS4BEER collecting stuffing

Christmas town 5k need runners

Thanksgiving trifecta

Prayer requests

Def Leopard

MW friends daughter

Stogies friend with cancer

Hayes family



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