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Day: October 8, 2022

Its Dry, Impromptu Q

YHC had planned for Ian to be bringing rain, even though Radar said no rain.

So, instead going with the plan, YHC decided to make it up as we went.


There was warmup, moseying, route 91, route 66, four corners, wall sitting and Dora.

As I remember, it was kinda like a normal Tequila Sunrise, except there was a group out putting miles in that joined us at the end.

Prayers were raised.


BB is here, but lacking

Next time, maybe I can be timely and really put what was done.


Watts Up powering down.

Spackle’s Q

Work out 10/8/22

Warm up

Rotational exercise

10, 4count

Side straddle hop

Moroccan night club


Mossy to pull up bar

Doing 11’s

Pull ups and incline push ups, with 5 squats in between

Mossy to tennis courts

4corners 2 sets

20 push-up

30 lunges

40 flutter kicks

50 jumping jacks


Convergence next week at bulldog area

Wa best elementary school

Clown car Nov 12th


Grew wrench brother-in-law and sister

Strippers brother and niece


Hacksaw an round up family

Purples haze

DoD @ Goat

Nursing a twisted ankle YHC wasn’t sure what to bring thus AM.

Last minute decision to let the cards decide.  Broke out the Deck ‘o Death.  Counted them and then shuffled.

Climbed out of the truck to join the Pax to realize the clock was already showing 0530.

Let’s get to it.

MC, Merkin and Squats – Lap around the buildings.  We did something else for a bit more warmup (can’t remember) and around again but up to the upper parking lot.

Pull the card.

Do the work.

10+Number, Facecards- 25

Lap around all the buildings after every Pax had drawn.

Rinso – Repeato till it was time.

Announcements were made.

Prayer requests noted.

Watts Up Powering Down

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